Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Areum Min is the most popular girl at the Seoul National University, but all those fakes after her family’s money don’t matter to her. She’s working hard to take over the business her father has run for decades, even if that means she’ll be the co-leader of the mafia with her older brother. Ever since The Tragedy many years ago, the siblings have been deep in the world of killing and drugs. What goes on in the mansion of the biggest crime organization in the capital of South Korea is hidden to most, but top gangs are doing their best to take it down. Blood will be shed, sweat will stain clothes, and tears will waterfall down cheeks.
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4. Stitches

“Hello everyone,” I skip into my father’s office, seeing about ten people that must have just returned from a mission scattered around the room.

          “Bambi,” Yoongi scolds from behind me.

          I shake my head, just barely rolling my eyes, walking over to take a seat next to Sooyoung on the loveseat.

          “Someone’s attitude has changed drastically,” Sooyoung gives me a quick fist bump, sinking back into the loveseat.

          “Jin’s famous hot chocolate,” I pull a folder out of my backpack, taking out the syllabus to see what assignment I need to do. “That can cure anything.”

          “Well, now that everyone is here,” Yoongi’s voice fills up the room, stopping any talking that was previously going on. “We can get started on recapping the latest mission. Jungkook, if you would.”

          Sooyoung gives me a nudge, her voice barely audible as she leans into me, “That’s him. Stop doing your damn homework and look at the boy.”

          I roll my eyes, twirling my pencil into a resting position, and lifting my head to spot the one that has stolen my best friend’s heart.

          “Early this morning, we spotted a co-leader of the Red Wolves entering one of our small convenience stores,” Jungkook speaks up. His voice smooth with every word that leaves his lips. “He’s been doing this for months now, and every time we find threats written out in the restroom, and even wiretaps. He was trying to get information for some reason, but our hackers were on it. Having cameras in every place imaginable is helpful beyond comprehension.”

          I grin as the assassin tells the tale with such ease. “If you failed to kill him, Kookie, then I lost a bet, and I can’t have that.”

          Jungkook turns his head to look right at me, a smirk tugging at his lips. “The only time I have failed to kill, was my very first job. You won your bet, Bambi. Don’t worry about it.”

          Even for as young as he is, Jungkook Jeon is the most skilled and decorated assassin in the country. With a fail rate at less than one percent, it was a no brainer to make sure Bangtan got a hold of him before anyone else could. He’s been with the mafia for a few years now, and has taken out more enemies than any other member.

          The coldblooded assassin just turned twenty-two mere days ago, as every birthday is celebrated with a small cake from Seokjin. Over the past few years, he grew from a shy teen into a handsome, confident man. His baby fat left his face, and left behind a sharp jawline face. He’s quite taller than me at 178 centimeters, and is just as fit as Jimin. His brown eyes can never give away what he’s thinking, as he’s been trained to throw away emotions.

          There are times when Jungkook is able to let his walls down and act like he hasn’t killed his fair share of people. His smile can pull anyone in; his top two teeth like a bunny’s, causing him to be adorable. There’s not a time when his hair isn’t shaggy or a shade of brown. It’s also not terribly rare to see his hair styled to show his forehead. He likes to scrunch up his slender nose when disgusted, and his pout is perfect with his full bottom lip. His ears are a bit bigger, but it helps with being able to hear every little noise when on a mission. At least that’s what he always says. He has a perfect tan from all the time he spends outside. I’m not the least bit surprised that Sooyoung fell for him.

          “Jungkook, please, continue with your account,” Yoongi throws a disapproving look my way.

          I stick my tongue out at my brother before looking back down at my homework.

          “Yes, of course,” Jungkook clears his throat. “I was set up on the roof of a building across the street, waiting for the bastard to exit. Our best hacker calculated that he would spend anywhere between seven and twelve minutes inside the store, so I was ready for his exit.”

          Sooyoung leans into me again, her voice but a whisper. “Isn’t he just perfect?”

          “Talk to him afterwards, so you can get it off your chest, please,” I breath out, trying to translate the Korean to Japanese.

          “The bullet was dipped in poison, in the off chance the headshot didn’t kill him in an instant,” Jungkook continues. “About ten seconds after he exited the shop, I sent the bullet speeding right for his head. It entered at the temple, and he was a bloodied corpse on the ground in the blink of an eye. He was cleaned up before I even started down the building.”

