Cuddle Games

Milly and Anu have just moved to LA. As they start settling in their new neighbours decide to welcome them in. Little did they know moving to LA would bring boys, fights, sleeping and a whole lot of cuddling.


1. Introduction


Milly’s POV

“Well this is it. Home sweet home”. My best friend Anu said

“Finally”. I sighed as I plopped down onto the couch.

Whoops I forgot to introduce myself. Hi I’m Milly, well that’s what I go by. Let’s see I’m weird and that’s about it. Thanks for keeping up the me. Bye!! Just kidding ;) My best friend Anu and I both moved to LA together in our own apartment. And to be honest neither of us know what we want to do now that we are here, but all we know is that, the adventure we will have involves boys, work, sleeping and a whole lot of cuddling, which is just the way I like it :)

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