Halkin Estel

In a kingdom hidden from human and demonic eyes, the unique peacefulness of a warm summer night is disrupted by a sudden invasion.

Faervel Halkin, has now been dragged out of her slumber and into the corridors and the alleys of her own homeland; with only one request from her family. To leave, live, and never forget.

Leaving everything behind her, she must find her own path towards her destiny and towards the only solution that will help her save her beloved kingdom.

Because Faervel Halkin will not forget, and will certainly not forgive.

*First, rough draft*


4. Chapter Three ❄ Memories

“I do not fear Darkness. I fear that there will never be a dawn” – L.L Tyrrell




Akkarin stirred in his slumber, and looked dubiously at his bedroom door with drowsy eyes.


It was early; too early for his liking, and he had no intention of leaving his warm, feathery-soft bed, to walk on the stone cold marble floor of his dark bedroom.


But the sharp knocking on his wooden door disturbed his once peaceful and sleep-deprived mind, and it seemed that the intruder would not stop, unless the door was opened and his demands met.


“Lord Akkarin? Please wake up, this is of utter importance.”


Akkarin closed his eyes, and furiously landed his feet on the cold floor. He slowly stalked his way to the door and unbolted it.


“This better be good.”


“Trust me, Lord Akkarin, it is.” said Methedel and smiled at the disoriented look on the young Lord’s face. “Lord Lacus needs your assistance.”


Akkarin looked at Methedel in surprise and forced a smile on his face. Lord Lacus knew that Akkarin was not to be disturbed for no reason whatsoever. He knew that during his training, Akkarin always preferred to be left alone, for he could concentrate more.


He was not however, going to disobey his wish. For he had helped him in times of great danger and importance, and thus, the least he could do was give him some time from his resting schedule.


“Where shall I meet Lord Lacus, my Lord?” he asked humbly and looked at Methedel who smiled politely.


“His chambers, I think. He did not have a good night.” said Methedel, and shook his head in annoyance. “Said he had some disturbing dreams.”


Akkarins’ eyes widened. “I’m afraid I didn’t hear you quite well, Lord Methedel. Did you say, he had dreams?”


“Why, yes. In fact, he said and I quote ‘I had the most disturbingly weird dream’. And of course you know how he always asks for my assistance when he chooses his daily attire? Well today he-”


Akkarin stared at Methedel with wide eyes, not listening to him rambling about Lacus’ abnormal behavior. He knew for a fact that Lacus had never had any dreams, not since the day the goddesses granted him with the Muar.


“Alright then. I should head back. Please find him as soon as you can, alright? He seemed a bit... unwell.”


Akkarin nodded and ushered him to the hall. He closed the door behind him and looked at the ceiling. Dreams. he thought. Goddess save us, either he’s Seen his future vessë and how ugly she is, or the world will soon fall into darkness.




Lord Lacus looked hopelessly at the stack of papers that had been gathered on top of his beloved oak table. He had so many things to do; yet here he was, staring at the pile of work that awaited for him since the beginning of the day.


Frustrated, he stood up and looked around the chambers he liked to call his office. They were not far away from his original chambers; in fact, they were only a corridor away. And thus, in case of an emergency, he would always be able to reach his destination in time.


The walls of his round office were decorated with a tapestry, created by the finest silk of the five kingdoms, and enchanted with colors that represented the mood of the current resident of the room. As in that moment, the tapestry represented a forest, with dark emerald leaves and tall glistening grass. And on the far corner of the forest, as if made so none other could notice, a small waterfall fell, creating a curtain of water. A curtain, which concealed a tiny path, unseen to the human eye, and only able to be seen by those who truly deserved to see it. Because that path led to the top of the mountain Tolehrie; the mountain that was the very beginning of Corhen’s borders.


Lacus looked outside his grant window on the north side of the room and sighed. He was too far up, and therefore, he was unable to see what was happening to some parts of Elfrine. Some very intriguing and yet important parts.


With one last look outside, and with the reassurance that no one was spying on him; after all his chambers were located to one of the tallest towers of this castle, he walked to the oak table and retrieved the necklace that had been the source of his sour mood. He then peeked outside his office doors, and once absolutely certain that he was alone, he traced his fingers to the small curtain of water on his tapestry.


