Cuddle Games

Milly and Anu have just moved to LA. As they start settling in their new neighbours decide to welcome them in. Little did they know moving to LA would bring boys, fights, sleeping and a whole lot of cuddling.


4. Chapter 3 Next day part 1

Chapter 3 Next Day part 1

Anu’s POV

I woke up and checked my phone. I had a couple of texts from Milly that says

Milly: Hey hun, I made you breakfast just make sure you heat it up.

I’ll be out for a while looking at things for my room.

And I’ll probably be looking around for a job too <3

I walk slowly into the kitchen and heat up my breakfast. Later on in the day Milly still wasn’t home so I checked the time 1:25 pm. I decide that I’m tired and I need to get of the apartment so I walk to Starbucks. I wait in line, tell the server my order then wait. I’m looking down at my phon when someone taps my shoulder. I look up to see Harry.

“Harry how are you?” I ask

“I’m good but I have a major hangover”. He responds

“You poor thing. Why aren’t you resting?” I asking again

“Well I was when Niall came in a jumped on me telling me to get coffee”. He explained

“Oh cool”. I say

We awkwardly stand in silence for a couple a seconds, with only the background chatter filling our ears.

“So maybe we can hang out sometime, you know you and me”. He suggests

“Yeah totally”. I say as my name gets called out. “Well I’ll see you soon”.

“Yeah see you”. He says

~later in the day~

I’m sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram when the front door opens.

“Honey I’m home”. Milly says

I laugh.

“Hello weirdo”. I say

“How was your day?” She asks as she sits down next to me.

“Ehh nothing much really happened. I went to Starbucks and saw Harry there”. I respond.

“Oooh did you talk to him?” She asks again.

“Yeah and he wants to hang out sometime”. I say.

“Ooh you and him, alone”. She winks

“You prev”. I say, then lightly shove her.

“What it’s human nature oh and I think I may have found ourselves a job”. She says

“Ooh tell me more”. I urge her

“Well this big company is looking for two new people so what we have to do is submit an original picture and they could pic us”. She explains

“Cool, when do we get started?” I ask

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