In Transit || Harry Styles AU

When Mason meets a mysterious guy at a club and goes home with him, she doesn’t ever expect to see him again. But when their paths cross again two years later, they both instantly feel the undeniable force between them. Mason is desperate to forget the demons of her past, while Harry lives a life fighting off his own. But after a life-changing revelation, he is determined to free them once and for all, and hopes he can help Mason in the same way she has helped him.


6. Six

February 2018


Mason was standing in line at a McDonald’s in Little Rock when her phone rang in her pocket. It was the first time it rang since they left New York – which was really not that uncommon since she didn’t have many friends or family left. Halfway through the first day, Harry had to shut off his phone because Casey called so many times – which also was not that uncommon.

“Hello?” Mason breathed into the receiver after seeing it was someone calling from the café. She figured it was her boss, so she answered right away.

“Mason?” She heard April’s voice on the other end of the line.

“April?” Mason questioned right back.

“What is going on?” She asked immediately.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Mason asked, looking around for Harry, but he was still in the bathroom.

“I came into work today and Janice asked me if I would take some of your shifts over the next week because apparently you took an emergency leave of absence. What is going on, Mason?” April asked quickly.

“I just needed to… take some time…” Mason said quietly, being vague on purpose.

“What does that mean?” She asked sounding pushy, but Mason figured it must be what it was like to have someone care about her.

“I don’t know,” Mason breathed, shrugging her shoulders, her eyes scanning the crowd of people in front of her.

“Everyone is just disappearing,” April scoffed into the receiver.

“What do you mean?” Mason asked quietly.

“Well, Casey is literally freaking out because she hasn’t been able to get ahold of Harry in like two days,” April told her, changing the subject, not bothering to ask for elaboration on why she could possibly need time off.

“Hey, Mase. Have you ordered yet?” Harry asked as he came up beside her.

Mason looked at him with wide eyes and shook her head slowly, pointing at the phone on her ear. His mouth dropped into an ‘O’ as his eyes widened too. 

“What the hell? Is that Harry with you?” April spat. God damn Harry for having such a deep, unique voice.

“What?” Mason choked out, trying to figure out a way to deny it, but she was never really good at things like that.

“I just heard Harry. Are you with him, Mason?” April pressed on.

“I can’t really explain right now, April,” Mason breathed into the receiver.

“What the hell are you doing with Harry!?” She started to freak out. All Mason could do was stay silent because she was literally the worst person to explain anything. It wasn’t her place. This was Harry’s trip.

“Where are you!?” She asked quickly.

“Little Rock,” Mason said quietly and watched as Harry sighed, shaking his head. She felt bad immediately for telling April, but she was a terrible liar when she was put on the spot.

“ARKANSAS!?” She bellowed into the phone.

“Yeah,” Mason answered, nodding her head lightly.

“What—how—do you two even know each other? What is going on?” She pressed, sounding so confused.

“It’s complicated,” Mason said truthfully.

“Well, un-complicate it. Because my best friend is freaking out because her boyfriend is MIA and it turns out, for some reason, he has gone off the grid with you. Please, tell me what is going on,” April snapped, her voice getting shriller and shriller as she spoke.

“Harry and I met a long time ago – long before you and I became friends, long before he even started dating Casey. We have a complicated… friendship,” Mason admitted, and noticed Harry standing to the side of her waving his hands through the air to get her to stop talking.

“You… know each other?” April questioned. Mason’s whole stomach was tied in knots and it made her want to vomit.

“April, I can’t talk. I have to go,” Mason told her quickly as she looked back up to see Harry staring at her wide-eyed and impatiently.

“No, Mason! NO!” She heard April shout as she pulled the phone away from her ear and ended the phone call.

“What the hell, Mason?” Harry sighed.

“I-I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say. I’m not good at this!” Mason told him, waving her phone at him as it started ringing with another call from April.

“Decline it!” He said quickly. Mason did almost immediately.

Gahhh,” she growled.

“Well, I guess there’s not a lot we can do about it now,” he said with a sigh.

“I’m sorry,” she told him, feeling utterly terrible.

“It’s fine. Why don’t you get us our food and meet me in the car?” Harry offered, digging his hands into his pockets, looking unbelievably stressed.

“Okay,” she said quietly, feeling as if she made a huge mistake and really messed things up. 

They ate in silence as Harry drove. If things were tight-lipped between them before, then she didn’t even know how to describe it now. She felt all alone as she sat next to him.

They stopped at a hotel in Dallas, Texas just as the sun was setting, casting hues of orange and pink as far as the eye could see. It was rather beautiful, but all Mason could feel was melancholy over their situation. Harry wasn’t saying much and she took it as a sign that he was mad at her, and it made her feel ten times worse.