          “A success then,” Yoongi nods, not even a flicker of emotion crosses his face. “Maybe now the Red Wolves will learn their lesson.”

          “I highly doubt it,” I look up from the homework in my lap. “They never seem to understand that even being the biggest gang in Seoul doesn’t mean they can mess with the biggest mafia organization in the nation. They are beyond cocky, and I don’t think they get just how bulletproof we are.”

          “Just send her to them, Suga,” Hoseok speaks up. “She’ll set them straight.”

          “No, let them continue to be idiots,” I notice myself absentmindedly twirling my pencil in my hand. “It doesn’t matter to me if they keep losing men. I’m only concerned about the people living in this mansion.”

          “Priorities in check,” Jimin flashes a smile at me. “That’s very thoughtful and sweet of you, Bambi.”

          “Moving on,” Yoongi snaps to get the meeting back on track. “Taemin, if you could please tell us about the bar, and the recent activity from a certain somebody.”

          Taemin messes with his papers and clears his throat, “Of course. Well, the bar has been doing the best it has even been. School is back in session, so the kids are coming in for a little relaxing, and we will see another spike soon. It helps being the most popular bar in the city, and all the press that we get because of the people we work with.”

          “What about money not coming from the bar? How are we doing then?” I set my pencil down, looking up to see Taemin looking back at me. “Go on, tell me about the drug side of all of this.”

          Taemin Lee is more than a bartender for the mafia, he also handles all drug interactions and is basically an accountant. There’s not an expense that gets past his eyes. With all the money the group has, it shouldn’t be a huge deal, but he makes sure no one ever buys anything outrageous. Unless they have a good excuse to get away with the purchase.

          “The drug side has been doing good,” Taemin answers me. “We have been able to keep up with the demand from anyone wanting whatever. We also have enough for the mansion to take a hit as often as they’d like. Maybe you’d like to come down and try something one day.”

          I let a chuckle escape my lips, “If only Yoongi would let me. The only drugs I’ll be taking are prescribed.”

          “If you even thought about taking a hit of anything, you’d be locked in your room for the rest of your life,” Yoongi glares at me. “That is not the path for you.”

          “Taemin, please continue on your money talk, please,” I ignore my brother, nodding at the man to continue.

          Taemin curtly nods before diving back into accounting talk that I can’t follow.

          Taemin Lee comes from a very prestigious background. His father is the owner of one of the biggest accounting firms in Seoul, and it is only time before he takes over the business. For now, he takes care of us, and we let him live out his dream of mixing drinks in one of the best bars in the area.

          He’s a very cute boy; older than me by three years, and taller than me by the same amount as Jungkook. He stays fit by having to rush around at the bar when he works, and I know he gets some lessons from Jimin when he can.  His wide, dark brown eyes hold a shyness that he tries to overcome, and a past that he wishes wasn’t so out to the public. His hair is naturally black and straight, but I have seen him bleach it and try different hairstyles. He has high cheekbones with chubbier cheeks, full lips, a slightly defined jaw, and an adorable squished down nose. His naturally tan skin just makes him that much more handsome. Rumor is, he has a crush on a nurse, so he’s not on my radar at all.

          “I have noticed something in the recent weeks,” Taemin drags me back into the conversation with those simple words.

          I look up to see the boy chewing on his bottom lip.

          “What is it?” Yoongi leans forward in his seat.

          “There’s a man, late twenties I would say, that keeps coming in,” Taemin runs a hand through his hair. “He seems to be looking for something, or waiting for someone. Same time every night he comes in. I didn’t start noticing him until one of the hackers sent me a message. Now, I make sure that we have eyes on him the entire time he’s in the building.”

          “But, he hasn’t done anything yet?” I speak up. “Right now, all you know is he’s being weird?”

          “I don’t trust it,” Jungkook speaks up. “He has to be working for a rival gang. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the Red Wolves.”

          “We have to do something about it,” Sooyoung speaks up for the first time the entire meeting. “The bar isn’t just a place for the mafia to go have some fun. Innocent people go there every day. We can’t put their lives in danger.”

          “We can’t just kill the man, either,” I add in.

          “There’s not enough information at this time,” Yoongi takes charge of the meeting before it can get out of control. “We just need to keep watching him until we can determine who his is, and who he is working for. Only then will we take any kind of action.”

