Camp of Legend Part 4

When Bobbi Carter and her friends arrive at Camp Crystal Lake for the hot summer, they face Jason Voorhees, who is still alive.


1. Camp Crystal Lake


​Friday, June 13, 2015

​One year later....



Bobbi Carter was thrilled to go to Camp Crystal Lake for the summer. She was fourteen. All of her life, she wanted to explore the deep woods, since the campgrounds were full of campers, families, and teenagers. She wore the retro yellow Camp Crystal Lake T-shirt, blue shorts, and white flip-flops on her feet. She felt the hot warmth of the burning sun on the black van. Greg Anderson, who was driving, was eighteen. "We'll be there in the next hour". He had short, black hair, hazel eyes, (like Bobbi had), and tall; Bobbi was shorter than he was. Up ahead was the Crystal Lake cemetery in which Pamela Sue Voorhees was buried in a small, rotten, grave. Bobbi felt a cold chill in her blood; Greg also felt the chill in the air, as he saw the Native American totem poles. He drove near the old cabins. By eight o'clock AM, the teenagers took off their black seatbelts. Then they opened the doors...and got out of the van.



"Where's the map?", Jenny Kendall asked Ian Robertson.

"Over there, to the right of you", he answered her. He drove towards the large birch trees. The ninety degree weather was stifling; the morning sun was burning hot. Jenny, who was twenty-six, was the new Camp Crystal Lake counsellor; Ian, who was twenty-seven, was the other camp counsellor. Jenny, who was driving a brown 2009 Ford, headed towards the Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake sign. Jenny waited. Ian stopped. Once he reached the old cabins, both of them were eager to greet the new campers, as Friday the 13th started all over again.


Carl Sorensen arrived near the grey road. He was thinking of hitchhiking. Since Annie Thorpe, the nineteen year old cook, was attacked in the woods back in the summer of 1979, while she got a ride from Enos Fletcher, sixty year old truck driver, knew that the strong warning by Crazy Ralph, the town preacher and doomsayer, not to go to Camp Crystal Lake, was the main reason not to go to the infamous camp. But, due to the fact that nothing bad had happened this summer, Carl waved his left hand in the air. Seconds later, he saw a group of campers in a grey 2008 van.


"Like a ride?", one of the campers asked him.

"Yes. I'm Carl", he answered.

"I'm Kelli. This is Harry, and Richard".

"Aren't you scared about going to Camp Crystal Lake?", Carl said.

"No. Jason's dead", Richard said.

"Is he?", Carl asked.

"That's what I heard", Richard answered.

"Hop in the back", Kelli said.

"Sure", Carl said.

And, as he put his seat belt on, he relaxed for the first time in a long time.


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