The Infinity Project

Waking up in a hospital, being spoon-fed lies be her mysterious captors, being stuck with a group of teenagers, with no memories of her life before, but flickering remnants of a car crash. Things aren't looking good for Kira. On top of that she has to deal with sudden powers, and a mysterious dark force that has taken hold of her.
With betrayal looming at every corner, can Kira save herself and her friends, or die trying?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


She leads me to a cafeteria, a small one, and I begin to get a feeling for the hospital. It's not all that big, and considering I've never seen elevators or stairs, it's only one story. Maybe with a basement, but if there is it's more than likely used only as a storage space, since there's no visible easy access. 

In the cafeteria there is ten tables, four of them occupied. One with what appears to be guards, two with doctors and one with a group of teens my age. 

Dr. Saleron leads me over there, and I plop down in the only empty chair. It seems strange not having any breakfast in front of me, even though I came here for breakfast, but no one else at my table has anything either. 

We are all silent, until Dr. Saleron walks away and more guards and doctors filter in, filling up the cafeteria with noise. 

“Uh… hey.” One girl says. She looks to be my age or younger, with glossy black hair and flawless honey coloured skin. Hey eyes are sparkling blue, and filled with nervousness. 

“I'm Wayne, but you can call me Way.” One of the two guys at the table announces. He's got chin-length black hair and green eyes, his skin paler than freshly fallen snow. 

 There's five people here, including me. Three girls and two guys. I had assumed that everyone already knew each other, having arrived before me, but by the awkward nods of greetings then everyone is just as lost as I am. 

“Mia.” The girl who'd first spoken introduces herself. 

“David. And don't you dare call me Dave.” The other guy sates. He is the tallest out of the group, with average length blond hair and pale blue eyes. 

“Tiffany Jackson.” The last girl left introduces. She's very pretty, in a popular high-schooler kind of way. She's got dirty blonde hair, warm brown eyes and a spattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Out of all of us, she's the nicest dressed. She wears a very revealing yellow tank top, paired with equally revealing jean shorts. 

It's still better than my faded black t-shirt and ripped and dirtied up jeans. I would do anything now to go change, and I don't usually care about clothes 

“Kira Alder.” I say, as the last one left for introductions. Now that that social awkwardness is over, we lapse into easy conversation. Talking blissfully of trivial things, ignoring the real question: why are we here? 

Wayne, or Way as he suggested we call him, makes jokes, as Mia silently observes. I chip in every now and again, usually with a poorly timed reference to some book or something. 

David then begins to tell us wear we fit in in this group. Wayne is the clown that everyone loves, Mia’s the quiet one. Tiffany, who asked to be called Tiff, is the popular cheerleader. I'm the smart book nerd. 

“What're you?” I demand, watching as David pauses to think.

“I'm the handsome one!” He pronounces, and we all burst into laughter. 

Food is delivered to our table, porridge and a glass of orange juice. We dig in, and when we finish we begin speaking of darker topics.

“Does any of you know why we're here?” Mia asks, voice small. I'm glad someone's finally found e courage to ask that one question, but surprised it's quiet, shy Mya. To my dismay, everyone shakes their heads ‘no.’

“I think we'll be finding out very soon.” I say with an ominous tone to my voice, as everyone’s face suddenly falls. 

We finish our meal in silence, waiting to be led back to our rooms. But that's not what happens. 

Dr. Saleron comes and leads me away first. We don't go far, just down a short, nondescript corridor. She urges me inside a room I've never seen before, and as I enter I gaze in awe. 

A physical rehabilitation centre turned Olympic gymnasium lies before me. About three quarters the size of the cafeteria, with treadmill, weights and other pieces of equipment I cannot name. 

“This is where you'll train,” Dr. Saleron announces. “The others should be arriving soon.”

Sure enough, an older gentleman approaches, leading David. The man has grey hair and a chin sprouting the beginning of a beard. He seems familiar to me, but I cannot place him. 

“Hello Kira.” He says when he catches me studying him. His eyes are like cold sapphires, an icy navy. 

“Hello,” I return, hoping he doesn't catch the tremor in my voice. I know how I must look, my hair undoubtedly unruly, grey-green eyes sharp with fear. 

“I'm Dr. Kurran, and you've already met David here.” He announces, and I nod in acknowledgement. 

We stand in awkward silence before the rest of the group shows up, first Wayne, then Mia and finally Tiffany. Despite the nicknames they introduced themselves with, I still only think of them with their proper titles. 

We are led inside, then given instructions.

“Here is where you will train for the rest of your time here. We have prepared a series of exercises for you, to keep you in top physical form.” 

They instruct us on what to do, giving us new sets of clothes that are part hospital cleats, part athletic gear. With nowhere to change, we strip down in front of each other, everyone except for Tiffany growing red. I think she's done her fair share of stripping down in front of guys before. 

In our new clothes, we get to work. We exercise. We run on treadmills, lift weights and do other exercises, I'm soon panting, dizzy and exhausted. But they won't let me give up. The doctors keep pushing me, for what has to be a couple of hours, before I'm so exhausted I flop down, passing out.  

In a land of blackness, I hear a voice. A raspy one, that I recognize is from the man in my dream… who is also the doctor I met earlier today. 

“You just made this a whole lot easier for us.” And a sting pierces my arm, and all my thoughts are shoved away. 


An IV is inserted into my arm. I am unsure if I am awake or dreaming, but it doesn't matter. People ramble on, in languages my mind doesn't bother to understand. I know that if I listened closely, I would know what they are saying, but I can't get my mind to focus enough. 

Finally, something happens. I vault out of my haze, as my world condenses and flickers. One moment, I'm in bed, the next, I'm in a crumpled heap on the cold floor, my head spinning. 

“It worked!” Someone shouts, followed by hoots of triumph. The world is spinning to hard for me to focus, and I let myself be forced back into the creaking hospital bed.

“We’ll administer weekly doses until she stabilizes. Prepare five doses of PE12 for now, we’ll try AI7 again if there's no response.” Dr. Saleron commands, as a faint prick stings my arm, and I am again shoved into sleep. 


I awake in my room, memories of the dream—it was a dream, right?—hazy in my mind. 

Dr. Saleron comes to wake me, and we glide into the hallway. I am not told what is going. I am giving no verification if my dreams are really dreams at all. Instead, I am lead in silence to an unknown destination. 

Soon, it becomes clear we're on our way to the cafeteria. I silently head to the table and take a seat, and despite not being hungry I choke down a plate of disgusting slop. 

After supper we get ‘social time,’ where we all sort of chatted in a small room, sitting on an overly plush couch, facing and overly large television. A simple comedy show plays, and we laugh easily, even though it's more like a cheesy 80’s sitcom than actual solid comedy.

We chat about books and movies, music and food. Nothing interesting happens. We are monitored, but I see the unsaid questions and comments written across their faces.

Our time ends, and we go back to our separate chambers. I can't help but wonder, how come if there's so many doors in my corridor, how come everyone else has separate chambers? I dismiss it, deciding it not worth my attention. I flop down and sink into a dreamless sleep, a blissful slumber that lasts for the entire night.  





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