          “How are we going to figure those things out, though?” Jimin questions.

          Before anyone can answer, my phone starts playing “Cats in the Cradle” that I have set for my father’s ringtone.

          “Bambi, are you being serious?” Yoongi groans. “You couldn’t turn your fucking phone off for one meeting.”

          “It’s dad, asshole,” I snatch my phone out of my bookbag. “Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I’m going to take the call from your boss,” I annoyingly smirk, accepting the call as I stand up off the loveseat. “Hello daddy,” I chirp as I begin making me way out of his office.

          “Hello pumpkin,” Father replies, his voice deep from tiredness. “You sound happy today. Did you have a good day?”

          “After some amazing hot chocolate,” I open the office door, stepping out into the hallway. “Yoongi and I were just holding a meeting recapping a mission from early today.” The door shuts behind me, and I lean back against it.

          “Oh, I’m sorry I took you from that. Should I call you back later.”

          “No, don’t worry about it. I was doing homework at the same time, so it’s not like I was being that big of a help.”

          “Look at you. Being such a good student, leader, and daughter.”

          I smile, feeling my heart fill with pride. “Now, I know there’s a reason you called me. So, spill. How was your day?”

He lets out a deep breath, “Busy, boring, and tiring. I wish I was home with you and Yoongi.”

I giggle, “Well, of course. We are the best.”

“Yes, you are,” he chuckles me with. “Yes, you two are.”

-------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------ --------------------- -----------------------

          “So, how was your day, Bambi?” Yoongi asks as he sets up the target. “You didn’t come in with a scowl on your face, so I can only guess you didn’t see the bitches today.”

          I chuckle, picking up a knife from the table next to me. “I only caught sight of them as they made their way into the cafeteria. I was able to rush into the library before they could even think to call out to me. It’s nice to have Seokjin make me a packed lunch, and then know I don’t have to worry about eating with those fakes.”

          “I’ll never understand why dad thinks it’s such a big deal that you get along with them,” Yoongi begins making his way back over to me. “I mean, does it really matter to their fathers if their daughters get along with the daughter of the man they are doing business with. That shouldn’t affect business.”

          “It’s a social status thing, brother,” I let out an exasperated breath. “If those men that dad deals with found out that I was being a bitch to their daughters, it rubs off bad on him. I have to behave so they know he’s a good man. That he can teach his kid some simple manners.”

          “Thank god the only people I have to deal with are the ones in the mansion. I could never go around acting the way you do,” he gently pinches my cheek.

          I smile, stepping up to be directly in front of the target. “It’s a gift, really. I’m not sure why I don’t join the drama club, or try out for plays.” I send the knife in my hand flying down at the target, digging into the wooden target.

          “I can tell you why, you hate people,” Yoongi steps up next to me, sending a knife at the target without a second thought. “There’s no way you could be the center of attention like that. You like to be alone, without the worries of having to interact with other people.”

          “That’s very true,” I giggle, grabbing the knife that my brother is holding out to me. “I would rather be in my room, or out on my balcony, reading a book than acting on a stage. People judge way to easily, and way to fast.”

          “That’s why I just don’t give a shit about what people think about me,” Yoongi shrugs, sending two knifes barreling down at the target. “If people don’t like me for who I am, then fuck ‘em.”

           “You aren’t in a role that needs tons of people to like you for your personality, because they already like you for your looks,” I tease, pinching my brother’s cheek. “How could anyone hate you with a face like that?”

          “You have the same face,” Yoongi tickles my side to get me jumping away in an instant. “How can anyone love you with a face like that?”

          “Asshole,” I sneer at him.

          “Brat,” he cocks his eyebrow as he looks curiously at me.

          “Everyone at school loves you,” I sigh, looking down at the target full of knives. “I mean, they love both of us, but they love you for your looks, and I guess knowing you’ll be leader of the cover-up company. They love me for the money they think they can get from me by going shopping, or something.”

          “Too bad I hate all of them for being insensitive to my baby sister,” Yoongi coos, pressing a kiss to my cheek. “Have you had any boys come up to you asking for a date?”

          “I think they are all intimidated for some reason,” I shrug. “The only boys that talk to me are the ones here.”

          “Jimin really loves to talk to you,” he grumbles.

          “I would never date Chim. He’s your best friend. I would hope that he would know better than to do that.”

          “He would be dead before your first date.”

