Mission: Kill

Jax Opel Rudd, is what some people call strange, others a monster most don't even know who she is. She is one of the youngest assassin, one of the best at that. She's 17 and always worked alone and hid her second life from her family, but she's been given a mission that jeopardizes everything she's ever known and anyone she has protected.


3. Chapter 3

So if you skiped chapter 2 (first of all thank you) Jax and Dante hooked up, and it was written very poorly so I'm sorry if you did read it and thank you if you didn't.


Hey y'all tis me love_fangirling, so @frantic-fangirl823 and @pandaman_sprit_god have a story called The Tables have Turned, and we have deiced to do a collab type thing. Yeah just a heads up {btw you should totally read it because it's fucking amazing} Baii 


I pull I into my parents driveway park my car and run to the door. I knock and the door flies open.

"Took ya long enough!" My little sister Ruth says pulling me inside, "Mom and Dad have been grilling me about school and boys and other things I don't care about." She pushes me into the kitchen, "Look who's here!!" She paused and I wave, "another kid for you to grill with questions," she mumbled. 

"Hi Mum, Hi Dad," I say giving them a hug. "Sorry I'm a little late, traffic was horrible." I lie.

"That's alright sweetie, you can't control the traffic." My mom says smiling.

"So what's for dinner," I say sitting in my old chair. My older brother Tyler looks at me, then walks over to my mother, and talks to her. 

"Meatloaf, wrapped in bacon," my dad exclaims excitedly. 

"Well if it's not wrapped in bacon why eat it," I say sarcastically.

 "The dinner's getting cold so we might as well eat it now," my mother smiles placing the hot meatloaf on the table. Our mouths water, the sweet smell of barbecue and bacon fill the air. 

"Jax don't get any idea, this is mine." Tyler says putting me in a choke hold.

"Nice freaking try," I elbow him in the gut and lunge for the meatloaf. I put the biggest piece of meatloaf on my place and smile tauntingly at him. 

"I hate you," he says getting himself a plate.

"No, no you don't I'm your favorite and you know it."




I sit through a crazy long dinner, resulting in my dad lecturing Ruth for dating at 16, my brother is pressured into having a girlfriend and settling down. You know normal stuff. 

"So Jax," my father turns to me, "you work too much, and get paid too little, ask for a raise, ask for a break or something," 

"I just applied for one," I hate myself, lying to them has become way too easy. "I should be informed by the end of the week." I look down at my watch, "Oh it's 10:02 I have the early shift tomorrow, I can't be late. Thank you for dinner, I have to go." I say standing up and rushing out the door and into my car. I look down at my phone, "Fifty missed calls? Who the fuck?" I say calling the number back. 

"Hello? Jax? It's uh...Jackson," the newbie says his voice shaking. 

"How the hell did you get my number?!" I say starting to get defensive. 

"Oh-um," he hangs up. 

{Just saying the collab is starting now} 

"I'm going to kill this kid, I'm going to shoot his fucking brains out." I say turning up the radio. Beginning my drive back to my apartment. About halfway home my phone starts to ring, I reach my phone, "What?" I say being a little pissed off with the car in front of me.  

"I need to get away. Anywhere, I just need to get a mission. You got one open?" my friend Nathaniel asks full of hope, I pull into my driveway, then walk up the stairs to my apartment. 

"What's with the accent?" I laugh kicking my shoes off and wandering into the kitchen. 

"Sorry, I was using it for the Eli kid, thing," He says losing the accent. 

"Oh, ok. Let me see what I have, by any chance would you like a partner?" I say half serious going into my office looking through my files. 

"I think I'm good thanks," he laughs. 

"Damnit." I laugh as I continue to look. Silence fills the call, I look through tons of papers. Finally I look find a case. "Ok, I got something, you can take it because I have to train a fucking newbie." I say rolling my eyes at the thought of the disappointment of a human being. 

"Awesome, what is it??" He asks almost immediately after. 

"Umm....I flip through the mission to give him all of the information. "Ok, so this guy named...Karson wants his boss dead. It'll be a little tricky, considering he always has bodyguards on him." 

"Please that's easy!" I roll my eyes at his overly confident voice. 

"Nathaniel." I pause "These guys are serious. Sure, it could be easy, but you can get seriously hurt.", I say, worried.

"Jax, when was the last time I got hurt on a mission?" He says with the same overly confident voice.

"Nathaniel," I say in a warning tone. 

"I'll be fine," he hangs up. I look down at my phone.

"Asshole just hung up on me," I laugh then start to go on one of my famous food hunt, where I look all over my house for something that hasn't expired. 




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