After she brought her bag into the hotel room and noticed how Harry didn’t follow her in, she went out to look for him. She found him sitting on the parking block right behind the car, smoking a joint, in typical Harry fashion.

“Hey,” he said, coughing out a mouthful of smoke as he saw her approach.

“Hey,” she said quietly.

“Want some?” He offered, holding up the joint.

“Sure,” she said, grabbing it from his fingers as she sat down next to him. She took a hit off it before handing it back.

They were still pretty quiet with one another as they sat smoking. She didn’t know what to say to him. She never really did anymore – or ever. They were both shut off to the outside world, having to shut off their cell phones after Mason received a heated message from Casey wondering why the hell she was with her boyfriend. She felt like she was causing a bigger mess in Harry’s life, when all she wanted to do was help him.

“Do you ever think that maybe someday we might not be sad anymore – that we might just give up on being the way that we are?” Harry asked as he looked out onto the horizon.

Just give up? Mason didn’t know if it was that easy. Her kind of giving up was a lot closer to death than it ever was to living a full life. 

“I mean, I’ve spent almost my whole life feeling sad. When is it my turn to feel happy and wanted and loved? When is it our turn?” Harry asked, turning his head to look at Mason, his eyes red from the pot he just smoked.

Mason’s head swirled with his questions. This road trip was bringing out a side of him she had never seen and she was certain it had more to do with finding out his true identity than anything. Could Harry be fixed? Would it be that easy for him?

“I don’t know,” she managed to croak.

“I’d like to be happy someday,” he said, sounding hopeful, looking out across the horizon as the sun dipped almost completely behind it.

“I’ve always wondered if happy is actually a reality. I mean, I—maybe when we were kids it was easier to imagine a life where everything happens the way you want it to. I mean, sure there could be shit storms, but in the end, we all just want to be happy – so be fucking happy, right? But it’s just… it’s not that way for a lot of people. I’m not even sure it exists, Harry,” she told him, shaking her head sadly.

Harry’s eyes watched her, taking in all of her words. She could tell he wanted to reply but he was holding back.

“What?” She questioned, feeling self-conscious as she looked at him.

“What happened to you?” He breathed quietly, asking the question for the first time in all the time they were doing what they were doing with each other.

It wasn’t an accusation. His question was filled with genuine desire of a real honest answer – to know her better; to know what she went through to get to this point. 

Mason looked up into his wondering, concerned eyes and she felt completely terrified. When did they become people who shared those sorts of things? When was the turning point where she and Harry could actually start calling each other ‘friend’? But she knew the answer. It was the night in Harry’s childhood bedroom, the night Harry found out his father wasn’t really his father. Something changed between them that night. She was brought into his world – his whole world. They both changed that night – maybe for the better. She wasn’t sure.

“Do you trust me, Mase?” Harry asked. Mason stared back into his eyes feeling shell-shocked.

“You can tell me and I will help you. I want to help you. Please trust me,” Harry told her, sounding honest and it scared her.

She took a deep breath as she felt the anxiety build in her chest. She didn’t go around sharing her life details with people. She didn’t share them with anyone. No one knew what she went through behind closed doors. She didn’t trust anyone to know – not until now.

“I was eighteen when my parents died in a car accident,” she began and noticed Harry’s eyes widened in surprised before evening out again.

“I was only eighteen and I was far too young to have to let them go,” she explained, looking away from him. She couldn’t look at him while she bared herself to him.

“I’m sorry,” he offered.

“My father didn’t have any siblings and both of his parents died young, so after the funeral, I went to live with my grandmother on my mother’s side. My mom’s twenty-eight-year-old brother Brian also lived at the house, having never flown from the nest after college, I guess. It was the three of us in the big old house, but I felt nothing but lonely and empty every second of every day,” Mason recounted, feeling the heartbreak in her chest as she spoke.

“My way of coping with the loss was to do everything I could to keep it off my mind – I was the master of deflection. When one of my friends scored us a couple of fake ID’s, I started partying a lot. We would go to the bars and clubs, partying until the morning sometimes – anything so I wouldn’t feel the pain. That’s where I met you – do you remember?” Mason added, looking up at him as he contently watched her. Harry nodded his head in response.

“But that was after… after it happened,” she said quietly as she plucked a few pieces of long grass out of the ground and played with them in her fingers.

“After what happened?” He asked lowly. Mason could feel his eyes on her, but she couldn’t look at him.

She took in a deep breath as she felt the tears prick the back of her eyes. She never talked about this. Never. Not to anyone. Ever. She felt shame over it. She felt the worst kind of crippling shame over it because she was weak. She wasn’t strong enough to prevent it, and it was a stigma she wasn’t comfortable living with.

