A war of a thousand centuries

In a world where technology is both advanced and primitive. In this world many countries have declared war against eachother for reasons long forgotten. A war that has already lasted for hundreds of years.

Emile is a normal person or so it seems. After being accused of stealing he is forced to join the army and participate in this war.


2. Entry to Greluft

Through the door was a long corridor. The walls were made of cooblestone and was lit by small lightbulbs every few meters. It was so long that Emile had enough time to stop crying before he reached the end. Were he was introduced to a set of stairs that ended with another door which was guarded by an officer. The officer shoved him through the door into a train station. Everyone there looked like they were between 12 and 14 the same as Emile. It was kind of scary actually. They had the same age as him and they all looked like him. They were skinny, had brown dirty hair, they were pale and they were all homeless. They stood there talking amongst themselves. 


"What did you get?" Asked a small girl. She looked like she was somwhere around 13 years old and her hair was so dirty that it had gone from a light brown to a dark black.

"What do you mean?" Emile responded thinking that he had missed some kind of mysterious cookie jar on the way here.                                                                                                                                                                   "Your punishment. What did you get? I got 6 years of elite training at Greluft because I attacked a police officer. What about you?" The girl seemed very proud of her punishment. Emile would have prefered the cookie jar.

"I got the same as you, the 6 year course at Greluft."  Emile was dissapointed about the lack of cookies. 

"That's awesome! I'm looking forward to becoming some sort of super ninja assasin! Getting to sneak into enemy territory and assisnating their leader and stuff. SO COOL!" She was a little too excited about getting to murder people for a living and was flailing her arms around doing finger guns pretending to shoot the officers that were guarding them and the rest of the children.

"You want this? Why would you want to just go around harming people for a living?" Emile had trouble understanding her reasoning.

"Why? WHY?! You get to be super cool like in the movies! Who wouldn't want that?!"  If she was excited before that was nothing compared to now. She'd gotten herself so fired up that she was practically shaking where she stood desperatly trying to keep herself from jumping around the room.

"Oh, wait! Wait wait wait wait wait! I forgot to ask you! What did you do to get the same punishment as me?!" She was so pumped that she couldn't speak properly.                                                                                                      

 "I-I Didn't...Do anything." Emile answered. He was starting to cry again now that he remembered that he had been punished for a crime he didn't commit.                                                                                                              

 "That's what they all say! Don't worry I won't tell! So what did you do? Kill a guy? Ohhh please tell me you killed a guy, that would be sooooo badass!" She clearly didn't belive him.                                                                            

  "No, seriously. I didn't do anything. I asked the judge what was going on and she increased my penalty!" He was crying now. "I didn't do anything at all! The officers, they-they framed me" Emile couldn't see anything because he was crying so much.                                                                                                                                                                      

The girl started to talk again but was interuppted by the immense roaring of engines and high pressure steam.       The entire station started to shake as the train arrived. This was no ordinary train. This train was one of Alrubas most prized possesions. It was massive. It consisted of the engine infront pulling 50 smaller carts behind it.  Each cart was roughly 10 meters high, 25 meters wide and 35 meters long. Each cart was completely covered in 3 layers of armor. The first layer was 10cm thick titanium. The second layer was 25cm thick refined moonstone. The last layer was 5 centimeters of titanium. On the top of every cart was one medium sized artillery piece and a small anti air frag launcher. Every single cart on this train was a small bunker and the entire train was an impenetrable fortress on wheels. The engine in front of the train was covered in armor 50% thicker than the other carts. The engine was 15 meters high. 30 meters wide and 45 meters long. The front of the engine was shaped like a skull with fire,steam and smoke exiting the mouth,nose and eyes. The engine was powered by a highly concentrated mixture of refined oil and coal that could reach temperatures of up to 15.000 degrees celcius and had enough power to allow the train to move at speeds faster than sound. This was a train deemed worthy of transporting elite students to Greluft. 


After Emile had been forced into one of the carts he eventually found a seat by a window and sat down. Some time passed and eventually the girl from before sat down next to him.                                                                      

 "Umm. I'm sorry about before. I didn't mean to make you cry like that. You're too much of a baby to commit a crime." She was quite ashamed by how she had acted back at the station.                                                              

 "No problem, I forgive you. I feel like we got a rough start so let's start from the beginning. My name is Emile what's yours?                                                                                                                                                              

 "I'm Alvina nice to meet you. I ran away from home because my parents wouldn't let me join the army so I ran away from home and eventually attacked a police officer and here I am."

She gave him a nice proper greeting with a handshake and everything. They sat there silently for a while watching the landscape fly past at tremedous speed. After an hour or so they reached the city Zernas. Home of Greluft Supreme Military Academy.


The city was far larger than Etza and looked much better aswell. The streets were paved with sparkling clean cobblestone and the houses looked posh and were practically shining. Trees were planted at regular intervals and the air was much cleaner. The city had this feeling of grandeur and made anyone that wasn't rich feel poor. The streets were patrolled by the same things that had grabbed him before.                                                                     "What are those things? Why does no one care about them?"                                                                            


"Hm? You mean the iron giants? You seriously don't know about them?" Alvina looked at Emile like he was the stupidest person alive.

"They are giant robots. They are built to fulfill different purposes and usually look different based on what they are supposed to do. For example the ones you see out there are peacekeepers, they work as police officers and are built slim and agile to stop crime. And the destroyers that are on the battlefield are taller and have more armor and weapons so that they can destroy targets of importance. That's about all I can tell you since I never really focused in class" Alvina eventually answered.


