Burn The Floor

Kienna Moorlake loves to dance. Most of all, she loves salsa dancing. The subtle, sexy movements have entranced her since the moment she first saw them performed. She goes to peruse her dreams in Spain, but is kidnapped and sold to a man, who in turn sells her to another man. Doesn't seem like a pyramid scheme to me at all.


13. Rediscovering

We’d driven home from the airport in the old Range Rover we’d had for years. When we got home, I just plopped down on my old mattress and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I smelled delicious chicken-coconut curry. “Ja-ack!” I called as loud as I could. Jack came running. “What is it? What do you need? Are you okay? What can I do for you?” I swear, after I was kidnapped, they’ve become sooo overprotective.

“Who learned to cook?” I asked, standing up and grabbing my brush. “Oh, that was Luke. It was his ‘stress ball’, the thing he used to relieve his worries. He actually got pretty good at it.”

I walked out into the kitchen and took a deep breath in, smelling the Indian spices.

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