『 A dream's reality 』


6. 【different thoughts 】

After my dad told me everything about my mom, dadda and dad went to finish there dinner. I wanted to stay by myself a little more to process the whole "my mom is alive" scenario so, I decided to skip dinner. I laid in bed with the scarf around my neck. I stared at the ceiling, nothing came to mind.....except my mom. I tried to imagine how she would look like. Would she look like me? I thought and remembered what she wrote on the letter, "The nurses said you got your hair from your father but the looks you got from me."

"The looks I got from you, huh?" I said holding the scarf a little more close to me.

I thought about those drama shows, the whole "why did you keep my parent a secret!? I'm going to hate you now!" Type of story. It makes me wonder, what's to hate? I mean, parents have their reasons for their actions. I guess these thoughts just come up for me because of the way I was raised and I guess also because ignorant kids, don't understand how it feels to have only one parent. My dad loves me dearly and I know that but, I didn't grow up with a mom....to teach me things I never could've knew. I stayed silent for a moment.

I started to create a picture in my mind with my mom by my side holding my hand, she was beautiful. When she smiled the whole world lit up and when I smiled back at her, her eyes filled with joy. We ran through the flower fields picking up random flowers and threw them in the air. When we got tired we sat on the grass and watched the sky turn fiery orange to pinkish purple. The cold wind blew on face. Both my mom and I sat mesmerized by the view. The moon slowly began to rise from the horizon. The moon..was bright.....white.....and...looked.....bea......

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I woke up with my scarf still around my neck but my sheets were on the floor. I sat up from bed and looked at the clock on my beside table. 8:43 am. I blinked a couple times to make sure I saw right. Oh no. I jumped out of my bed and ran for my closet. I took out some jeans and a blue shirt and quickly tide my hair in a messy bun. I ran for the bathroom and brushed my teeth, used the toilet and changed as fast as I could. I gently put my scarf around my neck and look at myself in the mirror. Then, I ran downstairs and grabbed my backpack and ran for the door. I stopped as soon as I was about to open the door. Wait. Where's my dads? I retraced my steps to the kitchen and saw my dads just look at me with confusion.

"Sweety, where are you going?" Dad said.

"School.....?" I said with uncertainty in my voice. "W...what.... why didn't you wake me up?" Both of my dads looked at each other.

"Honey, it's a Saturday." My dad said.

"It's Sat-Saturday?" I felt a little relieved but stupid at the same time. "I! Knew. That! I was going to go see....JASON! Yes, Jason."

"With your school backpack?" My dad said.

"Uh, no. I was going to......" I was running out of ideas. "ugh. Okay fine!  I  actually thought it was a school day."

"Yeah, that's what we thought." Said dadda.

"But the part about Jason is the truth." I said putting my bag on the couch.

"Hm? Visiting him again?"said dad.

"Yeah! I told you he hates that "place" the least I could do is take him for a "walk in the park" sort of thing." I said. Both of my dads looked at each other and seemed to be talking to each other through their minds. While I was just standing awkwardly waiting for there answer.

"Okay, but come back around 1:00 we have something to do, okay?" My dad said.

"Yeah, okay!" I said as a smile on my face began to grow. I ran upstairs for my phone and kissed both of my dads goodbye and went out the door. The only reason that they let me out was because they know of Jason's situation and sometimes my dads let me bring Jason to come eat with us or sometimes Merlin takes him to her house. I walked to the bus stop and waited. I had some spare change n my pockets from, I guess from other trips I have gone to so I'll use that that pay. It didn't take long for the bus to come by, like about six to seven minutes. I jumped inside the bus and payed the driver. I walked the isles and took a seat at the end of the bus. We drove for about five minutes and we got to town. I got off right in front of a bakery shop. I thanked the driver before I got off and began to walk past shops and restaurants. It took about two minutes to get to the orphanage. I knocked on the door with loud knocks and a boy with brown Afro opened the door.

"Yes? Can I help you?" He said.