Finding the tiny expected small gap he was looking for, he smirked, and placed his necklace on top of it. A perfect fit. He then waltzed back to the center of his office and looked up, his eyes darkening.


“Minno tenna” he said, and silver sparks appeared from his fingers. His eyes opened slightly, and he sighed as he watched with fascination the scene before him. The sparks that had erupted from his fingers had transformed into a small silver ball that was slowly, but surely making its way to Lacus’s necklace, which in turn, was glowing softly.


He watched, as the small ball approached the necklace and was consumed by it in a matter of seconds; creating a thin line of light that then disappeared.


"Show me", he whispered and waited as the light that had been slowly disappearing, started to ember once again a silver green color, that spread into his round office.


However, this light, was not only 'used' for lightening a room, but had a much more important role, for it resembled the past memories of the current caster. And thus, when Lacus spoke the needed words, a demonstration of his memories lit the room.


Lacus scanned through his memories and reached to touch the ones he was looking for. The first, was a small golden globe that had scarred on it the letter C.


He touched it and felt the warmth of the globe touch his fingers, before it expanded and transformed into two different figures; a woman and a man.


" Don't worry. I will be okay" said the younger of the two. "It is you I'm worried about..."


"Worry not about me brother..." Said the older one as she looked at her brother fondly "But is it really necessary for you to leave? I understand the reason why father would send you away but..."


"They need me, Calaerdis. You of all people should understand why I cannot stay here. Do you not remember the oath we had to give?"


The woman scoffed lightly and hugged him. "Be careful brother dear. I'd hate to lose another brother. And so soon..."


Lacus sighed as the memory started to fade, and wiped a small tear that had made its way to his cheek.


"But I should have worried sister. For you are the one who left too soon..."




Akkarin stalked his way to Lacus’ chambers with ease; only to find the latter completely abandoned by its current resident.


“Only Lacus would request for me, and then disappear into the damn academy” he grumbled and turned around to head into the busy corridors.


He paid little attention as he walked, thus not noticing the whispers and the silence settling around him. For he had walked on the corridor currently used by novices for whom; as he supposed – and quite smugly liked – he looked like a god. Or a semi-god. He’d rather not argue with the gods again.


Akkarin pretended to not notice the flirty looks from the girls, or the aggressive ones from the guys. Besides, he was their superior and these little humans would never be able to change that.


He had already reached the end of the corridor when he realized where Lacus would be at this time of day. He mentally slapped himself as he remembered that the path he ought to have followed was in fact the opposite way. He sighed and made his way back to the corridor, silently cursing the students for being in his way.


“Look at him. He thinks he’s so much better than the lot of us”


Akkarin shook his head silently and restrained his anger from erupting by clenching his fists tightly. His body however, had already started glowing, making the students that stood near him squint a little at the sight of him.


“I bet I can take him” another one said. “He probably isn’t even that powerful. I mean If I were as powerful as they claim he is, I wouldn’t have left my hometown in the hands of someone else. And to be hon- urgh”


Akkarin grinned slightly and placed his hand underneath his cloak. He hadn’t used a major spell, just one that would make the kid stunned for a little while.


“Shouldn’t test me love. I get angry pretty easily” he said as he passed by the kid which was now covered in ice; and was stuck on the wall. “Shouldn’t test me.”




Lacus kneeled on the floor and leaned his head against the tapestry. He knew when he had accepted this particular position at the academy, that it would take a long time for him to see his beloved family again. And yet… yet he had never thought that he’d never see his sister again.


He was so certain that no one would touch her, that no one would hurt her. Had he known that she was not secure, that there was a chance of her… of her not surviving. He wouldn’t have left. Gods, he would have done anything. Anything to keep her alive.


Lacus shook his head and sighed. He had to focus. There was a reason why he had used this spell, and it wasn’t just for him to reminisce on his loved ones. He had to go back to the memory Frithorn provided him with. Had to learn who had initiated the fight; who was the one that had found a way through the borders of Corhen.


Lacus hesitantly reached for the dark globe, his fingers lingering once he felt the unusual cold feeling it emitted. For Faervel, he thought. I need to do this for her… She’ll need this. Lacus touched the dark object just as the door opened. He was instantly transferred back to the dark memories he had tried so hard to forget.


And so was Akkarin.


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