          I roll my eyes, “There’s no one on my radar, so stop being the over protective big brother. You have nothing to worry about.”

          “Just go get those knives, and then we can talk about something else,” Yoongi gives me a shove in the direction of the target.

          “I’m going,” I wave him off as I begin walking. “I’m going, geez.”

          It doesn’t take long for me to make it to the target and begin to wiggle the knives out of the wood and toss them onto the floor. I’ve been working with knives ever since I learned about the mafia, and it is probably my favorite weapon to use. You can throw them from a good distance, and if you just want to get someone in pain to get your point across, it is easy to do so with knives.

          I also love coming down into the basement to train with my brother. No matter what it is he wants to do. Yoongi and I are closer than any other siblings I know, and I intend to keep it that way.

          “Can you please hurry up?” Yoongi playfully groans.

          “Shut up,” I call back, deciding to try and pull two close knives out at once, and regretting it the second metal slices across my skin. “Fucking hell!” I hiss out.

          “What’s wrong?” Yoongi asks, a bit of concern dripping from his words.

          “I’ll be okay,” I choke out, looking to see the long, deep cut on my right forearm pouring out blood.

          “Areum, is that blood?” Yoongi’s voice is full of panic as he rushes up to me. “How did that happen? Why weren’t you being careful? Does it hurt?”

          “It is a deep cut, Yoongi,” I push out through clenched teeth. “Of course, it fucking hurts. I thought I could get two knives out at once, but one slipped, and got me.”

          “You are so stupid sometimes. You can’t hurt yourself like this. You have to stay safe.”

          “I need a damn doctor,” I make a fist to try and get my mind off the pain.

          “Yes, we need to get you to Minho, or Boram,” Yoongi is rushing around, looking for something to try and stop my bleeding, probably. “That is going to need stitches, and that’s going to hurt, but I’ll be right by your side to hold your hand, and talk to you to keep your mind off it.” He comes back with a few towels, quickly tying one tightly around my upper arm. “You’re usually so good with knives, how could you slip up like this?”

          “Can you please take a deep breath and shut up?” I groan as he presses a towel directly on the cut.

          “Sorry,” he grimaces as my face contorts in pain. “Come on, we need to get down to the hospital wing now.”

          “Lead the way, if you will, please,” I try my best to give my brother a smile.

          The only thing on my mind as we rush through the halls to the hospital wing is pain. Black dots flicker across my vision as I do my best to power through the intense burning in my arm. Memories of another time where someone else was cut flashes in my mind, but it’s been so repressed that I can’t make heads or tails of what I am seeing.

          “I need a doctor right now!” Yoongi shouts as we burst into the doctor’s office area. “This is an emergency!”

          “What’s going on?!” A higher pitched girl’s voice shockingly calls out as she bursts out of her office. “Areum, are you bleeding?!”

          “Hi Boram,” I weakly smile, giving her a small wave with my uninjured arm. “Just had a little slip up when training.”

          “It was a huge slip up,” Yoongi scolds. “You should have taken your time.”

          “You said to hurry up,” I glare at my brother.

          “Follow me, I need to get to work on that right away,” Boram grabs her lab coat off a rack before rushing down the hallway.

          Boram Choi is the head nurse of Bangtan, and the younger sister of the head doctor. As one of the only girls I enjoy interacting with, it’s makes me feel a bit better that she is the one who is going to be fixing me up.

          It’s usually hard to find doctors and nurses to work for a group of organized crime, but the Choi siblings didn’t seem to care about that fact. They accepted the job knowing that they would be able to use their skills to help people almost every day. It also helped others want to work for Bangtan because of how well known the two are.

          “Up onto the table,” Boram pats the examination table, rushing over to wash her hands in the sink. “Yoongi, please pull the towel off the wound, gently.”

          Yoongi helps me up onto the examination table, my legs beginning to go weak from the blood loss. “Everything is going to be okay, little one. Just trust your brother on this one.”

          I tenderly smile at the use of the nickname he only uses when he’s super nervous. “I know, Yoongi. I trust Boo will fix me up. No problem.”

          Boram gathers up all she’ll need to stitch me up, a soft smile on her face. “Of course, that is my job.”

          I wince as Yoongi pulls the blood-soaked towel off my arm, and then a wet cloth begins cleaning up the area.

