Sam Winchester Imagine


1. Meeting

You were hunting same Ghoul that the Winchester boys were hunting, you did not knew them and hence you wound up in a complicated situation at the sheriff's office, they were pretending to be FBI agents just like you.

You: Hi, I am Agent Gomez, I am working with the sheriff's office on this multiple homicide case.

Agent Smith(Dean): I am Agent Smith and this is Agent Smith, no relation, but we were given clear orders investigate this case, we are from Washington Jurisdiction.

Agent Smith(Sam): Is there any chance that we could work on this case with you, that is if you don't mind?

You: Sure, but three rules, stay away from me and my investigation, don't make yourself a hostage, don't get killed.

They both nodded, you took the files from sheriff and went to the nearest diner and asked boys to meet you there.

Dean: Dude Agent Gomez is hot! Woo! Just don't come between us, I saw you looking at her like you were undressing her with your eyes!

Sam: No way Dean, it's strictly business and you are not sleeping with her too.

Dean: You are such a party pooper.

Winchesters had reached, but you were 20 minutes late.

You: Sorry Agents, I was um little preoccupied.

Dean:No worries, a beautiful lady such as yourself should not be sorry for being late.

Sam: So what have you found on vic's?

You: Apart from the fact that they all worked in graveyard shift and the only thing linking them is the place they ate the day before they died, nothing.

You order a coffee, remove your coat and roll up your sleeves and tying your hair into a bun. It was hot outside. 

Sam and Dean who were watching you intently saw your anti possession tattoo and something changed in their expression.

Dean: So you are a hunter.

You: No I don't hunt animals, in fact I love them, now back to case.

Sam: We are talking about being supernatural hunter, you have an anti possession tattoo on your wrist, we are also hunters.

They show you their tattoo. 

Dean: I am Dean Winchester and this is my brother Sam Winchester and you are?

You: My name is Y/N

Sam: So what are we hunting? 

You : We are hunting ghouls, those who go after couples. It's in the pattern.

Dean : So you and I could pretend to be one and do all the dirty stuff

Winking at you.

You: We are going to pretend but I might kill you if you talk about doing dirty stuff with me!

Sam laughed and Dean made a frowny face


You all killed the ghoul and went your separate ways, not before you saw Sam eyeing you with lust in his eyes. Just to make him suffer you kissed him made him all hot and then left.

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