The Slytherin and the Hufflepuff

A hufflepuff some how becomes friends with a slytherin that takes her in. Soon they begin to fall in love slowly day by day. As lots is trials hit them, will they be able to stay in love?
P.S. Lots of bad spelling. I'm not a very good typer on my phone.


5. The Kiss

Things were awkward after that talk until Draco invited me on little walks around Hogwarts. We would talk and learn so much about each other everyday. Maybe even growing closer together.

Soon fall came and the Hogsmeade weekends started. On the first weekend, Draco stopped me.

"Hey Abby. Do you want to maybe go to The three Broomsticks with me?" He asked. I smiled a little, hoping he didn't notice.

"Yeah. That would be fun."

Half a chicken, red potatoes, and corn never tasted better then that moment when I had it. After we enjoyed a wonderful meal, we walked out close to the Shrieking Shack and looked out at the beautiful snow.

"It's so beautiful." Draco said.

"Just like you."

I gave him a look.

"Well I meant, um. I don't have an excuse." We both laughed. We both turned and looked at each other and found that we had gotten closer. Butterflies flew into my stomach once more. Draco began to lean closer. Somehow how, my body did the same. Our eyes made contact. Draco leaned in closer and we kissed. My butterflies instantly flew away.

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