『 A dream's reality 』


7. :A hidden power:

^~ Merlin~^

When I arrived home from school, my mom immediately scolded me from spreading my sandwich all over "DAD'S" face. My mom told me I had to lock myself in my room and do my homework and could only come out when it was dinner time. I was finishing my last equation of my math homework when I got a knock on my door.

"Who is it?" I said. There was no response. I groaned and walked to the door. I opened it.

"Oh! Boo-hoo-hoo!" My step dad was standing on the doorway with his fist forming balls around his eyes. "It's sad how karma works huh?"

"Yeah it really does." I said. "It's a shame you still haven't gotten yours." I closed the door on his face and locked my door. I yawned. I walked over to my table and sat down. I looked at my paper. Why does homework even exist? I grabbed my pencil and began to work.


Hm? A notification? Or a message? I reached over for my phone that was on my bed.

Sasha 😜

Mind if we come to your house for a bit?


We? You and Jason?

Sasha 😜

Yeah, it's the weekend, you're free right?


Yeah, but right now is not a good timing.


Sasha 😜

To late 😂😂

I heard the doorbell downstairs ring. She wasn't joking. I was about to go and answer the door but I took a good look at my room. No! It was a complete mess. I began to kick my dirty clothes inside my closet and hid my books under the bed. I heard footsteps walk upstairs. Gah! I gathered my homework into a messy pile and shoved it in my backpack. I heard a knock on my door.

"Sweety! You're friends are here!" I heard Sasha's giggles through the door.

"I-I'm coming!" I fixed my bed as sloppy but fast as I could and opened the door. "HEY! Guys.....!"

"Heeeyyy, Merlin." Sasha said.

"Hi." Jason said.

"Hey, hi. Didn't know you guys were coming over!" I looked over at my mom  who's eyes were furious but had a big fake smile on her face. I am so screwed.

"Well! Now that you're here, might as well have breakfast. You guys hungry?" My mom said looking straight at me, I shivered.

"Yeah, a little." Sasha said. "I hope it's no problem."

"Um, I-I.... yeah." Jason said.

"Oh! No problem." My mom still looked at me with fury in her eyes. "No problem at all. I'll call you guys when breakfast is ready." She turned and walked downstairs. I turned over to Sasha.

"Are you nuts? I'm grounded! My mom thinks I called you guys over. She is going to kill me!" I was panicking.

"Don't worry! I'll blame it on me but for now we are coming inside your room." Sasha stepped inside my room and sat on my bed. Jason awkwardly walked inside and stood beside the light switch, which was beside the door.

"Sorry, I tried to stop her but....." Jason whispered and looked over at Sasha. "She is very persuasive." I closed the door and sat on the floor.

"So! Did you read the book?" Sasha said. I looked down and began to think of the dream I had last night.

"Yeah.......I had a dream last night....." I was trembling a little bit. "It wasn't a nightmare but a normal dream." Sasha was stunned.

"Wow! A normal dream. Well how was it?" She asked.

"That's just it. It wasn't what I'd expect." I took a small sigh and begin to explain. "When I fell asleep I began to travel this tube. It was filled with many colors and I was flying or floating through. When I got to the end it was an empty void. Darkness was every where around me. The only light came from me. I floated around a little bit when I wished to have more light so I could see. The darkness turned yellow and white. All around me was brightness. It reminded me of the sun and then fields of grass began to appear. Above me the color began to turn light blue and balls of white fog formed too. The sun appeared in the sky and the tree from my past dream formed in front of me. Flowers of different colors grew from the ground. I looked around and saw beauty form right before my eyes. I began to float down and my bare feet touched grass. It felt so real. The wind blew rough but gently over me. It made my hair fly in every direction. The suns warmth reached me. I-"

"MERLIN!" Sasha was shaking me. I began to open my eyes and Jason was staring at me in shock. I looked at Sasha who looked like she was about to tear up.

"Merlin!" My mom hugged me and I just laid there confused. She had her phone in her hands and I saw 911 dialed on the phone.

"What happened? Why am I on the floor?" I said my head was pounding.

