The Slytherin and the Hufflepuff

A hufflepuff some how becomes friends with a slytherin that takes her in. Soon they begin to fall in love slowly day by day. As lots is trials hit them, will they be able to stay in love?
P.S. Lots of bad spelling. I'm not a very good typer on my phone.


12. And it was over

As Draco got better, close to the end of the school year was coming.

We had little time to spend with each other because of being engulfed in our school work, and when we did, it was a night to remember. About a week until the end of the school year, I sat on my bed and was reading a book. I looked out the window and saw Draco walking down the school grounds with a bunch of other people I didn't recognize. One had black curly hair, another thin, and brown hair. Draco was leading them to what looked like towards Dumbledore's chambers. Curious, I left the Hufflepuff dorm and followed the unexpected crowd. And just as I thought, they walked to Dumbledore's chambers. It was quiet in their until I saws nape walk in a well. I waited a couple more minutes and I slightly opened the door. I saw Draco Snape, and two others circling Dumbledore, when Snape pulled out his wand and pointed it at Dumbledore. I covered my mouth and gasped when I saw Snape curse Dumbledore and watched in horror when he fell off the edge of the balcony. Then Draco turned at saw me peeking through the door and a look of horror crossed his face. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.


I ran over to the place where Dumbledore had fallen and saw a huge crowd surrounding the area. I squeezed myself through the people and saw Harry sitting next to the lifeless body of our head master. Tears filled my vision, not for the dead headmaster, but for Draco. Again had i trusted him, and he betrayed me. People began raising their wands in the hair, as they mourned for the horrible death. I squeezed back through the crowd and ran into the school with streams of fresh tears running down my face. All of the sudden, I was pulled into a strange force and was teleported to the owl post. I looked around, confused of how I got there when I saw Draco standing on the other side. Anger boiled with in me.

"Abby! Let me talk." He said. I stomped around angrily and yelled at him.

"No!NO! I will not listen to you anymore and I will NOT SPEEK TO YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!! All these years, I trusted you! Through all these trials, I TRUSTED YOU!!" My wolf self grabbed Draco by the throat and pushed him against the wall.

"I did so many things for you! I cried for you! I forgave you! Multiple times! And this is what I get back for all of that!" I dropped him on the ground and let him stand up. Draco's eyes filled with guilty tears.

"Abby! No don't do this! After everything we've gone through!" He tried to explain.

"You destroyed my life! I can't trust you any longer!" I roared. Draco stared at me with crushed eyes, then apporated, leaving me alone in the owl post once again.

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