This Story is told from Dan Reynolds' point of view.
Before Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds was at university. He didn't wanna do this, so he's gotta do what he wants. Right?


5. Trouble

'Ben, Daniel and wayne, you also need to come,' said Miss Green in a not so happy tone. Miss Green took Dan, Daniel, Wayne and Ben to her office. Miss Green sat down at her desk and let told them to take a seat. 'As head of this university, I won't tolerate this inappropriate behaviour, so I suggest you all apologize!'' shouted Miss Green. 'Sorry,' they said. 'Ok, I forgive you, But if I find you saying anything like that behind my back or to any members of staff, then you'll see who's boss!' screamed Miss Green. Mr Jones walked inside the office. 'Here's your tea,' said Mr Jones, placing the cup on the table. 'Oh, thank you so much. I really appreciate it,' said Miss Green smiling. Miss Green stared at Dan Reynolds and his friends who were staring at her in an awkward way. Miss Green sighed. 'Well, get out then! Go enjoy the rest of your lunch break! Bye-bye!' shouted Miss Green. Dan, Wayne, Daniel and Ben ran out the office and went to hangout.
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