A girl named sky went where she shouldn't have and paid for it


1. cold

I was freezing as I ran through the cold woods I shoulden´t have travled this far in the woods and I was going to pay for it I ran as fast as I could because If I didn´t run I would die but I was only preventing  my death if the thing that was chaseing me didn´t kill me I would freeze to death. The cold was only getting stronger as it got closer to me. I looked back I was not able to get a good look at it but I got a look it was almost humanoid, Almost it had wrinkily grey skin and there was still fresh blood on its claws from the people I had been hikeing with. It grabbed my jacket and pulled me to its it reached and began to push its long claws into my chest and used his other hand to muffle my screames I blinked and the creature was gone he had left a huge gash in my chest I could not stand any longer I fell to the ground I stared up at the stars as I bleed to death.

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