Against better judgement

Kara-Lynne lives in New York City as a writer for People Magazine. Fresh out of college, writing for People has never been the job of her dreams. She's hardly given thought-provoking assignments and when Kara's given the task to publish a story on popular, pretty-boy and charming 'love expert' Ryan Barre, she expects it to be a simple assignment. However, she realises very quickly that things are far from simple with Ryan.


14. Priorities, Circumstances

Author's note: Apologies for the long gaps in new chapters - aside from writer's block, I just finished uni & have a part time job so, a lot of my time was occupied. Nevertheless, I hope you continue to enjoy & I'd really appreciate it if you left a like and/or comments :)

"This is nice," she admired, her auburn hair tamed by the beanie that kept her head snug and warm. Her eyes narrowing as she gazed into the distance, slightly stinging from the cool breeze. Kara placed her gloved hands on the rail and leaned over to take a peek at the cold, murky waters below them. 

"They don't catch their fish for London's signature dish from here do they?"

Ryan snorted. "We're English, not savages."

"Alright, you two, turn around and face me," Will instructed, holding his phone up and taking a step back to get a good shot. 

Ryan placed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer towards him. She actually appreciated the extra body warmth. 

Will squinted at his phone screen and gave a thumbs up. 

"Come on and take a photo with us."

His expression conveyed reluctance. 

Kara gestured for him to join them. "You can't deny me on my last day here," she leaned her head to the side and raised an eyebrow.

Will rolled his eyes, unable to hide a smirk. With her American charm, she'd managed to recruit the help of an innocent passer-by who obliged her request to be a temporary photographer. She looped her arm around theirs and smiled sweetly. Will showcased a wide grin that reached his eyes. Ryan tore his eyes away from the pleasant picture that was embodied in the woman in front of him.

"Thank you," she quipped as she received the phone from the friendly stranger and took a quick look. Her eyes flitted to Ryan before she showed it to the rest.

"What dashing lads we are," Ryan commented, playfully shoving Will's shoulder and stealing a glance at Kara to see her reaction. She raised an eyebrow and dramatically rolled her eyes.

"Could we get some tea please? Or hot chocolate? I'm freezing." She shivered, nestling her purple-tinged lips into her scarf that seemed to do little against the cold but did bring some colour back to her lips.

"How English of ya," Ryan pulled her close again, offering her his body warmth which she didn't refuse and actually appreciated. Will followed close by, his attention pulled away by the incessant buzzing of his phone. He wasn't that bothered about the work emails as he was about the texts he was receiving from his girlfriend. They weren't anger-infused texts that Will could sometimes feel had been created by furious phone-screen-jabbing nor were they subtle hints that he usually encountered trouble to figure out. Her texts were strange and she conveyed her desperation in needing to meet tonight, despite Will having told her that he'd planned to spend Kara's last night in the UK with her and Ryan. Yet, she was his girlfriend and it was only expected of him to understand and try his best to fulfill his girlfriend's needs.

"I'll meet you at your place around 7 xx". Will kept his phone away and caught up with the pair who'd been laughing away at some inside joke he had missed. Kara looped her arm in his so that she was walking arm-in-arm in between two 'dashing lads'. 

"Off for some tea and scones," she mocked, in a decent English accent.



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