Dean Winchester Imagine



1. Protecting You

You came home to find your roommate Shelby on floor covered in her own blood. "Oh my gosh!!Please be alive Shelly, please please" you murmured while checking for her pulse and dialing 911 simultaneously. 

When paramedics came she was declared dead. Dead just like that your best friend, your roommate, your sister was taken away from you, she might not have been your blood but she was the closest thing you had to a sister. You were interrogated several times, different cops and same questions, they were not telling something, they said it was an animal attack.

"That is ridiculous, how can an animal attack in midst of civilization, it makes no sense" 

"Our reports say it is an animal attack" Deputy Rogers replied.

All the pent up anger, frustration and remorse was for an animal, it didn't feel right. You wanted closure and an animal could not just open doors and walk in. Cops closed the case and you could do nothing.

The house now felt empty without her, her memories all over the house, she was a vibrant woman and she didn't deserve to die.

You came back after exhausting day at work, you were pouring orange juice when the doorbell buzzed. You opened the door to find two men in suits, both tall and intimidating.

"How can I help you?"

"We are looking for Y/N" said the guy with dirty blond cropped hair.


"We need to ask her some questions, we are from FBI, I am Agent Bonham  and this is Agent Kaplan " the taller guy replied while both pulled out their FBI Badges.

You opened the door and let them in. They both followed you into the living room.

"What do you want to know?" you asked.

"Can you tell us about your roommate, and the circumstances she was found?" the taller agent asked with compassion in his eyes, something you hadn't seen in other cops when they interrogated you.

"I was told that it was an animal attack, then why is FBI asking questions?"

"It's just a follow up Ma'am" shorter agent replied.


After you gave them the details and explained all the circumstances, they gave you a card to call them just in case. 

You were sleeping when you heard a noise in the living room, grabbing the baseball bat in your closet you walked towards the living room, only to find a man attacking you, the man had weird nails and teeth and his eyes were certainly evil, you swung your bat at him but it didn't do much good, he didn't even flinch. He launched himself onto you like a rabid animal, clawing you in the process.

A shot was fired and the thing died then and there, you looked up to find the FBI Agents, your eyes were hazy, you had lost a lot of blood because of the clawing of that thing.

"Hey hey hey stay with me, nothing will happen to you" the green eyed angel that saved you said while carrying you . Soon you lost your consciousness.

You woke up in your room, feeling a pang of sharp pain and reminiscing what had happened, you woke up groggily to see the man who saved you sitting on the chair besides your bed.

Your movement woke him up.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"I have been better"

He chuckled.

"What was that?" you asked.

"It was a werewolf"

"But those aren't real"

"They are sweetie, I hate to burst your bubble, but now no one will harm you" he promised.

"So you are not FBI are you?"

"No. We are hunters. I am Sam and this is my brother Dean " the taller guy said while walking in your room.

"So Shelby was killed by that werewolf?"

"Yes sweetie, she was, and I am sorry"

"Now that you are safe, I guess we should leave you" the green eyed man named Dean said.

"I know it's too much to ask for but is there any chance you guys would maybe teach me? I lost my best friend and I want to help others?"

Dean and Sam gave each other a look.

"It's not a life you would want sweetie, you should move on, have a normal life, happy life" Dean said.

"Yes, you should try to forget what happened, a hunter's life is never easy" Sam chimed in.

"If you were in my place what would you do?"

They grew silent.

"I promise I won't impose on you, I promise to do anything and everything to learn, please?"

Dean shook his head and Sam laughed.

"You are not going to give up, are you?" asked Sam


"Welcome to the team sweetie" Dean replied with a smirk

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