Rejected Sociality

In the years prior to the Second Wizarding War, there was a girl growing up at Hogwarts that didn't have anything to do with Harry Potter. She was a Slytherin, in the same year as the Weasley twins and Lee Jordan. Though she was Slytherin, she wasn't evil or a bully like some. Olivia Floyd was ambitious, clever, cautious, but also disabled.


5. Chapter 4

 I woke up in cold sweat. My nightmares have been getting worse, seeing that there was a new environment, new people, and gone with the old and in with these new ones. Unfortunately. I sat up, and as I did, Comet hissed and jumped off, flouncing to the underside of my bed. 

 I floated out of bed, pulling my clothes off the hanger as I went. By the time I was dressed, Comet crawled out from under my bed and strutted over to me, where I fed her the cat food I had for her. I summoned two books from my shelves: Makeup and Hair Spells for the Witch or Wizard, and Protective Magic.

 I looked through the hair section of the first book, finding a quick hair washing spell (check), then a drying spell (check), and a spell to make a braided crown on my head (check). I packed my books in my bag, including a piece of parchment with a summoning spell for specific books (everything to make me have to move less). 

 I took the second book, and I put protective spells on my room, just to be safe. Then I put a protective spell on myself to avoid most people.

 I grabbed my bag, slinging it into my wheelchair pocket, putting Comet into the pet carrier underneath (she's a service cat), and sticking my wand into my pocket. I opened the door, rolling down the stairs, through the common room, then out the door. A few Slytherins went back and forth, but the spell counteracted most people.

 By the time I got up to the Great Hall my arms were tired, so I ate quickly, getting ready for my morning classes (my timetable was delivered to me). I leaned over and passed Comet some bacon, which she happily ate. I filled my water bottle with some of the water at the table, and took some fruit and small foods into ziplock bags (granola bars, bacon, cinnamon rolls) for later in the food section of the bag. 

 I went out into the Slytherin hallway and took out the summoning spell for my books. I listed the books on it with a quill and said the spell, and in my hands appeared the books. I stuffed them into my book section of my bag and started to roll to my first class, which was with Hufflepuff: History of Magic.

 A few of the other fifth year Slytherins caught up with me, and Jessica said, "Do you wanna talk with us, Olivia?" I looked down and shook my head as a no. What some people don't realize about Slytherins is that they will get your opinion about something and value it. 

 I thought of my meds that I took this morning, them getting into my system. I could feel a sense of calm coming over me, but slowly, and not fast enough.

 History of Magic was extremely boring, but I managed to take notes and feed Comet a little bit of bacon without Professor Binns realizing it (you could probably do anything without him realizing it). After we had History of Magic we had Potions, which was the one I was really worrying about. We had this class with the Gryffindors.

 I rolled in and sat in the back of the class. Most of the other Slytherins went up to the front of the class, and I put my bag in the other seat to avoid another person sitting there. The door behind me opened and a slew of loud Gryffindors barged in, laughing and talking at too high of a volume. I pressed my hands to my ears to quiet it, and I saw Fred, George, and Lee walk past. 

 The second the doors slammed a silence fell over the room. Professor Snape strutted up to the front of the classroom. He turned to us and grimaced, saying, "This is your O.W.L Potions class, which you will have in your magical education until this year at least, and two more years if you pursue N.E.W.T. education. Open to page one in your Potions textbook."

 We opened our textbooks, and I grabbed on of my notebooks and started to take notes about everything Professor Snape was saying. He tapped his wand on the board that indicated a page number and the instructions for the Memory Wipe Potion. He said, "Here is the page number and the instructions. You have an hour and a half, and when you are done please cork a vial with your name and put it on my desk. You may begin." He started to walk around, watching his students work.

 After a few minutes, my potion was emitting the allotted silver steam, and it was looking better than most people's. Some were emitting a grey steam, others black, and some of the others different colors. A few people were jostling each other and playing games while waiting for the minutes to finish. Professor Snape quickly struck out the loud noises with his stifling glare.

 The time was up. I continued to add the ingredients, and it was now emitting a more silvery steam, so I corked a vial of it, inscribed my name on it, and floated it up to Snape's desk.

 I repacked my bag, then put it in my wheelchair pocket and rolled out of the class, a few minutes before some of my other classmates. Next was Charms, which was on the third floor, so I had to go through eight flights of stairs. By the time I got up there, I was very tired, so I just rolled in and got an open desk in the back of the class, seeing that I was the first one there. Professor Flitwick, a small wizard who was about as tall as my wheelchair, was hopping around, getting things ready for the lesson. I doubted he could see me in the back, anyways.

 I checked my watch, which read 10:59. When it hit 11:00, the doors opened with a bang, and the large group of Slytherins entered the Charms classroom. The filled up the front half, so I stayed alone in the back of the class. Professor Flitwick stood up on his pile of books and said, "Good morning, students! Let us begin! I am your charms instructor, and I will respect you if you shall respect me. We will begin with a warmup. Please open your books to page four, the section about correct water spells."

 He taught us the ins and outs of water spells, and twenty minutes before class ended, he instructed us to practice the spells like he had taught us. There was a chorus of talking in the room as people tried to make the water, most of them failing the first, second, and third time they tried it. I swished my wand and said, "Aguamenti." Nothing came out of my wand. I rolled my eyes then said, "Aguamenti." Nothing happened. A few of my classmates were getting water, still a majority of them trying and failing, but laughing. I grit my teeth, swished and flicked, then pronounced, "Aguamenti!"

 Water shot out of the tip of my wand, hitting the goblets set in front of us. A few people looked at my full water goblet with a glare in their eyes. I've taken to noticing that people didn't like when someone disabled or considered 'worse' then they are got a better score than they did. The twenty minutes passed, and soon the bell rang, so we left. It was time for lunch, so most of the people headed down to the Great Hall. I got caught up in the people, so I couldn't really see where I was going. My anxiety started to kick in, and I almost started to hyperventilate. Then a pair of hands grabbed the back of my wheelchair, and I passed out.

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