Secrets Of Life

A one shot based on Stephenie meyer's twilight saga characters.

All the characters and their personality trait belongs to Stephenie Meyer the original creator


1. Secrets Of Life (Alice Jasper Fanfic)

The grip around my neck grew tighter and tighter as time passed by. I gasped for breath. My eyes rolled up. Tears streamed out of my black eyes.

But when my gaze met the pair of hazel ones I felt a familiar warmth encompassing my soul.

His eyes and those intense melting peering he shoots at my direction gives a sense of protection and belonging which I felt ,like I was experiencing it for centuries though I barely know him for a fortnight.

But this gaze is different there is no mercy in his gaze nor love that I got to experience for the past two weeks. There was a cynical glint in his hazel eyes.

"Jasper what did I ever do to deserve this fate" I asked him between my puffs and pants.

He threw his head back and laughed more evilly than ever.

"You are my redeemer how could you do any harm to me Alexa." Jasper shot back viciously clenching his perfect pearly teeth in distaste while squeezing my neck even harder.

I let out a loud gasp and coughed trying real hard to get out of his ghastly grasp.

"Jasper then why..I loved you and still love you and will keep loving you forever ." I said gasping for breath when his clasp around my neck grew tighter.

I panted and puffed trying real hard to focus.

"Loved me? You silly girl! you know who I am and what I am capable of" Jasper asked maliciously.

His honey melting eyes dripped of vile and hatred towards me which jabbed my throbbing heart agonizingly.

My eyes welled up with tears. Sliding its streak through my cheeks leaving a glistening mark of my pain.

"I know Jasper. You are a vampire! You lost your mate in a battle and now you are insane as ever." I said sniffling and drawing in a deep breath while warding off the foggy thoughts which clouded my creak of hope I had for Jasper.

He looked at me flabbergasted.

"Who told you all this non sense!. She is with me. And now you will help me to bring her back." Jasper said coming closer to my face with an unhinged expression baring his teeth in a Scarry manner.

I felt really scared of this person standing in front of me. I had to shut my eyes against him and turn my face.

All these days I never saw this person even frowning at anyone. He was the epitome of gentleman for me. He was perfect in every possible way.

But now how cursed his character seems. He seems like the embodiment of everything that should be loathed.

"You thought you could make me your own you silly girl. My siblings are fool to think that you are right for me. The only one who was right and is right and will be right for me is my Alice. My Alice ! Only she is capable of bracing me and keeping me more humane . Before her you are just a filthy little brat" jasper said his face softening abruptly with the mention of the name.

I flinched inside his death clasp around my neck. Tears were streaming across my cheeks staining my cheeks in the process .

"Yeah you are my Alice but this body is someone else's. Your soul belong to my dearest Alice. Only thing you need to do is leave this body and join my Alice who is lying there in your wait for a century." Jasper chimed like a mad man.

I looked at him horror. The name and all these explanations hit harder somewhere. I slowly looked at the direction he pointed.

To my astonishment I saw myself lying in a casket sleeping peacefully. I looked at Jasper in shock and grief. The only difference is the girl lying there has a short hair and my hair is a long raven hair which goes beyond my waist.

"Jasper don't do this to you and me. I don't remember a thing But I have a feeling that our souls are bound forever. From the day my eyes met yours I am yours Jasper. If you took my life away because of your recklessness I don't how long it will take for me to come and join you." I said with a pleading eyes . Jasper looked at me like he was studying me.

"No!I don't wanna kill you. I am just trying to put the soul of my alice in the right place" Jasper said like a crazy man. I swallowed hard seeing his lost disposition.

"It is in the right place jaz. You are wasting your time and very life for a lost cause." Edward said burst opening the door and coming in with Bella.

She ran to my side and tried to free me. Jas spared me grudgingly. He respects Bella. That can be seen in his eyes. I looked at Bella with gratitude. Bella just nodded at me smiling.

"So you are demanding me to make this girl my wife in the place my precious Alice!" Jasper asked with hatred.

" The Alice we know is gone forever. How this idea got into your mind I dunno. Alexa is our Alice, Jasper. Because of some witch craft she still refuses to remember us. Look at her jas she is our very Alice. The evidence is out of all of us she recognized as who you are. Only a soulmate can do this jas. Don't do any harm to her jas " Edward said

shaking his head.

"Harm! I am trying to restore the soul to our Alice's body which this so called Alexa has stolen from her" Jasper said lounging forward to attack me Edward blocked his path.

"No one stole nothing from anyone Jasper. You were kept under darkness all these years jas because even we were not sure of this phenomenon to happen. It is really rare. In order to keep you alive and sane even after Alice's death we lied to you jas. "Edward said like he is embarrassed to admit the fact.

"Alice!so she will never gonna return to me" has muttered like a crazy man.

"She has! Jasper look at Alexa she is very much Alice Jasper. Not only her looks she has every quality which our Alice possessed." Bella said holding me tighter with her cold arms.

"No!I don't believe you liars! She is my Alice. This Alexa is nothing But a shadow who bears her appearance " Jasper said looking into my eyes with all hatred of the world he could muster.

I felt like my whole world shatter before me. Now why should I live when my own reason for existence despised me why should I live.

Tears were streaming down my eyes like Niagara falls. I never ever cried this much in my whole seventeen years of existence. I was a cheerful person. Now the one who makes me feel complete makes me cry like anything.

"Jasper try to understand. Trust me she is our Alice. Take the blindfold out of your soul and see her. You will definitely see your Alice ,Jasper." Bella said firmly and assuringly.

Jasper is still gazing Alice's reverential remains with pain it makes my heart shatter to pieces to see him this torn when I am alive and with him.

"It would never be enough. Secrets never buried for long"

"No! Alexa don't! " Edward lunged towards me But it was late I did the inevitable which has to be done. I looked at Jasper for one last time with my longing eyes. I saw realization dawning in his eyes But Jasper it is too late. I collapsed in Bella's arms.

I heard whispers and shuffling of feet and other disturbances in-between my unconsciousness.

I could hear Jasper yelling my name in top voice But I couldn't manage to respond to him.A sharp searing pain passed through me it was the last thing I could manage to remember.

I fluttered open my eyes. I saw Jasper holding my hand. I looked around me to see the smiling faces of my family whom I missed for almost a century.

"Alexa!you okay " Jasper asked me in panic. I gaped at him quizzically.

"Alexa? Who is that? Why are you calling me by different name? " I asked in confusion rubbing my head.

"Alice!you remember your name" Jasper asked enthused.

"Duh!if I don't remember my name who will Jasper " I said smiling mischievously as always. I saw a great smile of peace growing on my family's face and of course on my Jasper's face I hugged him fondly as always smiling to myself. Now I have to learn to live and behave like Alice Cullen.

Edward nodded at me knowingly. I returned my nod.I looked at the empty casket with pain. Now only her ashes remain there!!

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