“Mason, you can trust me,” Harry said, coaxing her to continue.

“I came home drunk one night. I drove my grandmother’s car home drunk. And I knew I shouldn’t have. I knew it was a stupid idea, but I did it anyway. And I made it home without killing myself or someone else, so I chocked it up as a win. Yay, I got away with it. But as I was getting ready for bed my door creaked open and there was… there was my uncle standing there watching me. I freaked out and told him to get the hell out. But he brought up the fact that I drove my grandmother’s car home drunk and it made me shut the hell up fast. Like, I did not need my grandmother on my ass about that. She’d never let me drive it again. But Brian was always cool and told me he wouldn’t tell her. So I was like, cool. Got away with it again. And like, I thought he went away, I thought I was in the clear, so I went back to getting ready for bed and… and suddenly he was behind me. I could smell the alcohol on him, even in my own impaired state,” Mason explained, stopping to take a deep breath.

“When his hand swiped up my bare arm, I took a big step back, which knocked me onto the mattress. I mean, I was drunk. I don’t know. Fuck. I just… gahhh,” she grumbled, dropping her forehead into her hands briefly as she took another deep breath.

“You’re okay, Mason,” Harry reminded her in a soothing tone.

“He was just there. And… and then he was on top of me, holding me down. And… and I-I couldn’t scream because my grandma wouldn’t have heard me anyway because my bedroom was in the basement,” she explained as tears stung her eyes. Her breathing was so fast she was almost hyperventilating as she relived a nightmare she tried to bury for so long. She felt Harry’s hand rub her back and she immediately jumped from the contact.

“Mason, you’re okay,” Harry said, trying to comfort her.

“I’m not. I’m not,” she said, shaking her head as she cried, wiping the back of her hand across her runny nose.

“You are. You’re safe,” he cooed.

“It was the first time I ever… he took it,” she cried, pressing the heels of her palms into her eyes.

“You were a virgin?” Harry asked softly.

“Yes. And… and I’ll never—I have nightmares… all the time. I can’t stop living with this. I should have done something. I should have been stronger,” she cried, her voice raising with her anger.

“It’s okay, Mason. It’s not your fault,” Harry told her evenly, his hand rubbing her back once again.

“He kept telling me he’d keep my secret if I didn’t say anything about what we did. He made it sound like I wanted it,” she said, letting out a dark chuckle.

“It’s not your fault,” Harry said again.

“And like driving drunk even compares to something like that. Fucking asshole,” she spat, feeling the anger well inside of her over what her uncle did to her.

She paused for a few moments to wipe away her tears and to take a few breaths. She was a mess, but she kept telling herself that it was what Harry asked for. He wanted the truth.

“It wasn’t long after, maybe a few days, that he showed up in my doorway again – drunk. And he tried again. He tried. But I fought him off and ran like hell,” Mason continued, wiping frantically at her eyes as the tears kept coming.

Jesus,” Harry breathed lowly.

“The next night, I took a half a bottle of my grandmother’s Vicodin and ended up in the hospital for a week,” she said, finally confessing her lowest point.

“Oh my god,” Harry gasped.

“I couldn’t deal. I wanted out,” she told him, feeling her cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

“And now?” Harry asked, sounding almost breathless.

“I’m better. Not as desperate. But still not okay. I moved out not long after and I haven’t been back since. I only visit my grandmother outside of that house. I won’t go back,” Mason told him as she shook her head.

“Yeah,” Harry breathed, nodding lightly.

“I saw him a few weeks ago – my uncle. I saw him at the bus terminal by Times Square when I was with April and Casey. It was the night I came to your apartment completely a wreck,” Mason explained as she worked up the courage to look over at him again.

“Casey told me you ran from them,” Harry said quietly, nodding in response.

“I ran from him,” Mason corrected him.

“I understand,” Harry told her.

“I just… I can’t go back. I can’t,” she cried, dropping her head into her hands.

“Mason,” Harry cooed, but she didn’t look up.

“Mason, come on,” Harry said, gripping her arm lightly. She finally looked up to see he was standing in front of her.

“Come on. Let’s go inside,” he offered as he helped her up.

“Come here,” he said, holding out his arms. She greedily took his embrace, burying her face into his neck as she cried.

“Come on,” he said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Mason kept her face buried in his shirt as they walked back to the hotel room.

“Come on, Mase,” he said as he pulled back the covers on the bed for her to get in and she followed his instructions, sliding inside the blanket’s embrace.

“You’re going to be okay,” he told her as he pulled the blanket over her body. 

