Camp of Legend 3

When a new group of teenagers arrive at Camp Crystal Lake, they face Jason Voorhees, who seeks revenge.


1. Camp Crystal Lake




There was a time in which Camp Crystal Lake was an ordinary American town. Nothing out of the ordinary happened before the summer of nineteen thirty-five; nothing was happening to dispel the news of a so-called 'death curse' two decades later after World War II; nothing interfered in the wake of recent deaths that caused grief for the Christy families at the hands of Pamela Sue Voorhees in nineteen fifty-eight when two teenage counsellors died in the old barn.


Camp Crystal Lake, Friday, June 13, 2014.

One year later....


Trish Campbell walked towards ​Bradley's Gas Station​. She was cold, even though it was a hot summer's day; it was something that bothered her, as Donald Fresh, her boyfriend, grinned while he drove the orange coloured van towards Camp Crystal Lake. Ken Lowers, their best friend, was grinning. "Hey, look at that?", he asked them. Up ahead, they saw three large black logs that were in the middle of the dusty road. "We have to do something", Trish said.


And she waited for Donald to stop the van.

When he did, they took off their seatbelts...opened the doors...and lifted the logs with their strong hands. Then they dumped them into the deep, dark, ditch in the right-side of the road. When they were finished, they got back into their cars, put their seat belts on, and Donald continued to drive towards the camp of legend.


Trish watched the birch trees. There wasn't any kind of chirping from the birds in trees; there was something supernatural in the northerly air that shattered the frayed nerves of the campers. She looked at the yellow CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE, EST. 1935 sign; she pondered on the news that the camp's history was tainted in mystery...and danger. Ken, who wore a red T-shirt, gazed at the Native American totem poles that were there before the war; Donald finished driving, and headed towards the twenty cabins. "Nice, huh", he said. He focused on the first cab in; he was tired from the van trip. Then he saw a toilet. He went inside, flicked on the light, and closed the door behind him.


Trish walked past the glistening lake. "It's freezing​", she complained. She noticed the brown ladder that was deep in the water; she saw the dark woods nearby. Past the cabins was the archery range where Ned was using the arrows to impress his girlfriend Brenda in the hot summer of nineteen seventy-nine...and fired them in the target range. Trish saw a canoe in the water. She went in it. Then, as she relaxed, she grabbed the oars in both hands, she saw the edge of the dim woods. She remembered Alice Hardy, the Assistant camp counsellor to Steve Christy, had survived being attacked by Jason Voorhees in the same canoe decades ago. In her state of mind, the death of Pamela Sue Voorhees preyed on her mind. She reached the end of the woods. As she got out, the quacking of ducks caused her to shiver. Then, by ten o'clock AM, Trish walked to the middle of the woods. She saw an old shack. When she opened it, a cold, biting, wind blew from the north. She opened the front door. Once she was inside, she flicked on the light, and saw a table that was made from the nineteen forties. The chairs that surrounded it, was covered in cobwebs. Trish backed away. Then she sneezed. She then took the cobwebs away with her right hands. Then, after she did that, she heard the other door was creaking. Trish peered inside. To her shock she saw an altar. No one was on it, so that no religious ceremony was performed there...or that the owners of the shack had lived there before anyone came to search for them. ​If they ever did​, Trish thought to herself. She felt her heart beat faster; she knew, deep down, that the Voorhees family had stayed there. Jason and Pamela Sue Voorhees....Elias Voorhees, the father...was gone under mysterious circumstances during World War II; he was gone from the town of Crystal Lake. He had joined the United States Army in the winter of 1944, during the last year of the war in Europe, leaving Pamela to cook at Camp Crystal Lake for the money. After the war ended in April of 1945, Pamela and Elias Voorhees reunited. When Pamela was pregnant with Jason, Elias's parents found out, and forced their only son to leave her and the baby. On Friday, June 13, 1946, Jason Voorhees was born. The rumour was that Pamela, now sixteen, took care of her son. Jason, who was disabled, was an unusual child as he grew up. He preferred the woods. And ignored the water because of his growing fear of oceans. Trish stopped thinking of the past; she stopped imagining Jason dressed in as a lumberjack...and wearing a hockey mask on his face that he'd had stolen from Shelly, in the summer of nineteen eighty-one. Trish heard the sound of birds chirping; she heard the sound of footsteps outside. She walked outside the front door. Suddenly she noticed a young couple smiling at her. "Hey! We're lost. Is this the way to Camp Crystal Lake? I'm Brian Lang. And this is my girlfriend, Ellie". "No, this is the house of Jason and Pamela Sue Voorhees. I'm Trish, I'm the new camper. Go around the lake towards the cabins. My friends will greet us soon. I'll use the canoe. Good bye!". And she waved, as the young couple followed her orders...and made their way out of the woods.


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