The world went to hell shortly after that first attack on the city I was in. Its was every man from themsleves until one day all the people who held a little bit of power silently agreed to live away from eachother. Now the world stayed divided up in to sections.

The first group of people were called the outsiders, the were the ones that you had to avoid they trusted no one and you were smart to do the same with them. Outsiders are the people who would kill you no matter what the age or circumstance. The were the closest group, and the most deadly, they had most of the weapons left. Then there was my group we are called the survivors, and that is exactly what we are. We do what we have to do to survive and nothing more, literally nothing more then that. The other groups are the murder, the lost, and the last. I don't know much about them, I just know their names.


21. Chapter twenty one

Hey guys this chapter is longer then the last ones so I hope you enjoy it. Bye fam.


Black and white, black and white, and black and white again. These are the terrifying shades that suddenly change in my vision. My arm hurts so bad and I can’t remember why, I try to move my other arm over to feel it but I can’t move. I try to move again and nothing happens I’m stuck in this state of no movement.


I hear Harry’s voice, he sounds angry and I have a feeling that it has to do with the fact that my arm hurts as much as it does and the fact I can’t move. I try to talk to tell Harry that he should calm down but even my voice doesn’t work. It feels as though nothing works, my hands, my legs, my arms, basically my complete body can’t move or feel anything. Except the horrible pain that is in my arm, it hurts so bad that I just want to cry and cry until someone can fix it.


I hear Harry’s voice again and I try to relax but it’s next to impossible with the pain that makes my arm feel my own pulse. I try to move again and I see another flash of light in my vision. A new kind of pain I notice is the feeling of small needles or pins being poked in my arm it feels like an annoying bird peaking at my arm as compared to the other pain where it feels like a bomb went of from inside my arm.




“She looks like she is in pain.” I say to Suzanne, when Eve’s face crunches up.





Eve has been getting her arm worked on ever since a short while after the raiders took off. I was tempted to go after them myself but Suzanne convinced me to stay by insisting that Eve would want me here when she woke up. I now wish that I had gone after the raiders because seeing the pain that eve was in even when she was only partly awake. They had given here something to help with the pain but it for some reason wasn’t working and I was having a hard time letting them stich her arm while she was still in pain.


“When do you suppose she will wake up?” I ask.


“I am not quite sure.” Suzanne answers me.


The doctor looks up at me “Harry why don’t you go get her some clothes she will be here for a few days, the bullet didn’t just go threw her arm it ended up going through her side, I don’t think her side is hurting her because we used the last of the strongest pain medicines on it.”

I nod my head, as much as I trust the doctor to go a good job I don’t want to be uncertain if Eve is going to be okay.




My head hurts and I just want to make it stop. I roll over now and feel a sharp pain going across from my arm to my side. I quickly grab my arm and remember what happened. I can’t believe that Gemma would do that to me, I wanted her to come or at least I thought I did until I saw her. I truly thought I wanted to leave but when I saw her I remember all the bad times that I had to go through, all the people I had to kill, all of them who were innocent. When I saw Gemma, I realized that I didn’t belong with them and I couldn’t kill another innocent ever again.


“ouch.” I wince when I roll over again.


I look around at where I am and see that I am in a make-shift hospital room. The walls are a sad dull looking grey that remind you of all the boring times in your past, the room is decorated with small white flowers and vines. Clearly many people didn’t have to stay in this room for very long because the air smelt stagnant and dusty, and when I looked closer at the furniture I saw that there was a thick layer of dust that has settled on the small table that stood beside me.


I noticed a note on the small dresser and realized that it was in Harry’s handwriting;

                                Eve, I have gone out on a raid I will be back in a few days. There are some clothes that I brought for you in the dresser there should be enough to last two days, please go see the doctor once you’ve read this. And Eve please stay out of Suzanne’s way she not happy with the situation.




I laugh at Harry. Does he truly think that I want to go looking for Suzanne and annoy her?  Actually, the more that I think about it the more the idea of driving her crazy makes it sound like a lot of fun. Perhaps I could go and bother her before Harry returns.


I stand up and instantly feel the pain return to my side and arm.


“Oh, good your awake and well, I guess not well but recovered.” The doctor says.


The man looks old and has a head full of grey hairs that are missing in certain spots. His face is wrinkled and has many freckles over his entire face, his eyes are blue and are very vibrant. He tells me what to do and that I can leave.


“It’s best you walk with someone, but this time you can walk by yourself.” He says.


“Ok.” I say. “Where exactly am I?”


“You’re in a building just behind your newer hut.” The doctor says.


“Alright, thank you.” I say politely to the doctor.


I walk past rooms that are very similar to the one I was in and gladly see that they are all empty. Clearly the doctor is really good at his job or this camp is really safe, back at the survivors’ camp we would often have to many people in the medical area that people would have to stay at their huts and we would check on them. The amounts of people that died because of the lack of care, from the doctors who were to busy, was really high.




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