After another 10 minutes had passed the train closed in on the academy. It was a huge building. Far bigger than any other building in the town. It looked less like an academy and more like a fortress. Surrounding the premises was a huge 25 meter tall wall made out of moonstone. Within the premises were testing grounds,buildings for all kinds of purposes,large fields for sports and various activites and in the middle of it all was a massive building that functioned as the main academy. All of the buidlings were marked with Alrubas insignia. A yet black dragon with its wings spread out. The train moved through one of the large gates that allowed entry into the premises. The train eventually stopped and the children were moved from the station inside of Greluft into a large chamber in the station building. A couple more groups entered the chamber. All of the groups looked like they were from different backrounds. All the groups were shoved into a single group of rich kids and poor kids and everything inbetween.


They were greeted by a strongly built muscular woman. She was clad in thin armor covering her torso and legs. Her arms were bare and muscular, her right arm had a large tatoo of Alrubas insignia on it. Her hair was colored brigtly pink and purple. She was extremely muscular and her face looked like it was chiseled out of rock. 


"Alright everyone. Welcome to Greluft. Ya'll are gathered here becasue either A) Your ego is so huge that you think that you deserve to join Alrubas elite forces. B) You were sent here by your parents because they belive that their special little princess deserves to join Alrubas elite forces. C) You commited a crime so horrible that you were sent here as punishment or D) You commited a minor crime or were framed for one and you annoyed the atturneys so they sent ya here.  It doesn't matter which group you belong in because here you are an equal to everyone else. And by equal I mean you are all pathetic lice in my eyes until you prove yourself worthy by completing the elite program. Not everyone is eligible to do the training course so I'm here as quality control ya hear? Ya'll are going to stand in a nice line and ya'll are going to take a turn to fight me. If I decide that you have enough skill I'll let you join. The rules are simple. The goal is to force your opponent out of this large ring here. You can also win by reducing your opponent to a state where they can't fight properly anymore or if your opponent gives up. Now before we begin. Names Jessie and I'm one of the main sergeants in Alrubas army, I'll be working as your teacher if ya pass. NIce to meet ya. Don't worry I'm going to keep in mind that ya'll are between 12 and 14 years old and I'll do my best not to give ya any permanent injuries or break your bones. Ok let's start with you there!" She pointed at one of the boys. He looked like he came from a rich neighboorhood he had nice clothes and blond hair. He stepped into the ring.

"Alright kid I'm going to count down to 3 and then I'll attack you. One....Two...Th" "This isn't going to work. Can I get some other challenge?" The rich kid interuppted.

"Another challenge? Why? Are ya scared that I'll roundhouse kick ya and break your neck?" Jessie looked both annoyed and amused at the same time.

"No no I'm not scared it's just that I don't fight women" He looked like he was beyond proud of himself.

"Oh so that's it huh? An attitude like that and you will get yourself killed in seconds on the frontlines, dumbass. Ya never gave me a good reason not to kick your arse so prepare yourself....One...Two....Three" The second that she said three she flew forward at immense speed punching the rich kid. But the rich kid blocked it. Not with his hands. But with a what looked like a green slate of glass that had appeared out of nowhere.

"Oh so you can create shields is that it? That's a useful ability but you won't be able to tire me out before I break 'em." Jessie punched the shield again with her right fist and arced her left punch around the shield to punch the rich kid. But he put up another shield that blocked her left.

"You won't be able to break my shields before you tire yourself out if that's the best you can manage" He had a smug grin plastered all over his face. 

"Oh that's it. You asked for it, I'll show you what happens when I fight for real." It was as if the very air changed as Jessie took a stance with her feet placed firmly on the ground. She placed her left arm infront of her entire body like a shield with her fist clenched thightly while she fully stretched her right arm out ready to release a punch with tremendous power. She took aim at the rich kid and punched. This wasn't a normal punch though. When she punched her entire body moved so fast that Emiles eyes couldn't follow her movements in the slightest and she was reduced to a blur of colours that moved at the rich kid very fast. Too fast. When jessies Right fist connected with the rich kids shield the entire room seemed to shake. Emile saw how the rich kid flew out of the ring with blood coming out of his nose and mouth. 

"Alright you pass because those shields have some real potential but you got to fix that horrible personality." He didn't answer. Probably because he was having a seziure on the floor.

"Okay I got my warm up let's get this over with. Next!" The next kid stepped up into the ring. And Jessie counted down. Then the kid flew out of the ring. 

"You fail. Next!" This kept happeing over and over again. Until it was Alvinas turn.

"ALRIGHT I'M FIRED UP LETS DO THIS! I'LL KICK YOUR ASS AND MOVE TO THE TOP! AWWWW HELL YES!" Emile had never seen her so excited. She jumped into the ring and instantly took a stance.

"Well someones fired up. Let's see if ya got the power to back those words up then. One...Two....Three" Before Jessie begun to move Alvina screamed. 

"FIYAHHHH!!!!!!" And clapped her hands together. And to everyones surprise a huge stream of fire was thrown right at Jessie. Jessie looked surprised but not impressed as she charged through the flames like an angry bull throwing Alvina out of the ring. 

"You pass becasue you got potential. You'll need to work hard to make that power of yours work well. Right now you might set someones clothes on fire but that's it." 

"Next!" Emile was still surprised by Alvina so he didn't realise. It was his turn now.




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