What happens after the world ends with only a small group of survivors? what if I told you some had super powers? or if the only one who can really save the world (or whats left of it) just wants to kill herself because her whole life is a lie? find out in the new book "Reset"


6. chapter 6

The next morning everyone got out of bed except Sky. Josey knocks on her door but there is no answer. She opens the door but Sky’s not there.

“Josey! Get out here!” Noah yelled from outside.

“Wh- OMG what happened to the time machine?!” Josey said looking a broken pile of metal.

“Where’s Sky?” Rowan asked as he realized Sky wasn’t here.

“I don’t know, she wasn’t in her room,” Josey said.

“She said she was going to the Opera House last time I saw her. Maybe she fell asleep there.” Rowan said.

“Let’s go find her” They then grabbed onto Rowan. the wind started to blow and then they were in front of the house. They climbed over the rubble and stepped onto the stage. They turned past the boulder and saw Sky laying there.

“Let me wake her up,” Rowan said pushing past the others. He walked over to her and knelt down next to her. He sees the knife and starts to panic.

“S-SKY? SKY?! SKY?!?!” Rowan starts to shake her like a ragdoll hoping she would wake up but nothing happened. Josey Pushes Rowan aside and looks at her friend.

“Y-you can’t leave me Sky. Who is going to fangirl about Chris Pine with me and call people dills?” Noah puts his hand on her shoulder and she looks at him. He shakes his head saying.

“She’s gone” Josey starts to cry even more and Noah hugs her.

“We need to fix the time thing NOW,” Rowan said wiping his tears away.

“I agree,” Noah said.

“I-I think I can help with that.” A voice said from behind them. The little girl named Sierra stepped out from behind the wall of concrete.

“What could you possibly do to help us? If you wanted to help us, you shouldn’t have killed her!” Rowan yelled, as tears filled his red eyes and fell down his puffy cheeks.

“I tried to. Really, but Ronai thought it was the only way.”

“The only way?”

“The only way to save the world. She was the one who made the people die. Rowan, she has powers too, and so do I.”


“Yes, she has control over any living being and everything in it.  That’s how she made everyone burn to death. She planted a chemical in everyone except for you guys, that made the people become allergic to the sun. They burn from the inside out when the sun touches their skin. It doesn’t help with all the-”

“Global warming,” Josey said cutting Sierra off.

“That makes perfect sense but, what’s your power?” Noah asked.

“The power to turn back time. I wanted to tell you guys sooner but didn’t get the chance because of the girls.”

“You can time travel?”

“Yes, and I can take you all with me”

“It’s perfect if we go back in time and stop Mel and Ronai them we can save the world and Sky!” Rowan said coming up with the perfect plan.

“Then let’s do it! What are we waiting for?” Josey said. There was a slow clapping from behind the group. Mel and Ronai were there the whole time.

“It’s kind of cute how you thought you could get away little girl. Thank you so much for telling them our plan but I'm afraid it’s too late for you. We won’t let you go back. The world is perfect just the way it is.” Ronai said stepping closer to the group.

“You sheila’s stay back. You’re bloody psychopaths.” Rowan said. They continued to step closer so, Rowan did the only thing he could think of. He set the stage on fire. They started to run when Sierra yelled…

“Hold onto me!” The others did as they were told and held on for dear life. A brilliant light came out of nowhere and surrounded the group. The light went away and they were back in Australia before the apocalypse.

“They are in the Opera House. Get over there quickly before they start taking over. You have 10 minutes I’m going to try and find Sky.” Sierra said as she ran away towards the orphanage.


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