"Uh, yeah! Is Jason here?" I said.

"I have no idea who he is." He said with in neutral face.

"Oh well, maybe if I can come in I can-"

"I'm sorry, you can't come in." He said. Ugh this guy is getting on my nerves and I haven't been near him for five seconds!

"Well! I've come here before so, I CAN come in." I said.

"No you-"

"Bren, what do you think your doing?" A woman stood tall behind the Afro guy. "This is a guest and as a guest they are allowed to come in."

"I'm sorry m'am. I didn't know." He said. He gave me a stink eye and disappeared behind the door.

"I'm sorry for the trouble, please come in." She opened the door wider and put her hand on my shoulder. She was a very tall woman. She had black and gray hair and her eyes were tense and mean. Her nose was huge and her lips was really thin. She had a light pink dress on and had a lot of jewelry. She looked very old but it looked as if she tried to cover it up with lots of make up.

"Uh, its fine." I walked inside and I looked around. The walls reached so high and had a lemon colored wallpaper. The walls were filled with pictures of every kid inside the building. It covered the whole wall and the picture frames were only separated by in inch. The floors were a spruce wood color. Some kids were cleaning the tables and some were sweeping.

"So, are you Merlin or Sasha?" She asked. I was kinda surprised by the question because I've never seen this person in my life.

"Sasha..... madam." I said not knowing wether to be formal or not.

"Hm, I over heard you talking with Bren. You're looking for Jason am I right?" She looked at me from the corner from her eye but faced forward.

"Yeah, do you know where he is?" I said awkwardly.

"Of course, I know where everyone is in this building. I'll show you to his room." She lead me up the stairs. Wait, I've never seen Jason's room. I laughed evilly inside. Now is the time.

We walked up to the second floor and walked almost at the end of the hall. As we passed rooms I began to wonder where all the kids were. I've only seen a couple around here but, I'm sure that's not all of them.

"So, Did you meet Jason at school?" She said.

"Yes. He, Merlin and I are really good friends." I said.

"I see." She inhaled " do you know why I gave Jason the opportunity to go to school?"

"No" I said wondering why she asked me that.

"Jason is a smart boy, odd but very smart. He is very.....unique. He is one of the few I let attend school." She said.

"Isn't that unfair?" I said.

"What do you mean?" She asked me.

"Well every kid should have the chance for a good education, why only few?" I asked trying so hard not to say something stupid.

"It's all in how you plan things. If the smart kids learn, they'll teach the others, the others will teach the younger kids and when they grow up, they'll have a better education than any school could offer." She said, almost patting herself on the back.

"I see." I said. It isn't a very good plan but it makes everyone have a chance of learning so I didn't argue. Also the fact that this woman's presence scared me. We stopped walking and stood in front of room 102.

"We're here" she knocked on the door only once when the door opened. Jason was standing there with his hair all over the place and still had his school clothes from yesterday.

"Oh, Sasha! Ms. Pank?" He looked awfully confused. He looked at me and I just gave him a look of "who is she? Why haven't I met her before? And why didn't you tell me this was the person in charge?"

"Ah! Hello Jason! Sasha here came to visit you." She said a creepy sympathetic smile.

"Yeah, this is the girl that visits me once in a while." He awkwardly said. I don't know if it was just me but the atmosphere just seemed so awkward and tense at the same time. I shuddered.

"Aw. Well that's awfully nice of you." She looked at me. "Jason here, has been the odd duck ever since he got here. I'm glad he made some friends outside the building." I smiled but was distracted trying to look inside Jason's room. I could only see his bed and his backpack and the rest he was covering my view.

"Well, I'll leave you two here. I'll be going to my office." She turned around and left. Jason put his hand on his hair and comb it to the side.

"Where are we going this time?" He said with a relieved expression.

"Hm...." Though I wanted to ask what was up with that lady and if I could please see his room, I just said, "Why not go to Merlin'a house? Lets surprise her."

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