Little Town Full Of Little People |Battle Of The Fandoms Competition Entry|

Little town gossip is a tale as old as time, the same story everywhere you go. Or is it? | COVER BY Infinite_Exho|


Author's note

Disclaimer: This is a Disney fanfiction, none of the characters are mine, they are all property of Disney. The title is taken from lyrics in the song "Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast". The awesome cover was made by Infinite_Exho. Please enjoy the story!

6. Lumiere & Plumette

When Plumette walked into the staff room at the back of the restaurant for the start of her shift, Lumiere was waiting there for her. He looked around to make sure no one else was in the room and shut the door as Plumette set down her bag and shrugged off her coat. 

"What did you find out?" Lumiere asked.

"Well, I asked Belle for advice-" Plumette was cut off almost as soon as she started.

"You said you would google it!" Lumiere's face went bright red, then all the colour drained and he went pale as a sheet. "What if she-"

"Do you honestly think Belle would go spreading our secrets like gossip?" Plumette laughed. "It's not in her nature, besides, she promised to keep it hush hush."

"You're right," Lumiere sighed, his face returning to its normal colour. "What did she say?"

"That we should get to know him first, establish a friendship," Plumette explained. "Then we need to talk to him together, to make everything crystal clear."

"Then we shall introduce ourselves tomorrow," Lumiere smiled, grabbing his coat from the rack on the wall. "I'm off to prepare!"

"Prepare what?" Plumette asked, rolling her eyes at her partner's excited antics. "You don't need to write a speech, do you?"

"I need to begin gathering the finest ingredients for a special Tarte aux Pommes*! It's his favourite!" Lumiere called over his shoulder as he gracefully slid out of the room.


Lumiere pulled in to the gravel drive of the quiet farm, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves. It wasn't the farm itself that caused his nerves, it wasn't even Snow White or her husband Florian Charming, the farm's owners that caused his anxiety. It was the farm's seven other workers. There was nothing wrong with them, and they themselves weren't alarming, but they were a rowdy bunch who had a strange protective streak when it came to Snow. As he turned off the car and got out, he was approached by one of the very same men he had been hoping to avoid.

The man was the opposite of Lumiere in nearly every way. Where Lumiere was tall and slender, this man was short and stocky; where Lumiere had long hair but no facial hair, this man had a long beard and no hair on his head; where Lumiere's voice was light and cheerful, this man's was deep and gruff. 

"What d'you need?" The man asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I was hoping Snow would be able to help me find a few things?" Lumiere asked. "I'm making something special and I need the ingredients to be perfect."

"You came to the right place," he replied, turning and walking towards one of the greenhouses. "Follow me."

Lumiere followed behind the man as he walked at a surprisingly fast pace towards one of the greenhouses. Inside, there were several neat rows of plants, all looking extremely healthy and well maintained. Quiet, sweet-sounding singing drifted through the air, coming from the woman watering the plants near the back of the greenhouse, her black hair pushed back with a red band.

"Hello mademoiselle," Lumiere greeted with a smile, ignoring the glare the shorter man had aimed in his direction. 

The young woman turned, smiling widely upon seeing Lumiere. "Lumiere! I'm so very glad to see you!"


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