"You passed out, somehow." My moms voice trembled. My mom put her phone down and helped me stand up. My legs were so weak, I couldn't stand on my own. I was a little light headed and if it weren't for my mom holding me tight, I would have fallen. My sight was blurry and I tried so hard to adjust my view. My mom took me to the bed and I laid me down.

"What happened?" I looked over at Sasha. She was having tears on her eyes.

"Y-you.... started telling us about your dream and after you said "darkness was everywhere around me." You began to breathe heavy and you fainted."

That's weird I never felt anything. "How long was I out?" I said my voice was almost to a whisper.

"About 3-4 minutes." My mom said. "I'm taking you to the doctor tomorrow. This is going way to far." She picked up her phone and walked outside, she closed the door behind her. I closed my eyes a little. I was very fatigue all of the sudden.

"Merlin?" Sasha whispered. I opened my eyes slightly and saw both Jason and Sasha staring at me.

"Is something wrong?" I said. My throat was raspy.

"How'd you do that?" Sasha said.

"Hm? Do what?" I said.

"You..... made this room.....turn into what you were thinking." I don't know why but the more I tried to talk the more it made me mad.

"What do you mean?" I said.

"This room. You made into an open field." I looked at her confused.

"What?" I said as my throat began to dry.

"You fainted but AFTER you explained the part of making endless fields and making flowers bloom. It actually started to happen. The room turned into a living field. We were floating and as we reached the ground you fainted and the room turned back to the way it was." Sasha said. Is she lying? I looked over at Jason who hasn't spoken a word. He looked at me with a look like "she's telling the truth".

"That's not possible." I said as my eyes began to water from keeping my eyes open to long. "I don't feel to good." Just as I said that my mom opened the door with my little sister beside her. Sune had a cold glass of water and my mom was busy writing something down. Sune handed me the glass of water and slowly I sat up.

"Thanks Sune." She smiled really big.

"Yo welcom! Hi Jason and Sasa!" They waved and Sune walked out of the room. I drank a little bit of water. My throat felt a little better. I set the glass on my table. My mom came over to me and touched my head.

"Oh no. Seems like you're having a fever." My mom said. "Hm.. are you hungry? Breakfast is ready. Maybe it'll gave you some energy."

"No thanks. I'm not very hungry." I said. "But you should let Sasha and Jason eat, there probably starving."

"All right honey." She put her forehead on mine.

"Come on." My mom signaled my friends who followed her out. I laid with my eyes closed. I put my hands on my eyes and took a long sigh. That couldn't happen. It's literally impossible. My hands began to tremble and my heart began to race. What if I'm an alien! And never knew till now! But then that means.......I being hunted!? By the government?!

"You're not an alien." I lifted my hands from my eyes and saw Jason standing by the door.

"How'd you know I was thinking that?" I asked.

"Um, you said it out loud." Oh. My. Gosh. What else have I said out loud? I checked if I said something to Jason's hearing but he didn't say anything.

"Aren't you going to eat?" I said to Jason who was awkwardly just standing beside my bed.

"I-I well I couldn't. I'm going to eat when I get back." He stayed silent for a moment.

"You can sit down, you know?" I pointed to the chair beside me.

"Uh, yeah sorry." He sat on the chair. We sat in silence and the sounds from forks and plates bumping into each other were heard from downstairs.

"So, did I really do....what Sasha said." I said looking straight at Jason. "And don't lie to me just because Sasha said to!"

"Yeah, it was a little freaky, it shook me up just a bit." I gave him a look. "Okay! A lot! I didn't expect it."

"I'll believe it when I see it." I smiled a little bit and laughed a little. "I guess all that wishing when I was a kid actually paid off."

"What do you mean?" Jason said.

"Well, as a kid, sometimes you wish to have powers of some kind. I was always attracted to creating things of my own. I guess it kinda worked." I said. "I mean if it's true." I looked over at Jason who was leaning closer to me with his eyes closed.

"Um Jason?" He leaned closer and his forehead touched mine, I began to become dizzy and the room began to spin. I saw stars from the corner of my eye and then everything went black.

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