What happens after the world ends with only a small group of survivors? what if I told you some had super powers? or if the only one who can really save the world (or whats left of it) just wants to kill herself because her whole life is a lie? find out in the new book "Reset"


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4


Eliza and the boys walked through the door talking in low voices because Sky was sleeping. Eliza walked over to sky to check on her and make sure that she was healing correctly. As she got up off the floor Sky shot up in a sitting position and yelled

“that’s it!”

“What’s it?” Leo asked confused.

“I know how we can save the world!”

“What are you talking about sky? We can’t save the world it’s beyond saving. Maybe they hit her head before you got there she’s delusional!” Eliza said turning to Max.

“I'm not delusional! I think I know how we can save the world!”

“Alright i'll let you humor me for a second what’s your idea?” Eliza said in an unenthusiastic voice.

“Well… what if we build a time machine?” she asked.

“HAHAHA! A time machine? How would we even do that?” Eliza said.

“Well I remember a man telling me about how him and his colleagues had just made a blueprint of one. I know where he works and if we get the blueprints we can build one!” Sky said piecing things together like a puzzle.

“Sky you’re such a hoon! Have you become a dill?” Max said trying to contain his laughter.

“I am not a hoon nor am I a dill! I am a well raised girl who has an idea! I don’t see any of you coming up with any ideas so if you want to talk give us an idea” Sky said getting angry. Max always did this, he acted like a brother to Sky and that includes the childish name calling. Max Immediately stopped laughing.

“Now that’s more like it” Sky said turning back to Eliza.

“You know, that just might be our ticket to saving the world” Eliza said.

“Wait you're not really considering this rubbish are you?” Leo asked Eliza.

“Do you have a better idea?”

“No bu-”

“that’s what I thought” Eliza said interrupting him.

“Now Sky where is this building exactly?”

“ it’s about 30 minutes from here walking”

“I think I might be able to fix the Ute yank tank that’s outside it wasn’t really in that bad of a Bingle although it might be a while I'll need help, the seppos made it before it was shipped over here. The driver's seat is on the wrong bloody side of the car! I mean the suppos are idiots, but really who would do that to a car?” Max said looking at the girls then at Leo.

“I can help you with that mate, my dad was a mechanic. I use to help him down in the shop.” Leo said.

“Beaut! You blokes go get started on that suppo death machine. Me and Eliza will go look for some new clothes.”

“Um aren’t you hurt?” Leo asked as Sky was getting up.

“I heal really quickly no thanks to the chemical that I drank” Sky said walking to the door with Eliza.

“So if I told you a secret you have to promise me you won't tell ANYONE” Max said to Leo as he started to work on the car.

“Ya man you can tell me anything, what do you like Sky or something?” Leo asked.

“Eww no! Im mean I like her but not like that! The thing is… well… i'm her brother” Max said looking Leo in the eye.

“Your her WHAT?!” Leo asked standing up.

“I know! I've known since we were little. Our Oldies separated us when we were little but that’s because she had super powers and i didn’t but what they didn’t know is that I had super powers too but mine started acting up after i left my Oldies.” Max said going under the car.

"Wow, how come you haven't told her yet?"

"I dunno I guess I didn’t want to hurt her, she has gone thru enough and me telling her i'm her brother will sound like this “hey Sky i'm your brother and you Oldies lied to you for all of your life haha” I would sound like a complete doodle!”


“So Sky, I was wondering when are you going to tell the boys that you’re really from the UK? I mean they are your best friends but you still haven’t told them.” Eliza asked Sky as they were looking at old cloths from the Clocktower Mall.

“Ya what would I say “G’day mate’s just so you know I have been lying to your faces since the day I met you. I'm not really Australian I'm from london and was merely here on a vacation with my family but said I lived here to make things less complicated” I would sound like a complete Dipstick!” Sky said putting her head in her hands.

“They would never think of you like that. We all have secrets that some of us might know but others don’t like how only you know that i'm adopted”

“ya, I guess you're right. Have you found any good clothes yet?”

“Ya but we still need to find some Budgie smugglers, Tweeds and

for the mates”

“ ya, can you go look for some? I want to try on some Clobbers”

“Ok i’ll be over there in what’s left of the blokes section”

Sky walked into one of the changing rooms that were still in tact. She tried on a few jeans and sweatpants when she found a beautiful blue and black dress hanging on a hook in the room. She took it off the hanger and slipped it on over her thin body and black jeans. She turned and looked at herself in the shattered mirror that stood behind her and gahspt. Wow she thought as she looked at herself. The dress fit just right and brought out the colors in her eyes.   