          “Try to think of something else while I stitch you up,” Boram sterilizes the needle she’s going to use on my arm. “Don’t let the pain overpower you. Have Yoongi talk to you if you need to.”

          “Just get on with it,” I choke out, just wanting to have the wound fixed up as soon as possible.

          “I am going to be right here the entire time,” Yoongi grabs my free hand. “Don’t worry about anything.”

          As Boram begins the stitching process, I somehow withdraw into my thoughts and feel only a pinching in my arm.

          The Choi siblings joined Bangtan just a few years ago now. Both already famous in the medical field thanks to their parents; even if they were both right out of university. They transformed our ragtag medical area into a proper hospital wing with true order.

          For as little as Boram is, standing at 157 centimeters, she can be a very commanding figure when she needs to be, and knows her way around a hospital like no other.

          Her height helps her stand out, but not as much as her long, pink hair. She’s like a healing fairy, with her hair pulled up onto the top of her head in two buns. Her eyes are purple today, thanks to her colored contacts. The only time you can see her natural grey eyes are right when she wakes up. She has a sort of squished circle for a face shape; high cheek bones with chubby cheeks make her adorable beyond words. A button nose fits perfectly on her face, full lips, perfect eyebrows, a jaw that gives her round face a bit of a square look, and a big smile to show off her beautiful teeth. Sometimes I forget she’s older than me by two years because of her looks.

          “Done,” Boram’s voice rings throughout my thoughts, bringing me back to reality. “Thank goodness I was born with small, nimble hands,”

          “Great work,” Yoongi lets go of my hand, taking a step away from the examination table. “That was way quicker than I thought it would be.”

          “Now you can chill out,” I speak up, noticing how dry my throat is. “I was never in any real danger.”

          “You never know. Next time, be more careful.”

          “Whatever,” I look down at my stitched-up arm just as Boram wraps some gauze around it. “Thanks for caring so much.”

          “That’s what brothers are supposed to do,” a different male’s voice than my brothers speak up. “Protect their little sisters.”

          I look up to see the other half of the Choi sibling that has been missing: Minho.

          “Hey Doc,” Yoongi crosses his arms over his chest.

          “Yoongi,” Minho smiles that heartwarming smile of his. “What did Areum do this time?”

          “Come on, I don’t hurt myself that much,” I whine.

          “She cut herself with a knife while we were training,” Yoongi explains. “Boram just finished stitching her up.”

          “Areum is the best patient, and didn’t seem to be in any pain once I started stitching up the wound,” Boram adds in.

          I sigh, “That’s because you are the best nurse I could ask for. Can you prescribe some painkillers, though?”

          “Good thing it isn’t on your dominate arm,” Minho comments. “There’s always a bright side in these kinds of situations.”

          Minho is two years older than his sister, and a bit taller than her at 180 centimeters. He has a boxy oval face, and a squarer jawline than his sister. His eyes are a warm brown, and he’s one of the only guys that doesn’t dye his hair a different color, keeping with his naturally wavy, dark brown hair. His lips are full like his sisters, a slightly pushed down nose, smooth cheeks, and thick eyelashes. Just because he’s a doctor doesn’t mean he neglects being in the best shape he can be in; he’s on par with Jimin and Hoseok.

          “Well, Bambi, I think we should get you to your room to rest,” Yoongi holds his hand out for me.

          I place my hand in my brother’s, using it to maneuver off the examination table. “That sounds lovely.”

          “Next time I see you, Areum, I hope I don’t have to fix you up,” Boram hands me a bottle of painkillers.

          “I make no promises,” I smirk.

          “I do,” Yoongi pulls me close.

          “Ah, protective older brother,” Minho chuckles. “Such a heartwarming sight to see.”

          I try to keep the smile off my face, but fail, deciding to keep my thoughts of my sweet brother inside my head this time.

-------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------ --------------------- -----------------------

          I gently run a finger over my bandaged, slightly over three inches, stitch. The craftmanship of Boram not only will ensure a speedy recovery, but it also means I barely have any pain. The latter means a lot to me when I have to rush around the university campus, and people don’t give two shits about bumping into one another.

          As they almost always do, the fakes found me before I could escape to the library, and I was forced to sit with them in the cafeteria. It’s one thing to lie to their faces by pretending I am a cheerful girl that loves their company, but having to lie about how I have a bandage on the entirety of my right forearm was a trick. I couldn’t say I cut myself while training for mafia fights, as the mafia is a secret and they can’t know I have skill with knives. They also would never believe that I know how to fight. I’m always dressing up to fit into their preppy cliché.