And then he turned to walk toward the door of the hotel room, most likely to retrieve his own bag from the car. But she couldn’t bear for him to go. She didn’t want to be alone, even if it was only for a few minutes.

“Don’t go. Please, Harry. I just… I need you like before. Like always,” she told him desperately. She needed him to consume her, make her feel. She needed something only he could give her.

“Mason, are you sure?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing with concern as he looked back at her. 

She quickly sat up in the bed, looking at him incredulously as the anger bubbled up inside of her. 

“Just because you know about me now, that doesn’t give you the right—don’t treat me like I’m some delicate fucking flower. Just—fuck, Harry,” Mason growled at him, feeling angry that things already changed between them. She wanted him like before. She needed him.

“Mason. Mason, just calm down,” Harry told her as he walked back toward the bed.

“Just don’t fucking do that! This doesn’t change anything, God damn it. I trusted you,” she whimpered as she felt another wave of tears breaking through.

Harry’s lips crashed into hers as his hands gripped her face and he pressed forward on top of her, his body weighing her down. Their mouths moved hungrily over one another’s as Harry’s hand swiped away the blankets so the only thing between them was their clothing. His hips pressed against hers as her legs accommodated his body between them, arching her lower back so she could feel as much of him as possible. She wanted him so bad. She needed him even worse. His hands grasped greedily at her body, tugging up her shirt, working down her sweatpants. He wanted them to be skin-on-skin just as badly as she did.

Oh, God,” Mason groaned as his mouth moved down her throat.

She could still feel the wetness of the tears on her face, but she wasn’t crying anymore. She hadn’t cried that much in a long time. Once it started the dam broke. But, Harry was building it back up, keeping her emotions at bay. All she felt were the endorphins that ran through her as the excitement and pleasure engulfed her. 

Harry pulled up long enough to rip his shirt over his head, before his lips were back on hers, kissing her hard. She could feel the prickling of his whiskers as they stung her lips. 

“Come on,” Mason purred as her hands moved up between them and began to unbuckle his belt. 

He pulled up again, allowing her space to work him out of his ultra-skinny jeans. She managed to get his belt undone before she ripped open the button and zipper of his pants. His lips came down kissing her bare stomach as he worked her shirt farther up her abdomen. And then his mouth was gone and so was he as he stood up from the bed, kicking out of his boots and pushing down his jeans. She watched him the whole time, waiting for him to come back. But instead, he gripped onto her ankles with a smirk on his face, pulling her down to the end of the bed so her legs were pulled up against his hips, her ass nearly hanging off the mattress. His fingers gripped onto the waist band of her sweatpants and tugged them down and off of her before he did the same with her panties.

“I can be what you need, Mason. But just know I will never hurt you,” he spoke evenly.

“Just… don’t talk,” she told him, waving her hand quickly through the air. It was too much. His words made her uncomfortable because they were too intimate. She didn’t need him saying things like that to her. She didn’t need him reassuring her. She just didn’t need it. She didn’t want their relationship to change.

Harry bent forward, kissing her hard again before he pulled off his boxer briefs and pressed forward against her, pushing inside. Mason let out a shaky breath as he completely pressed inside, filling her up. Harry gripped onto her thighs as he pulled almost completely out of her before he slammed back in. Yes. That was exactly what she needed.

Harry built up his rhythm just the way Mason liked it – fast and straight to the point. She was gasping and moaning on the mattress as he hovered above her, giving her the fucking of her life. It could have been because her body was already so stimulated from her confession, but even after just a short time, she could feel her body working up to its climax. And she was glad.

Her breaths came out in gasps as her fingers grasped tightly to the edge of the mattress. Harry’s body was working fast and hard to bring her over the edge, overpowering her completely. And the sound of his low grunts were so sexual and so enthralling that they were only helping her along.

“Oh, fuck, Harry. Ohmygod,” Mason groaned as she felt it build to its peak inside of her.

And with a low groan, she was erupting with a body shaking orgasm that Harry just kept on plowing through. He wasn’t far behind her as his thrusts became more labored and his breathing caught in his throat. Mason watched as his head tilted back, his mouth falling open as a satisfied groan escaped from his lips.

Afterward, his body fell forward, his long arms entrapping her as he tried to catch his breath. She wasn’t quite sure if either of them were good for anything else in the world – but god damn, they were sure good at that.

“Thank you,” Mason told him honestly as she swiped the hair away from his sweaty forehead.

“Anytime,” he said breathlessly and somehow she knew he meant it.

She finally felt like she truly had someone who was there for her when she needed them. Harry had always been there for her and she was just finally realizing she could put her trust in him fully. He wasn’t going to leave her and he wasn’t going to turn on her. He was just there.

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