The jock and the nerd

You have a crush on Harry Styles your brothers best friend but she hates how he treats other girls and uses them but you cant help to like it.But the thing is there a reason why Harry is like that.Will you find out the reason and will Harry like you back.find out in The jock and the nerd

1. One/One

Your pov:

You were currently in your room going through your news feed on facebook. But you were soon interrupted by your brother Louis.

"What's up lou?" You asked.

"Hey (Y/N) I just wanted to let you know I'm going to be using the home theater tonight,Harry and the boys are coming over.

You rolled your eyes at the mention of Harry's name.Even though you had a crush on him he was a jerk who would flirt with every girl insight and use them for his own pleasure and plus you know he would never like you,because you were consider a nerd even though you were Louis' younger sister and had money.

"Don't be like that y/n ,he isn't that bad," Louis chuckled.

"He's a pompous ass who only thinks of himself and likes to use girls,he hasnt even had a realationship before," you have yelled.

Louis frowned at his sisters words. If only Chloe knew about the one girl Harry loved and broke his heart amd made him intonthe guy he is.

"(y/n), under all that exterior he's actually smart, funny guy," Louis defended his best friend.

You sighed. Louis left and you went back to doing your work.

Your eyes were getting tired so you shut facebook off and decided to get on your laptop and watch a show, you decided on Pretty Little Liars.

You were about three episodes in on season 7 and you were kind of hungry.

You went down to the kitchen and made some popcorn. You felt someone watching you. It was Harry.

"Hey, (y/n)," harry greets you smirking.

"Go away Harry,"

"Come on babe you know you like having me around.

"No, not really,why would I want to be around a manwhore who likes to break girls heart." You shot back.

"You know (y/n), those girls there are no strings attached but your different,I actually like you,"

"Your just saying that to get into my pants," you said, as hurt flashed across harrys face.

"That's what you think of me?" he says taken back. 

You nod and continue making the popcorn. suddenly you hear movement and when you look back you're face to face with harry. 

"If only you knew the real reason why," he says softly, his voice making your knees go weak. you roll your eyes not wanting to hear it as you turn your back around. 

"you're just an asshole Harry, go back to the boys," you shot back unaware of how close harry was. he kept leaning more and more until his mouth connected to your ear. 

"Hear me out?" he questions. you shake your head, not wanting to give in to him but he takes your hand anyways. 

"I'm not the guy you think I am," harry says trying to change your mind about him but you shook your head anyways. 

"I don't need to hear it Harry," you snap as you try to release yourself from his grip. failing miserably you are pulled into his chest, your faces really close. 

You try not to look towards his lips as he does the complete opposite. his eyes trailing all over your face, your heart speeds up as he speaks softly. 

"please," he says. you stay silent, completely lost in his green eyes as he does the same looking deeply into yours. 

Suddenly remembering the dick he was, you push him with all your strength away from you. cheeks flushed, as you watch him reach to get popcorn from your bowl. 

He smirks, "To think I was thinking of kissing you." 

He quickly shakes his head and walks out the kitchen.

"Ass!" you call out as you finish to prepare the popcorn.

The popcorn was done so you went back to your room to finish pretty little liars.

You were getting bored of Tv so you got back on your laptop to scroll through facebook and twitter. You wanted to be nosy and went on to Harry's timeline.You saw photos of him of him and louis and then you saw one if you, which made you confuse to why Harry would have a photo of you on his facebook.

But another thing made you confused,his status.

Saddens me of what people think about you,when you no it's not the truth and your not that person.

You heard someone coming so you switched to your timeline. It was sighed in relief.

"(y/n),Harry is staying tonight, try to be nice to him," Louis pleaded.

"Does he have to?" You groaned automatically. He rolls his eyes in response. 

"Do you want to come watch a movie with us though? You seem lonely in here," He says looking around the room scrunching his nose. You sigh but nod anyways already bored of being alone in this room. 

"Alright I'll tag along," You say closing your laptop and getting up. You follow Louis to the home theater room and see Harry searching through a movie stack. 

"Found a movie yet mate?" Louis asks. Harry raises his head and frowns when he sees you behind Louis. 

He locks eyes with you and then turns to look back to Louis. "Fast and furious?" 

"Yes!" You yell without thinking and blush when both lads turn their eyes towards you. 

"I'm fine with that," Harry smiles weakly. You mentally thank him although you weren't so happy with him at the moment. 

"Then pop it in and let's get on with it!" Louis shouts smiling oblivious to what had occured with Harry and you downstairs. 

He excuses himself to go make popcorn and instructs Harry to get the movie in. You almost say that you'll tag along but he's out in a flash before you can even open your mouth. 

Harry shakes his head as he makes his way to the home system  and pops in the DVD. You stay silent as you watch him from behind playing with the button. 

He does have a great butt. You thought to yourself.

Harry comes and sits next to you amd leans a bit and whispers to you. "I know I have a great ass, but take a picture it'll last longer," he flirts as you blush.

Louis smiles at Harry knowingly while Harry just glares back at him.

You stare at the screen confused and watch as the credits roll up on screen.

It was an hour into the movie and you were thirsty.

"Louis can you pause the movie, I'm gonna get something to drink,"

"Sure (y/n), but could you get me a mountain dew and refill on popcorn?" he asked

"Sure," I replied.

"I'll help," Harry offered.

You sighed but nodded your head.

You and Harry headed  down to the kitched to retrieve the items,you fixed the popcorn while Harry got the drinks.

"Y/N, can we talk for second?" Harry pleaded.

"No, lets go,"

"I do like you," he blurted out.

You stood there stunned but recovered.

"No, you don't harry you don't  like relationships,you just like sleeping with girls and then you break their hearts," you said, starting to get angry.

"How do you know that I'm like that and I actually been in love before but i dound her in bed with my best friend,so I sleep with girls because I thought it would nice to break hearts for a change but that changed when I met you," Harry explained, as little tears slipped out.

You were shocked thst Harry had told you all of that and you felt bad that someone had cheated on him.

"Someone has to be dumb to cheat on you," you told him honestly.

"Thanks I think," he chuckled.

"So I'm telling the truth I do like you, will you give me a chance?"

You think it over, "one chance, that's all I'm giving you," you warned him.

"Thank you, (y/n)," as he start to lean in.

Harry rests his hands on your cheek and captures your lips with his,you both move in sync til Louis interrupts.

"I'm happy you both are together now but I want my soda and popcorn,"

You both laughed and  headed back up with smile on your face.

This was the beginning of your relationship and you couldn't be happier.

The end.

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