Let's play a game

I need girls for the other boys not including Ash Zayn or Harry.


1. Who's Next?


Hey I have an idea. What? They all say in unison. Let's play a game. But first we have to go to that abandoned mansion. You mean the murder mansion across town. Yes babe. I reply to Harry. Let's go Michael, cal Louis Liam and Niall and Zayn say.And yes you can bring your phone. Then Luke gets up.

Okay Grace so what's the game. Murder in the dark. Like hide n seek but with a twist whoever I find first is out of the game but whoever I find next is the murderer and they have to wear the mask. Me and Harry will be the murderers I giggle.

Sounds fun. Harry let's just go and count for 30 seconds. OkAy. I grab his hand and run to the nearest corner. Why can't I hide? Because I don't want to be alone. 30! Me and Harry yell.

I found Mikey first then Luke and Calum. Let's go Harry. Count to 30. Okay.

Me and Harry hide in a closet. Harry it's been about an hour. The I hear a blood curdling scream. Then another. We should get out. Yeah let's go. I see Zayn laying on the floor dead. I scream and try to open the door but it won't open then I hear a gunfire and I grab the boys and go into the bathroom and close and lock the door.

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