Just like a dream

This story is a little different from other stories, It all starts with one girl named Bae Su-JI (but most people call her by her American name Suzy). Suzy was studying in the united states for over two years ,but it was time for her to go back home, to south Korea . Suzy always had a dream to become a musician and to be loved by everyone ,that's why her mom decided to let her go to a music school in soul. You would be mistaken if you though it was just any music school, it was a school not only with music students but with actual Kpop idol's going to the school. What would you do if you had a chance to become a Kpop idol and maybe have a romance with a Kpop Idol.


1. New endings , New biginnings

       Hello my name is Bae Su-JI but most people call me by my American name Suzy I am 17 years old .About two years ago my mom told me that a needed to go study in the united states just for a few years because she said that it would be good for college. In Korea studying can get you to many places and its hard sometimes to go to a good college because everyone is fighting for that one open spot. If you don't have good grades than your family better have a lot of money to get you somewhere , as for me money is not the problem is my grades ,but I don't give it a lot of interest since I have other dreams ,but is my mom who wishes for me to become a doctor or even to run my dad's company someday. I'm like a fox that is being hunted and can't escape, I have nowhere to run but to stay put and do what my parents want .Its not like they ever asked me so why should I tell them what my dream is . suzy -"mom I'm home'', song ji - '' come sit down I have to talk to you '' ,suzy - '' what's wrong''  song ji - '' honey me and your father have been talking ...and we want you to go study abroad '' . Suzy - '' what !!  I .... can't I just won't what will I do? , song ji - '' don't worry honey it's not so bad as you think , many kids are doing it this days and its great for your. just imagine the great time you can have and even learn a new language !''. suzy - '' but ... I don't want to leave you '' song ji- '' listen suzy , me and your dad have work so hard to get your grades up and let me be real with you right now , first you don't get good grades and if you don't go and study abroad to learn over there and get that good look on you , you wont go to a good college  not everything is about grades either . Suzy - '' but ......".Song ji- '' No buts you will go and study abroad for two years than your coming back okay end of the discussion , oh and I forgot you will be going to the united states'' . Suzy - '' ...... I guess I have no other choice.. than to go''. Not so long after that and I soon find myself going in a plane to go to the united states I felt scared of course I was just 15 years old . a little girl going to a big country alone .Deep down I felt hate even though I knew that what my parents made me do was somehow for a good reason . The two years in America was not so bad but I didn't like it , I missed my parents and my friends I felt lonely most of the time , even if a face timed my parents and my friends.      TWO YEARS LATER  . Ring Ring . Suzy - '' Eomma (mom) I can't wait to see you and my dad how have you been'' , song ji -'' suzy honey we are excited to , we are good , we are getting ready to transfer you to a good school here in soul ''  Suzy - '' that's ..... good Eomma I have something to tell you '' song ji - '' what is it honey ?'' suzy - '' my dream is to be a musician mom'' . Song ji -'' ........ why .... why have you never mention this before ?'' suzy -'' what was the point on mentioning it before you and dad never even asked me what I wanted to do with my life , what my dream was '' song ji -'' ... .. .. I see , I'm sorry  I never paid attention to what you wanted to do , or even asked you what you wanted to do with your life '' suzy-'' I don't hate you for that but it did made me sad I couldn't take it anymore and I finally told you please mom I'm begging you please let me go to a music school ''' song ji - '' ... okay but only with one condition , that you get your grades up ''. Suzy -'' yes mom !! thank you I cant wait to see you tomorrow love you and make me some Gimbap( a Korean dish made from cooked rice and other ingredients) jeje I would love to eat that when I get home '' song ji - '' always for you haha love you take care see you tomorrow'' . The next day . as I wake up I'm excited I pot on a nice outfit that makes me look cool ( I think it dose haha )  as I get ready I start to think about the school that I'm going to go what's the school name?, what type of students am I going to meet ? .I'm excited but at the same time and a little scared. Finally I arrived to Incheon international airport located in soul. as I get of the plane I'm a little sweaty I start to fix my self  , from a far distance I spot my mom, dad and my nanny yin. They spot me and they all wave at me I walk as fast as I can with a big smile .    




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