Feels Like Home

"Sometimes home isn't a place...sometimes it's a person."

17 year old Harper has to completely start over when her dad and his new girlfriend decide to move to a new, much smaller town, and take her with them. She's absolutely miserable, wanting nothing more than to stay in her home with her school and her friends and everything that's familiar. But will that all change when she meets the ever so arrogant Justin Bieber, who's determined to make her like him? Hmm...maybe this move would'nt be so bad after all.


14. Chapter 14

“Um...you go first,” I said nervously.


“Alright,” he said with a smirk as he sat back down on the bed. “If you can't tell the truth or do the dare, you take a shot. Sound good?”


Ohhhh, lord. Here we go. “Alright,” I said, giving him a confident smile although I was dying on the inside.


“Truth or Dare?” he asked, toying with the bottle in his hands.


I hesitated for a moment. “Um...Truth,” I finally answered.


“Alright,” he said softly as he pursed his lips, trying to think of a question. “Okay. Uh, how many people have you slept with?” he asked with a coy smile.


My smile dropped. “Uh…” I muttered as I chewed on my lip, trying to do the math in my head. I cringed as memories of my whore-y past came back to me. “I don't know,” I finally answered, feeling the heat in my cheeks.


“You don't know?” he asked with a laugh. “How could you not know?”


I shrugged, laughing at my own embarrassment. “I told you, I used to be a whore.”


“Take a shot, then,” he chuckled, handing me the bottle.


And so it begins… I unscrewed the lid and tilted my head back with the bottle to my lips. Thankfully the flavor wasn't very harsh, the liquid just burned as it travelled down my throat. “Alright. Truth or Dare?”


“Dare,” he said quickly with a smirk.


 “Oh, okay,” I laughed, taken aback. I'd hoped he'd say Truth so I could ask him the same. I rattled my brain, trying to think of something embarrassing. I tried to remember back to times I played this with my friends, but my memories were fuzzy with alcohol. “Um...strip for me,” I challenged. Surely he would take the shot on this one; I know I would have.  


“Alright,” he said with a shrug, then jumped up.


Oh. “Seriously?” I laughed, trying and failing to hide my shock. But then again...if I looked anything like him, I'd have no problem stripping either.


“Yeah,” he said with confidence. “Just uh...get me some music.” He moved so he was standing in front of the TV facing me. I sighed as I pulled my phone out and pulled up the YouTube app. The first song that came to mind was Take U Down by Chris Brown, so I quickly pulled it up. I leaned over to set the phone on the desk as the music started playing, then noticed Justin had pulled the swivel chair out from under the desk against the wall. “C’mon,” he said, gesturing with his head to the chair in front of him.


I laughed out loud. “You're joking,” I said simply.


Instead of responding, Justin just pulled me up by my hand, and sat me down in the chair. He moved around me slowly, walking in rhythm with the music. He stopped in front of me, his eyes boring into mine as he ever so slowly grabbed his t-shirt by the hem, and pulled it up over his head. He never broke eye contact with me, letting his shirt fall to the floor.


Fuck, he really was hot. He suddenly straddled me, grinding into my fluffy robe as he softly sang along. “It ain't my first time, but babygirl, we can pretend. Let's bump and grind, girl tonight will never end.” He suddenly grabbed my hand and leaned back, pulling my hand to his abs. I bit my lip as he moved my hand around, letting me feel how taut the muscles were there as his belly rolled against my hand. He still kept his eyes on mine as he continued to sing. He sang a little bit louder, his voice turning me on as much as his body was. “Let me take you down, I really wanna take you down...and show you what I'm about. Let me take you down,” he sang as he quickly scooped me up, then turned around and set me on top of the desk. I couldn't help myself, my legs had a mind of their own as they locked themselves around his hips. He gently pushed me back so I was propped up against the wall. I could see his smirk as he continued to sing, his lips just barely pressed on my covered stomach. “Your body, body, up and downnn.” He gently kissed the robe where my stomach was as he slowly picked up my hand, moving it so it was hanging on his neck and down his back.  


