Mission: Kill

Jax Opel Rudd, is what some people call strange, others a monster most don't even know who she is. She is one of the youngest assassin, one of the best at that. She's 17 and always worked alone and hid her second life from her family, but she's been given a mission that jeopardizes everything she's ever known and anyone she has protected.


4. Chapter 4

My phone starts to ring, I lift my head from my desk, I lazily look through papers to find my phone, "I hear ya stop being loud it's five am!" I yell at my missing phone, I look at my hands, there it is in all of its glory. I answer, "Someone better be dying," I say angrily 

"Nice to hear your voice sunshine," Dante says. 

"Dante I'm going to fucking stab you, it's too damn early, and technically I quit."

"Yeah, whatever, just get down here." 

"Can I wear fuzzy pants?" I say dead serious. 

"If you want, I'd prefer if you wore nothing but if you must."

"DANTE!!!" I scream, "I'll be there in 10, you better hope you have food with you unless you want my knife to 'accidentally' pierce your heart." I stand up and look around my room for the fuzziest pajama pants I have. 

"See you then," he says. I hang up, find my favorite ones, my marvel ones, to top it off I pick up an old  hoodie, then drive to HQ. I take an elevator to the 25th floor, I have one of the nicest offices yet I never use it because I just don't ever feel the need to keep my files there and have janitors go through my files when I could do my paperwork in the comfort of my own home.  I open my office door, Dante is sitting on my desk, a bag of doughnuts in his hand. 

"Will this save my life?"

"I don't know maybe," I say sweetly, walking over to him. 

"I think it might have to do the trick." He says placing his hand on my waist; spinning me around. When I hear the door open. 

"Hey Jax, I need the pa-" Nathaniel starts but stops himself. "oh, I'm sorry," he says turning around to leave. 

"Nathaniel stay, Dante was just leaving," I push away Dante's hand and give him a look. He smiles at me and leaves nodding at Nathan as he leaves. Both Nathaniel and I have known him for years, he trained us from when we were kids.  After he leaves Nathaniel looks at me, smiling his eyebrows raised. I glare at him. He bursts out in laughter. I sigh and roll my eyes. 

"You-oh my god? YOU!" He sputters as he basically falls to the ground laughing. I walk over to him, I hit his back to help him breathe. 

"Hey I dated you, I clearly don't make good decisions," I mumble jokingly as I hit his back, "Stop dying!" I say louder. 

He takes a deep breath and looks at me, "You and Dante??" He asked shocked 

I ignore him it's too damn early for his teasing, I quickly change the subject; "so you needed papers right?" I say walking over to my untouched desk. 

"Yep," he follows me, I unlock my desk drawer and hand him the file he looks it over.

"Nathan," I start again. 

"Jaaaaaaaxxxxx," he groans, "I've dealt with worse!" he insists.

"Last time you had a case like this you got hurt!" 

"And I learned from it!" I stare at him in disbelief. This type of thing is typical for us fighting about stupid things, usually, it's ideas I come up with. 

"At least let me come with you, as backup." I give him the puppy dog eyes.

"Nope, besides you have things to do with Dante." he says, winking then runs out. 

"NATHAN!!!" I shout, running after him, he slams his office door in my face. "Nathan, open the damn door!" I say pounding my fist on the door. I give up, and turn around and walk back to my office. I look at my leather spiny, reclining chair. I sit down, lean back then fall back asleep. 


I wake up four hours later, almost time for my meeting with Dante, I get up reluctantly and fix my hair then walk down the long ass hallway to Dante's office, past his secretary Martha, "Wait-aw forget it she never listens to me anyway," She sits down pissed and continues to file paperwork, take calls, answer emails, you know normal secretary stuff. I open his door, not knocking.

"Hey meeting time." I say sitting in the chair in front of his desk. 

"Now, what do I have to do to get you to work with him?" 

I think for a minute, "I want to be your boss, own the company and get all income from mine and your mission." I say crossing my arms.


"Yes. One thing short of that and I walk. I'm not working with that asshole!" I say firmly. 

"You really think I wanted to work with you and Nathaniel?! You were both idiots, you couldn't hold the damn gun and-"

I cut him off, "Nope, not bringing Nathaniel into this, he's the good one, I'm the fucked up one." I laugh slightly. 

"Bottom line you're working with him, I'm you're boss-"

"You're not really playing the boss card are you?! Last night-"

"Last night isn't a work topic." He states

"You're such an ass!" I scream. I turn to walk out of the room when he calls out.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?! We aren't done here yet!" 

"Yes we fucking are! Besides I have one last mission before I'm no longer an assassin."

"Jax, you're not quitting I won't let you." 
"Look big guy," I turn around and stare at him blank faced, "decide if I quit or if I stay. Ok this is not about me not getting my way this is about a fucking hot shot newbie from who know's where that think's he's the shit can say whatever he wants and do whatever he wants with out a backlash!" he doesn't say anything, he lets me yell, "I'm taking the Destiny Parks case then I'm done." I don't give him time to respond before I walk out and run back to my office. I slam the door shut, I walk over to the closet pick up skin tight black leather pants and jacket, placing a gun in my boot, along with extra ammo in my pockets, daggers strapped to my arms, before walking out I take one last look at her file. 

Name: Destiny Parks

Age: 21

Last known sighting: Los Angeles CA, Ocean state casino, checks in 9/5/17 leaving 10/7/17

Notes: Trained in Kung Fu

I think of a strategy then walk out the door to my car and drive off to LA. The drive was long, my phone constantly was ringing so I eventually shut it off, and kept replaying on what to do over and over in my head. 

I finally arrive, I sneak inside and steal a maids uniform. I move my gun to my waistband under my uniform, I place my daggers in their covers and put them in my shoes. I casually walk over to the front desk, I look for her name. Room 26C I think to myself, and with my luck a notification pops up, 'Room 26C wants room service. I place the order, go to the kitchen, wait for it then bring it up to her room. I knock on her door, she opens it. 

"Come in," she smiles. I nod, walking in, "You can put that on the table," she points to the table walking into her bedroom. I quickly get a dagger from my shoe and hide behind a wall. I wait for her to come back before jumping on her. She grabs me and flips me to the ground. "What the hell?!" She gets into a fighting stance, I stand up, smirk at her and throw my dagger, before she has time to react the knife pierces her heart, she falls to the ground. Dead. I place some things to make it look like she killed herself. I put gloves on, clean my fingerprints from the knife and places it in her hand. I quickly walk over to her table and write a suicide note, looking pretty similar to her hand writing. I pick up anything else I touched then climbed out the window and walked calmly back to my car, starting the engine and driving home. 

About halfway home I pick up my phone, and call Dante. "Jax!" He answered relived

"Mr. Cruiz, the mission was successful, you can tell the employer it went smoothly, my office is cleaned out. Good bye sir." I say then hang up. 


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