Cuddle Games

Milly and Anu have just moved to LA. As they start settling in their new neighbours decide to welcome them in. Little did they know moving to LA would bring boys, fights, sleeping and a whole lot of cuddling.


2. Chapter 1 LA

Chapter 1 LA

Milly’s POV

6 months ago......

Anu: Hey girl

Me: Hey bub

What’s up?

Anu: Nothing much

Me: Okay, same

So when are we planning on moving?

Anu: idk yet hopefully soon

Me: Yeah, just think la and we’ll be moving in together!!


Can’t wait <3


“I’m glad we bought this house furnished”. I say in relief

“Me too, hey we need to go out an buy food”. Anu says

“Oh right, well when should we go?” I ask

“I don’t know”. She responds

“Later I’m way too jet lagged”. I say

I lay down on the couch then open me arms and say to Anu

“Come cuddle with me. Maybe we could fall asleep and dream of hot boys”.

She giggles but hops in my arms anyway. We both fall asleep, until I’m woken up by the door shutting. I wake up and rub my sleepy eyes. I see Anu walking across the living room, into the hallway and moves to the kitchen.

“Where did you go?” I ask sleepily

“The store to buy food”. She responds

“You legend ”. I laugh

Anu laughs along too, I give her a hug until there is a knock on the door

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