Life, Love, War *A Harry/Ginny Fanfiction*

After the Second Wizarding War, Harry goes abroad to help wizards who were negatively affected by Voldemort. But when he gets back, the people he loves are doing the same. Is the Dark Side actually gone? And will love be able to flourish through the pain?


5. Found You

Harry's POV:

     Harry woke up after being hit with the Cruciatus Curse and a fist multiple times. After the fifth round he had passed out.

     Luckily, he was alone in the basement at the moment. As Harry stood up and stretched he thought about Ginny. The Death Eater had told him that Ginny had been left  by the pond after taking the Sectumsempra Curse for him. Harry hoped with all his heart that someone had found Ginny before she lost too much blood. He wondered if they had already given up and thought he was dead.

     Harry heard someone coming downstairs and steeled himself for another session with the Death Eater. He hadn't given any information away yet but anything could happen.

     But it wasn't a Death Eater coming downstairs. (Well it was but just not the one he was expecting.) It was Draco Malfoy carrying a bowl of food.

     "Malfoy? What are you doing here?" Harry asked in astonishment.

     "It is my house," Malfoy sneered, "Shut up and take the food. I'm sorry you're in this position but there's nothing I can do. My whole family had given up being Death Eaters after the Battle, but then my mother was kidnapped. They said of we let them use the house they would let her go." He began to walk away.

     "Malfoy! Please. There's got to be something--"

     "Look Potter,  my situation is just as awful as yours! If I help you in any way they'll kill my mum."

     "Who's they?"

     "The left over Death Eaters. Now shut up or they will g err suspicious." Malloy went back upstairs.

     Harry thought about this new change in his situation as he ate.

     If I could just turn Malfoy...

Ginny's POV:

     "Hermione, we've got to go now!"

     "Ginny I know you're worried but we have to plan it out! If we don't we'll all be captured as well! And you're still healing!" When Ginny didn't answer Hermione lost her temper. "Look I know you care about him but take it from someone who's actually been there for him."

     Hermione cringed immediately at her words. "Ginny I'm sorry I didn't mean--" 

     "Yes. Yes you did." Ginny said coldly, "I know I wasn't there for Harry as much as you and Ron were but I've tried to be. Do you want to know how I've been feeling ever since we lost Harry? Like someone's been using the Cruciatus Curse on my heart a hundred times over. I can't lose him Hermione, I just can't."

     Fuming, Ginny stomped up to her room and slammed the door shut.

     Didn't they understand? Harry could be dead, or worse. The Death Eaters could be torturing him or making him use Dark magic. Ginny decided then and there that she wasn't going to wait around for a plan. She was going to get Harry out herself. 

     She went to Charlie's room and dug through Harry's bags. After a while she found his Invisibility Cloak. Perfect. Ginny wrote a note to Hermione. Now she was set.

     Ginny took a deep breath and apparated just outside of Malfoy Manor so she could put on the Cloak.

     "But how do I get in?" Ginny muttered to herself. There are probably spells all over the place! Hmm... So I'll go under!

     Ginny hurried around the edge of the gate looking for a weak spot. There! A good spot with bushes to hide the hole.

Ginny dug out a hole with her wand and crawled through. When she was at the other side Ginny sprinted toward the house.

     From what Hermione told me about their adventures, I'd guess Harry's being kept in the basement.

Ginny found a window low to the ground and removed it from its panel. Then she slipped in.

     When her eyes adjusted to the lack of light, the first thing she noticed was someone lying next to an empty bowl on the floor.

     Ginny ran over. "Harry?" she whispered shaking him, "Please tell me you're ok."  

     Harry's eyes shot open and he scrambled away from her.

     Hurt, Ginny reached out a hand. "Harry, it's me. I'm here to rescue you."

     Harry still didn't come over and he narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "How do I know you are aren't a Death Eater in disguise? Tell me something only Ginny would know."

     Ginny thought for a moment. "For your birthday I kissed you and then Ron barged in and interrupted us."

     Harry ran over and hugged her. "Ginny it is you!" Then he let go. "You've got to get out of here! They'll torture you like they did me!"

     "Harry--" Ginny began.

A deep voice interrupted her. "He's not wrong you know." The Death Eater from the pond stepped out of the shadows. "Gotcha."

     "You." Ginny snarled, "Petrificus--"

     "I don't think so dear." Another Death Eater appeared and put his wand  to Harry's head. "Unless you want your boyfriend to die, I suggest you set down your wand and the clever little cloak. Now."

