Burn The Floor

Kienna Moorlake loves to dance. Most of all, she loves salsa dancing. The subtle, sexy movements have entranced her since the moment she first saw them performed. She goes to peruse her dreams in Spain, but is kidnapped and sold to a man, who in turn sells her to another man. Doesn't seem like a pyramid scheme to me at all.


12. There’s An Endless Road

I got off the plane with a bunch of strangers crowding around me. I got to baggage claim with little to no trouble, got my small suitcase, and walked outside into the pouring rain.

It wasn’t very crowded, because who would want to come here, a place where dreams shriveled up and children were abandoned?

I didn’t see them at first. Luke had dyed his hair purple, and Cole was taller than before, but Jack looked about the same.

Cole saw me first. He took in my painfully thin body, the bags under my eyes, the too-big jeans and baggy sweatshirt I wore, and his arms opened wide.

I ran towards them, barreling into Cole. His arms wrapped around me as I cried into his t-shirt. Rain poured down around us, and I cried and cried and cried.

It felt good to cry. To get it all out. Jack and Luke joined in on the group hug, and we all stood like that for a while, just taking it all in.

I was home.


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