Feels Like Home

"Sometimes home isn't a place...sometimes it's a person."

17 year old Harper has to completely start over when her dad and his new girlfriend decide to move to a new, much smaller town, and take her with them. She's absolutely miserable, wanting nothing more than to stay in her home with her school and her friends and everything that's familiar. But will that all change when she meets the ever so arrogant Justin Bieber, who's determined to make her like him? Hmm...maybe this move would'nt be so bad after all.


13. Chapter 13



 “Justin!” Harper gasped as I pushed open our hotel room door and she ran inside. She let her giant suitcase fall to the floor as she ran to the sliding glass door that led out to the balcony. “This is gorgeous! Justin, come look!” she called out to me as she leaned over the rail, though I could barely hear her over the sound of the waves crashing.


“Yeah, it is,” I murmured as I walked up behind her. I wasn’t looking at the ocean, though; I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her eyes were filled with wonder and excitement, like a kid looking at Christmas lights. Her hair was gently billowing out behind her from the breeze coming off the ocean. I couldn’t look away from her.


She glanced over at me and laughed. “Stop,” she muttered, shoving me playfully. “What do you wanna do first? We can go swim in the pool. Or down in the ocean! We can go lay out, or...we can get something to eat?”  


I made my way back into our room, and she followed suit, sliding the door shut behind herself. “I wanna take a nap,” I said as I plopped down on one of the queen sized beds. “Somebody,” I said, giving her a pointed look as she laughed at me, “woke me up way too fucking early today.” I settled into the bed, letting my eyes slip close as I relaxed.


“Alright,” I heard her say casually. Then I heard the sound of her suitcase being thrown onto the other bed, then the sound of her unzipping the bag. “Hmm...I guess I’ll let someone down at the pool tell me what he thinks of my new bikini,” she teased.


“I’m up,” I said quickly, sitting up in bed. “I’m up.”




Our first day in Myrtle Beach was more than I could have ever hoped for. I’d never been to the beach, so this really was like Christmas. We spent most of the day at the beach, playing in the water and looking for seashells. After a while, Justin said he was tired and wanted to nap, so I let him go back to our room. I wanted to lay out and tan anyway.


Once the Sun started to go down, it started to get chilly. So I decided to pack up my stuff and head up to the room; I probably had to wake Justin up again, anyway. A sly smile came to my lips as I thought of different ways I could wake him up.


As I made my way through the lobby, up the elevator, and down our hallway, I toyed with different ideas. I could jump on the bed again...I’d just have to watch my feet this time. Or I could dump some water on him. Or I could do both…


I slid the hotel key card and pushed the door open with a smirk on my lips, but it faded once I saw that he was already awake, sitting up in bed flipping through the channels. “Aww,” I said, catching his attention. “I wanted to wake you up.”


He chuckled. “Fuck no, I’m never letting you wake me up again,” he laughed. I dropped my beach bag on the floor and sat down at the end of the bed, facing him. “I was actually about to come down and get you. I’m gonna go to the store in a minute, do you wanna come?”


I sighed as I thought about it. “Nah, it's okay, I'll stay here. I need to get a shower,” I told him.


“Alright,” he said as he stood up. He loud out a low groan as he stretched, twisting his back and stretching his arms out. “I'll be back in 20, don't take too long in the shower.”


With a wink and a smile, he was gone. I slowly got up off the bed, suddenly realizing how tired I was after our long drive, and our fun playing in the water.


I hadn’t taken the time to appreciate our room, but it was incredibly nice. The bathroom alone was better than mine. It had a large walk in shower, with several water spouts along the walls. I turned the shower on, making sure it was boiling hot before stepping in. And once I did, I never wanted to get out. It felt amazing, having the hot water hitting my body from all imaginable angles.


But I knew if I stayed in here much longer, as soon as I got into bed I would be knocked out. I didn't want to be that relaxed, not yet. So I washed myself quickly, making sure I got the sand out of my hair and ass crack before climbing out.


Instead of getting dressed once I got out of the shower, I noticed 1 of 2 giant fluffy white robes, with the hotel logo where the breast pocket would be. I paused for a moment, sliding my hand down the length of the sleeve; it was so soft and fluffy. I felt like a little kid all over again as I quickly dropped my towel and yanked the robe off the door, sighing contently as I slid my arms through the sleeves and tied it around myself. I was most definitely sleeping in this tonight.


Almost as soon as I walked out of the bathroom, the hotel door opened and Justin stepped in carrying an armful of grocery bags. I couldn't help but to laugh at the sight of him. “What all did you get?” I asked, taking a few bags from him to help. I set them on top of the dresser and began emptying them. Bread, sliced turkey, cheese, chips…


“Justin,” I said as I got to the last bag, then pulled out the large bottle of Bacardi Rum. “How the hell did you get this?”


He gave me a cheesy smile. “Fake ID,” he answered simply.


I sighed, shaking my head at him as I chuckled. I put the turkey and cheese in the mini fridge and left the bread where it was. I also left the rum out, considering we'd be drinking that soon. “What else did you get?” I asked, looking at the bags he still had.


“Junk,” he chuckled as he began emptying the bags. Pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, lunchables…”


“I want a lunchable,” I interjected with an excited smile; I couldn't remember the last time I had one. “Did you get the pizza one?”


“I did,” he said, grabbing a few boxes. “Pepperoni or cheese?”


“Cheese, please,” I told him confidently.


He chuckled as he tossed me a box that I practically tore into. He grabbed one of the other Lunchable boxes himself and joined me on the bed with the bottle of rum. “Eat up,” he said, although it was unnecessary. I was so hungry. “Cause when we're done... we're playing Truth or Dare.” He held up the bottle, wiggling his eyebrows at me with a suggestive smile.


I groaned internally, though I didn't say anything. I pretended to be too engrossed in the TV to hold a conversation, although my mind was running in circles. Truth or Dare was never a good idea, at least not for me. Especially when there was alcohol involved. It always ended in me completely embarrassing myself, or me acting like a whore. Or both.


I tried to eat slowly to prolong my time of sobriety, but I was way too hungry. I ate all 3 tiny little pizzas in the box, and still had room for more. “Alright,” Justin said as he stood up with his trash in hand, then took mine with him as he threw it away. “So who's going first?”




it's about to get goooood yall, and a little R rated ;D i hope you guys enjoyed! tell me what you think! if you haven't already, you should check out my other story, The Arrangement because I just posted a new chapter last night. i love you guys, and thank you for keeping up with my stories, yall are the best ♥♥

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