The skinny Kind of Beautiful

People call me fat. People call me lazy. Then as I put all the pieces together, I realize what I need to do to change.


10. Dont know what to call it so i'll just call it a chapter ;)

 I sat down at my desk, relieved that I had made it just in time. I gulped big gulps of air, trying to catch my breath. The teacher was turned to the black board, writing something in neat cursive. I looked by the person beside me, still panting. She looked at me as if to say get a grip. It's just social studies class. I coughed and looked straight ahead.
​"Something wrong, Miss Halloway?" The teacher said, not facing me. I shook my head. "I... am here... on time this... time..." I said, still trying to catch my breath. I didn't feel so good. "Do you need to go to the nurses office?" He stopped writing, but he still didn't face me. "No, I am pretty fine," I said, trying to hide my panting. The room spinned around and around and around, but I closed my eyes tight to keep it from still happening.
Suddenly my third grade voice popped into my head. ​That's it, just keep exercising, because you are still fat, ​the voice seemed to say. I broke out into a sweat.
​"Miss Halloway, since you are here, may you please tell me and the class when the Declaration of Independence was signed and who signed it?" He turned around this time, staring straight in to me, waiting for an answer. I bit my lip so hard, I tasted blood. The whole class had their eyes on me. Then I had no control over how dizzy I was. That was the last thing I remembered.

​ I woke up on a bed. Everything wasn't so dizzy anymore. I sat up. The nurse was across from me, mixing up something.
​"Where am I ?" I whispered. "You're in the nurses office, Cake," she said, coming to me with a tiny cup in her hand. "Here, drink this." She held the cup to my lips, and I took a fake sip. " W-what happened?"
"It looks like you haven't gotten enough food. Your heart rate is slow." she leaned close. "Are you having problems at home, Cake?"
​"No," I whispered. She handed me a box of Pringles. "Here. Munch on these." I looked down at them in fear. "Um, sorry. I don't like chips very much."
​ She sighed. "Well, lunch is in about--" she looked down at her watch. "--five minutes. So, I guess you can rest here for a while until lunch starts." she looked down at me. "Okay," I whispered. She went over to her desk and stared to type stuff.
​ I looked around the room, and then my eyes laid on the nurse. "W-what are you doing?"
​"I'm typing to my daughter from the hospital. You know, she had a ​baby ​while dealing with nervosa, and she has to stay in the hospital for as long as she can. Her and her baby are not very healthy right now."
"Oh," I said, feeling kind of bad. "I'm sorry."
"That's okay," she said, smiling. "She is doing fine now, I guess. I'm visiting her Saturday." She continued typing, but stared at me, looking away from the screen completely. "No need to be sorry, though. I'm sure she'll be fine."
 I rubbed my neck, where those finger marks were. They were still a little sore, but otherwise, I think the red is gone from it.
 "You okay?" she said, observing me rub my neck. "A little sore, maybe?"
 "Yeah, I guess so," I said a little weakly. I tried my best not to rub it, but it was itchy and really sore.
"Are you sure your okay? You fell pretty hard."
"No , I think that I'll be okay for now." I bit my lip and looked at the clock. I desperately looked at the clock. Then, after what seemed like forever, the lunch bell rang. I bolted out the door. I thought I heard the teacher say, "Knocking at death's door", but I pushed the thought out of my mind.



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