          In the end, I decided to tell them that I was trying to help an injured cat, and it panicked and scratched up my arm. The fakes didn’t doubt me for a second, and praised me for trying to help an animal in need. Even though, that’s more a thing that Boram would do than I ever would. Snow is the only animal I need to worry about in my life.

          Today isn’t too bad of a day, however, as father is coming home either late tonight or tomorrow morning. Then Yoongi and I can take a step back from leading, and go back to focusing on our personal ventures. It’s been a bit stressful balancing school, personal time, and leading over Bangtan.

          I like being leader with my brother, though. Even if it makes me go a bit crazy because I am still in school. Bossing people around, being in meetings to hear of missions, and knowing that my father trusts his kids enough to take over the family business makes me feel like my life is finally going in the right direction.

          “Now, if anyone can give me some examples from the text to defend the question I have written on the board,” the literature professor pulls me out of my thoughts. “You don’t have to give me a page number if you just-”

          A loud knock on the door cuts the professor off, and shuts down the few people whispering.

          The professor walks over to the door, opening it so the person on the other side can come in. “Oh, Nurse Jenny, what brings you to our classroom?”

          Nurse Jenny, a middle-aged woman that is beyond sweet every time I pass her in the halls, gives a small smile. “I just need to talk to you for a moment, sir.”

          “Students, start answering the question on the board while I talk to Nurse Jenny,” the professor waves at us to get to work.

          I sigh, picking up my pencil and reading the question written on the board.

          It’s not uncommon for a nurse to come into a classroom unannounced. They are the information bearers of the school, knowing every little thing that is going on in the city. If a building caught fire, or an elementary school is being let out early, or the subway is down for some reason, they will come inform classes so people can plan the rest of their days.

          It annoys me a smidge, because now I have to pay attention to what the professor is teaching. Having to answer lecture questions pisses me off because kids don’t even have to have read the book to put in an opinion on a broad question.

          “Areum Min,” Nurse Jenny’s voice breaks me from writing out a response.

          I slowly look up, feeling my stomach plummet to my toes at the sadness breaking through the nurse’s bad façade. “Am I doing something wrong?” I widen my eyes to give off an innocent aura.

          “If you could please gather up your things, and come out into the hallway with me,” the nurse steps over to be at the door.

          All eyes are trained on me as I do my best to calmly put away my school items. People seem to be whispering all around me, but I can’t hear anything they are say. My brain going into overdrive at what this nurse could possibly need to tell me.

          Did Yoongi get hurt somehow? Is Namjoon not able to pick me up today? Did a fire break out at the mansion? Does the school know about my arm and want to check the bandages? The list of possibilities is endless, and most of them make my heart stop.

          Somehow, I get all my school items into my backpack, and the next thing I know I am making my way down the classroom. It doesn’t feel like I am in control of my legs. The news that the nurse holds for me makes it feel like I am having an out-of-body experience.

          “It’s nice to see you, dear,” Nurse Jenny gives a tight-lipped smile, opening the door for me. “Thank you, sir, and sorry for interrupting class,” she directs at the professor.

          “No worries,” the professor waves her off. “Areum, don’t worry about the questions, just keep reading the book.”

          I nod, finding myself unable to talk.

          Nurse Jenny nudges me out the door, following me a few meters down from the classroom. She takes a deep breath, letting the door close so we can have some privacy. “It’s not often I have to come give news to a single student.”

          “Is my brother okay?” I blurt out before I can think of stopping myself.

          The nurse tenderly smiles, “You brother is fine. It’s another family member that I am here to tell you about. Someone should be here soon to take you to the hospital.”

          I feel my heart clench, legs wobble, and throat close in fear.

          “Areum, your father has been in a terrible car accident. Sweetheart, I am so sorry.”

          I crumple onto the floor as a sob rips through me. My backpack sliding away from me as I can’t seem to control my arms. The worst scenario I could think of has just slipped past the lips of an innocent woman.

-------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------ --------------------- -----------------------

This is the chapter I have been waiting for to get out to you guys. I really hope you all like it! Please let me know what you think of this, turning point, of sorts. Relationships of all kinds being developed. The plot is finally coming together, and I hope you are all ready for what is to come!

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