     "Ginny don't!" Harry warned, "I'm not worth it! Get out of here!" 

     "Shut up Potter! Now Ginny, give me your wand, or he dies!"

     Ginny hesitated, but then handed over the Cloak and her wand. "I'm sorry Harry I can't lose you again."

     "Good. We'll be back soon for another round. Potter knows what to expect." The Death Eaters left, locking them in, repairing and baring the windows.

     When they left Ginny looked at Harry. "I'm sorry Harry. This is all my fault. I should have thought it through. Of course there would be guards. Hermione was right. We needed a plan."

     "Ginny there's no way this is your fault. Death Eaters use our emotions to their advantage. But never mind all that. Ginny are you ok? The Death Eater told me that he hit you with the Sectumsempra Curse," Harry worried.

     "Harry I'm fine. I just had to help up a bit. What did he mean another round?"

     Harry gripped her hands. "They'll torture each of us in turn to try and make someone talk."

     Ginny stared at him. "So I have to listen them torture?"

     "Yes. And vise versa."

     They could hear someone coming downstairs. "Ginny you can't tell them anything. No matter what happens to me. Promise me." Harry begged.

     "I--" Ginny hesitated, "Harry--"

     "No Ginny promise me!"

     "I promise." There was a pause where they looked at each other.

     "Why did you take that curse for me Ginny?" The door was wrenched open and Harry was dragged up the stairs.

     Ginny yelled after him, "Because I love--" The door slammed shut. "--you."

     A few minutes later, Harry's yells filled the chamber. Ginny slid down the wall and began to cry.

Harry's POV:

     "Where is the Dark Lord's body buried?"

     "Who cares?"

     "I do. Crucio!"

     After an hour or so, Harry was taken back down to the basement.

     "Harry! Oh Harry, there's blood on your face."

     "Ginny I'm fine," he whispered, "I'm sorry you have to do this."

     "Harry this isn't your fault. There's no possible way it could be!" Ginny reassured him.

     Loud footsteps pounded down the stairs. "Harry I'll be strong I promise. I won't have give anything away."

     "Yeah but I don't know if I can be, having to listen to you." The door opened and Ginny was pulled out. "Ginny--" The door closed.

     A few moments later, Ginny screamed. "Ginny..." Harry sobbed.

Ginny's POV:

     Be strong, Ginny. Be strong.

     "Hello dear. Let's have a little chat shall we?" Ginny glared at the Death Eater and didn't grant him an answer. "Did you enjoy listening to Harry's talk with me? I tried to make sure you did." When Ginny didn't answer he continued. "Now, to business. What is the current home of Minerva McGonagall?" 

     "I don't know, why don't you ask her?"

     The Death Eater sighed. "As troublesome as your boyfriend. Ah well. Lessons must be learned! Crucio!" 

     Ginny twisted in pain, falling to the floor screaming.

*2 hours later*

     Ginny fell panting onto the floor, tears on her face. Every part of her hurt.

     "Ginny sit up and let me wipe the blood off you. This is gonna sting."

     Ginny winced and bit her tounge as Harry began wiping her face with a wet cloth. "For a group that wants to get rid of muggles, they sure enjoy using muggle torture methods," she remarked dryly.

     Ginny examined Harry's face as he wiped off her hands. He had grown some stubble in his time here.

     "Ginny," he said suddenly, "How did you know where I was?"

     Ginny thought that over for a second. "I could just feel it," She said slowly, "Like you were there whispering in my ear." She looked up  and saw Harry staring at her. "I've got a question for you now. What did you want to tell me before we were interrupted by Death Eaters?"

     Harry sighed. "I wanted--I mean I needed to tell you that I still love you. And that I was sorry and still am that I left you. I know I broke your heart. I just wanted to keep you safe. If you don't feel that same way that's ok. I have another question for you though. Why did you save me from that curse?"

     Ginny looked deep into Harry's green eyes. "Because I love you and always have. I've never given up on you." And before he could say anything else she leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. 

     Harry deepened the kiss and put his hands on Ginny's  back. Ginny forgot where she was. All that mattered was Harry. But when his hand brushed against her ribs, Ginny's whole torso exploded in pain. 

*I'm not done with this chapter. I just thought you might want some more. I will try and add to this chapter and another one tomorrow.*



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