“Justin,” I whispered, though it was supposed to come out loud and confident, like he had no effect on me.


“Yes?” he replied, his head moving from side to side as he continued to plant soft kisses all over my stomach.


I cleared my throat. “This wasn't part of the dare,” I laughed, but my voice was shaky. “You were supposed to strip, not seduce me.”


Wordlessly, he took a step back and pushed his shorts to the floor, left in nothing but his boxers. It took all the willpower I had not to look at his bulge, but I managed. Mostly because he quickly stepped back into my arms. He went back to planting kisses all over my tummy, picking up both of my legs with his hands and wrapping them around his waist once again. “Can't I do both?” he asked, his voice muffled by the fluffy robe. “You don't wanna?”


I took a deep breath as I looked up at the ceiling, trying to compose myself. “We can't,” I told him, my voice a lot more confident now that I wasn't watching him move against me.


“Why not?” I heard him ask. I gasped as his hands move to grip my hips tightly, slightly rocking them against his. A quiet moan escaped my lips. “You don't wanna?” he asked again.


“Justin,” I said, gently pushing his shoulders away as I looked down at him.


He glanced up at me, then with a sigh he backed off completely. Then suddenly, he just exploded. He grabbed my phone off the desk and turned the music off before tossing it harshly on the bed. “Harper, I don't know what the fuck you want from me,” he laughed as he sat down on the bed. I was too shocked to say a word. “I mean, you'll tease me and flirt with me all fucking day long. And I try to take it a step further, you push me away and make me feel like an idiot.” He jumped up and started pacing in front of me. “You know...I think that the night of the bonfire, we would have hooked up. We should have. I wanted you so fucking bad, and you were all over me. And ever since then...you act like I can't be anything more than your friend. You won't let me really love you. You, you just...you string me along then push me away.” He sat down on the bed again, suddenly out of words. 


In the still silence between us was when I noticed that I had started to cry. I tried to quickly wipe them away without Justin seeing, but I wasn't swift enough. He sighed, putting his head in his hands. “I'm sorry, I don't want to make you cry. It's just...it's frustrating. You flirt with me all the time, then act like it didn't happen. I just...I don't get it,” he sighed.


“I'm sorry,” I said after a moment. “I'm just... scared,” I admitted. “It's just so good and comfortable with you and...I've already lost all my friends. I lost them all back home and now you're all I have. I don't wanna lose this,” I told him.


He took me by surprise by laughing. “How could you think I would go anywhere? If I'm still here, why would I go?” he asked simply. “Do you remember the first time you actually talked to me? At dinner?”


I nodded wordlessly, remembering mostly our slightly intoxicated conversation. 


“You were so...appalled that I was being nice to you. Even after you'd been a total bitch to me all day. I liked you then, I knew then that I wanted to be with you,” he laughed. “I didn't know I would want it this bad. But even then, I told you I wasn't going anywhere. And after the shit that I've been through for you...you think sleeping together would make me leave?” he asked.


I didn't answer. He had a point, and he made sense. But still, I was scared. Everyone else had left, what was stopping him?


He sighed, letting his head fall. He ran his hands through his hair then stood up quickly. “Look, I'll be back in a little bit,” he said softly as he pulled his shorts up. He grabbed his shirt off the floor and quickly pulled it on over his head. “I'm just uh...I'm just gonna go walk on the beach for a bit. I'll be back,” he said as he headed for the door, not another glance in my direction.


And I let him go. I didn't even try to stop him, I let him go like the idiot I was. I looked nervously over at the bedside alarm clock as the door clicked shut. 8:21 PM. Surely he wouldn't be out too late. He's given me all this time to be okay after Collin, I could give him some time. That was all he needed, time to himself. Right?




ohhhh, that was intense. i hope you guys liked it though! leave comments, like it, favorite it, do whatever you do c: i super appreciate you guys being so supportive and patient with me, it means the world. hopefully i'll be able to post the next chapter soon, sometime this week. i'll also be updating The Arrangement, so look out for that! i love you guys! ♥

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