Mission: Kill

Jax Opel Rudd, is what some people call strange, others a monster most don't even know who she is. She is one of the youngest assassin, one of the best at that. She's 17 and always worked alone and hid her second life from her family, but she's been given a mission that jeopardizes everything she's ever known and anyone she has protected.


5. Chapter 5

I open the door of my apartment, I look around at my house, I've lived here since I was 14, I know this place better than I know myself. I most likely will lose this house, since I'm under the age of 18, I can't legally live on my own. That's what I am right now, alone. My career scattered around, my weapons hiding in plain sight. Everything I've ever work towards is gone, is all in the past. To be honest, I'm not all that upset about it, I'm relieved in a way. That need to do things for people is gone. To be the best, it's been lifted from my shoulders and I can finally breathe. I drop my bag onto the floor, I walk to my tv and turn on some random channel just watching whatever comes on. 


 I look at the clock on the cable box, "5:38am? Cool," I laugh then continue watching the show. I fall asleep to the sound of some random game show. I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing, I answer it and an unfamiliar voice begins  talking to me.

"Hi, may I speak to Jax Rudd please?" She asks. 

"I think she's out at the moment can I take a message?" I say in my best English accent. 

"Let her know that Nathaniel Ide has been injured and is at the Headquarters hospital. Have a good day," she says as if it's the most normal thing in the world. I hang up and start texting him non stop.

J: What the hell happned

J: What did you do

J: I told you not to do this alone

J: if youre dead when I get there I'm going to kill you

J: Nathan!

J: Nathan answer youre damn phone

J: Nathan Im on my way

J: if youre pulling some sort of sick prank I'm going to hurt you

I put my phone in my back pocket, and drive to the hospital, most likely breaking every traffic law there is on the face of the earth. I pull into Headquarters parking lot and dash inside, past security, past the gym, past everything and everyone, I reach the hospital and I push the doors open, "Where is Nathaniel Ide?!" I say in a warning tone, the nurse at the desk points to a door and I walk through it. He's there lying in bed. I look around, he's breathing fine BP is normal, heart rate is normal, vitals are stable. He's competently fine. "hey Nathan it's me you can wake up now." I say sitting on the end of his bed. It just now occurs to me that he could be brain dead and that's why they called me in here. But he does have his parents that would be here if he was dead. "Nathan," i shake his arm lightly trying to wake him up. 

His eyes slowly flutter open, "miss me?" he says groggy

I roll my eyes, but smile in relief, "damn I thought I was finally free from you," I joke.

"Not that easily," he smirks.

"So what happened?" I ask. 

"Shot in the arm and stabbed in the stomach," he says as if it was a super casual thing. 

"I don't like to say 'I told you so'- wait, yeah I do," I smirk jokingly, "I told you would get hurt, you can try but you can't be as skilled as me," I flip my hair off my shoulder. 

"A guy can dream," he sighs feeding my ego. 

"How ya feelin?" I ask.

"Pretty good, a little tired though. How about you?" He smirks raising an eyebrow.

"If you're referring to my everyday life; it's pretty good. If you're referring to my relationship; that's none of you're business." I laugh a little. 

"Come on you have to give me more than that! I'm tied to this bed! And no one is with me," he says laughing at his own dirty joke, he starts to wheeze and breathe heavily. 

I look at him, "are you alright?"
"Just dying I'll be fine," he says laughing a little less obviously hurting himself more than he already has. 

"No, don't die." I say over dramatically.

"I'm sorry but I must," he says reaching for the sky with his unshot (that's probably not a word....just roll with it XD)  arm, "Sparky? Is that you?!" 

"Wait?! Sparky?! If he's there I'm coming too!" I say as I run to the window. 

"No, you can't steal Sparky from me again! He was my dog and he liked you more than he liked me!" 

"I can't help that you're dog loved me!" I say defending myself. 

He opens his mouth to retort but my phone starts to ring, I instinctively look at the caller ID, "who's calling?" He asks.

"Dante," I sigh declining the call. 

"Well don't let your broken friend stop you from a fun time," he says laughing at his own joke again. 

"Stop, your hurting yourself more, and if you make anymore sex jokes you won't live long enough to have sex again," I warn jokingly. 

"But I'm a comedic god!" he whines. 

"God, you're annoying," I sigh, taking my spot back on his bed. 

"I'll make more jokes unless you tell me why you declined his call." He says smirking knowing he won. 

"I quit," I say plainly.

"That's funny Jax, you got me. Tell me," he says not believing me.

"Nathan I'm serious!" 

"Jax, I know you, you love this job, you'd never quit!" 

"I quit Nathan! I don't work here anymore!" I say louder.

"No, you're fucking with me!" He pauses trying to refrain himself from making another sex joke.

"I'm not Nathaniel! And never again!" I say beating him to the joke. 

He sits up, hurting himself more. "Why?! Why did you quit?!" He says ignoring the obvious pain he was in. 

"I don't need to explain myself to you!" 

"Yeah you do if you're making a huge decision and throwing away you're career!" his face drops, "did anything happen with-" 

"Oh my fucking god, no!" I sigh, "telling you was clearly a bad idea, call me when you're better." I say feeling defeated, "I have to go..." He doesn't say anything, he lets me walk out, probably to mad to form words. I hold my arms, my head hanging low as I walk out of HQ again. 

I get back to the parking lot, I get in my car and force myself not to break down, blinking away tears, staring at the roof of my car. Everything is competently blocked out, that's why I jumped when I heard a tapping on my window, I look over and to my surprise scum newbie is here, I turn on my car and roll down my window. "What the fuck do you want," I say in a harsh warning tone. 

"I don't have all day spit it out so I can get home." I say rolling my eyes, done with the entire human race. 

"You-uh-left you're um...badge at security, they won't let you back in without it." he scratches his head. 

"I know that." He tries to hand it to my, "it's there for a reason." I roll up my window and back out of the parking lot. 

I get back home, run past Carlos and into my apartment, I turn on my laptop and go to the local school website and enroll myself. About an hour later I get an email back, with my schedule. I start in two weeks.  

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