“WOW! You look so pretty, where did you find that dress?” Eliza said in aw as she looked at Sky.

“It was just hanging here so I thought I would try it on” Sky said still looking at the mirror once more before she started to take it off and put a band T shirt on.

“OMG were did you find that shirt?!” Eliza said looking at Sky.

“Um, over there in that store called “Orchid” I think, it has a whole bunch of band merch and stuff over there.”

“OMG lets go, Like we can find a whole bunch of blokes stuff over there!”

“Ok” they walked over  to the store and started to look around.

“OMG I love this band!” Eliza said holding up a shirt.

“Oh I know them. Their Akka Dakka, right?”

“Ya, look it’s those British blokes you like and that Australian band 5 Seconds of Winter I think” Eliza said holding up a couple shirts.

“Their 5SOS and the others are a British AND Irish boy band” Sky said snatching the shirts from Eliza.

“OI! Calm down! Their just a bunch of blokes who can sing and dance” Eliza said putting her hands up in defence.

“As a matter of fact, they all sing, dance AND play musical instruments!”

“Well Akka Dakka is way better then your Boy bands” Eliza said staring Sky down wit a fierce glare.

“Well at least neither of them sound like that Suppo bloke from America! What’s his name… Jacob Sartorius I think.”

“Ya, I mean he sounds worse than that Canadian bloke who likes to sing about Babies!” Eliza said. They both started to laugh.

“Hahaha, I love when we fight about stupid little things because we always end up laughing” Sky said putting her arm around Eliza as they walked out the broken glass door. They walked out onto the street passing burning cars and broken buildings, they pass what looks to be a school bus. The front end is burning a low flame as smoke rises from it. The drivers body was still sitting in the front seat, slumped over the large steering wheel like a sack of potatoes. In the back of the bus there as a little girl who had been hit with a Didgeridoo to the head.

“Poor girl, I wish I could have saved her. It’s all my fault that everyone's dead. I should have been able to fix this but I didn’t.” Sky said walking away from the bus.

“This isn’t your fault Sky! We don’t even know how this happened. The people just started killing each other until there was no one left to kill but themselves. Don’t blame yourself no one could have saved them.” Eliza said as they walked up to the boys.

“G’day, did you Sheila’s find us some Clobbers?” Max asked as the girls set the pieces of fabric on the seat of the car.

“Yes we did, ho is the car? Can you guys fix it?” Sky asked standing next to Max.

“Ya we can fix it but we need to find some tools to finish it. Leo already put gas in it so we should be able to go in an hour or so.” Max said turning to Sky on his right.

“What kind of Clobbers did you get? ‘Cause I need some knew budgie smugglers to go swimming in they bay.” Leo said to Eliza.

“Hey would you want to go swimming at a time like this?” Eliza said.

“Because it’s hot and the waters not” Leo said getting up and walking towards the clothes.

“You can chose whatever you want out of the pile.” Eliza said turning around and walking inside to get some water.

"Even these?" Leo said with a smirk holding up some knickers. Skys' eyes go wide and Eliza walks back outside and turns as red as a tomato at the sight of Leo holding these undergarments up.

"H-hey put those down! You may not have thought!’" Eliza said stomping over to Leo. He stands up and starts to run away, still holding the clothing.

"Get back here!" Eliza screams as Leo runs towards the docs Eliza still hot on his tail.

"never!" He yells when he reaches the water he takes his shirt off and jumps in splashing Eliza. She takes off her shoes, pants, and shirt exposing her chocolate brown skin and her bathing suit. She jumps in after Leo and swims as fast as she can but he has a head start.

"OI! GET BACK HERE!" Max and Sky jog to the docks, I'm going in after them, It's pretty hot are you coming in with us?" Max says taking his shirt off and turning towards Sky.

"I'll pass but you go ahead I'll stay right here in the shade," Sky says sitting down.

"Are you sure?" Max asks one more time "it'll be fun!" He says trying to persuade her.

   "Not right now, maybe later” she said max shrugged his shoulders and jumped in swimming over to Leo.


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