Cuddle Games

Milly and Anu have just moved to LA. As they start settling in their new neighbours decide to welcome them in. Little did they know moving to LA would bring boys, fights, sleeping and a whole lot of cuddling.


3. Chapter 2 Meeting the Neighbours

 Chapter 2 Meeting the Neighbours

Milly's POV

"Who's that?" I asked 

"I don't know". Anu said 

I walked over to the front door. I opened the door to see 6 of my favourite boys. 

"Hey welcome". Liam said 

"Thank you. I'm Milly and my best friend is Anu". I say

"May we come in please?" Harry asks 

"Yes please boys". Anu said 

I jumped.

"What the hell? You scared me Where did you come from?" I asked 

"The kitchen, where else". She laughs 

We all sat down on the couch, ate snack and drank soft drink.

"Shall we get the wine out?" I asked 

"Yeah, why not". Niall said 

"Go get it you lazy lady". Anu joked 

"Fine miss". I joke back 

I grab the wine out the fridge and grab some glasses from the cabinet. I give the wine glass to Niall, Anu and myself. I pour the wine into the glasses. I sit down next to Cole. Cole wraps his arm around me, like a scene from a bad teen movie. When the guy is 'tired and 'yawns'. Anu raises her eyebrow and winks at me. I just look away and blush. The boys decide to head back home as half of the boys are pretty drunk to say the least.

'Fanks for the stuff Sally, it was great". Louis hiccups 

 I laughed.

"No worries". I say giggling 

3/6 of the boys were being carried. The other 3/6s has to drag out the others.

"Nice one Sally". Anu jokes 

"Hey, I brought out the wine you brought out everything else and besides your hot crush Mr Styles called you Brenda". I say

"Okay fair enough". She says 

We both headed to our rooms to sleep after a very weird arrival in LA.

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