Cuddle Games

Milly and Anu have just moved to LA. As they start settling in their new neighbours decide to welcome them in. Little did they know moving to LA would bring boys, fights, sleeping and a whole lot of cuddling.


5. Chapter 4 Next day part 2

Chapter 4 Next day part 2

Harry’s POV

I felt someone jumping onto my bed.

“HARRY WAKE THE HELL UP!” An Irish accent yelled

“Get off of my You Irish leprechaun!” I said in a half sleepy yelly tone.

I push Niall onto the ground. “Let me sleep”.

I pulled the sheets over my pounding head.

“C’mon buddy go get us coffee”. Niall said

“Fine okay I’ll do it”. I say

I get out of bed, change then head to Starbucks. As I’m waiting for my orders I realise that Anu was standing in front of me. I tap her shoulder and she turns around.

“Harry how are you?” She asks

She too gorgeous.

“I’m good but I have a major hangover”. I respond

“You poor thing. Why aren’t you resting?” She asks again

“Well I was when Niall came in a jumped on me telling me to get coffee”. I explain

“Oh cool”. Anu says

We awkwardly stand in silence for a couple a seconds, with only the background chatter filling our ears.

“So maybe we can hang out sometime, you know you and me”. I suggest

“Yeah totally”. She say as her name gets called out. “Well I’ll see you soon”.

“Yeah see you”. I say

~later in the day~

I was sitting in my room trying to figure out what to do with Anu. Then my brain finally sparked. Sure it was going to be expensive but hey it’ll be fun.

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