Rejected Sociality

In the years prior to the Second Wizarding War, there was a girl growing up at Hogwarts that didn't have anything to do with Harry Potter. She was a Slytherin, in the same year as the Weasley twins and Lee Jordan. Though she was Slytherin, she wasn't evil or a bully like some. Olivia Floyd was ambitious, clever, cautious, but also disabled.


8. Chapter 7

 Madame Pomfrey opened the curtains, revealing Fred, George, and Lee. They all looked worried, but Lee the most. Lee reached his hand forward, in the action to touch my face, but me flinching at the sudden action caused him to pause mid air. He gently and cautiously reached forward, brushing my hair away from my face, touching the two bandaids on my head. He softly said, "Olivia, are you okay? You gave us a really bad scare."

 I took a deep breath in, then exhaled. I quietly said, "I will be okay eventually, but at the moment I'm not okay. I don't really want to talk, and I don't have any opening for friends. Leave me alone."

 George said, "Why didn't you tell us about anything before we took you into the kitchens? If you would've told us you didn't want to be in that situation, we wouldn't've cornered you with our questions."

 I sighed and said, "I did tell you I was uncomfortable; I said it in the note on the table."

 Fred rolled his eyes and said, "Great help that was, as you started to collapse before you could say 'Quidditch'. 

 I crossed my arms and said, "Well that's not my fault! I can't control that completely! I can take a stabilizer and my other meds and stay out of social situations, but once it gets past the point of no return, it is, well, past the point of no return."

 Lee smirked and said, "Dumbledore said you had social anxiety, but here you are shouting at us."

 Immediately the anxiety from the situation came rushing back. My hands started shaking and the lights around me dimmed a little. Panic attack. I swayed and fell back against the headboard. Lee and George grabbed my shoulders, holding me up, and Fred rushed to get Madame Pomfrey. Lee put the back of his hand against my forehead, and turned to George and swore, "Damnit, she's burning up again. And she's shaking really bad. Go get Fred and tell him to hurry up."

 George got up and ran over to the matron's office and went in. Lee tapped my cheeks, bringing me back to reality. Lee said, "Olivia, why does this keep happening? We've only known you for a day, and this has happened twice! What is happening?"

 I looked at the ceiling and spat, "I have always had anxiety, but it wasn't always this bad."

 Lee tapped my cheeks again, then said, "A lot of people have anxiety, but what happened to make it this bad?"

 I laughed a little, but I felt the supernova. I groaned from the pain, and he tapped my cheeks again. I whispered, "You don't want to know."

 Lee shook me again and made me look at him. He said, "If it could save you from this pain, love, I want to know."

 Madame Pomfrey rushed over with the twins trailing. She was holding a magical needle, filled with the silver fluid I had unfortunately come to know well. She said, "Olivia, arm please." I held up my arm, and she hit a vein in my arm, shooting the fluid into my system. She looked at me and said, "Dear, you've got twenty seconds, and we'll see what we can do." And then she walked away.

 Lee tapped my shoulder and said, "Olivia, back to where we were. What happened?"

 Fifteen seconds. I said, "It's the same reason I told you guys most people hate me."

 Ten seconds. Lee said, "What's the reason?"

 Five seconds. I felt the fluid in my system. I said, "Because Death Eaters tortured me with the Cruciatus Curse and blamed me for what happened." The fluid hit my brain, and I passed out, seeing the shocked faces of Fred, George, and Lee.

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