Rejected Sociality

In the years prior to the Second Wizarding War, there was a girl growing up at Hogwarts that didn't have anything to do with Harry Potter. She was a Slytherin, in the same year as the Weasley twins and Lee Jordan. Though she was Slytherin, she wasn't evil or a bully like some. Olivia Floyd was ambitious, clever, cautious, but also disabled.


3. Chapter 2

 I felt something or someone shaking my arm, and it shook me so hard back into consciousness. I looked around and remembered the past events, the questions, the confusion, and the Weasleys. 

   I saw the Weasley twins sitting with a guy that looked their age, then I realized he was my age. His skin was dark, but his dreadlocks were even darker. Fred/George (I didn't know which) sat back down from shaking my arm. I could already feel the blush creeping up my neck. The other guy looked at me, turned to the twins and whispered something. They laughed, looking back at me every few seconds. 

  The guy stood up and held out his hand to me. He said, "Hi, my name's Lee Jordan. I've heard you're Olivia?" I stared at his hand, wondering if I should either shake it or not. I must've been staring for long enough that he pulled his away, looking kind of awkward. I gotta admit, he's kinda cute.

 He sat back down, and I looked down, staring at my shoes. I looked back up, and one of the twins said, "I'm George, ok?" I nodded. "We'll be getting to Hogwarts in a little bit, so I suggest you go change. They said to leave your stuff on the train." Fred grabbed my trunk from the overhead rack and set it down on the seat to my right. I unlocked it with the key that hung around my neck, quickly locking it after getting my robes, and using my wand to shrink it to fit in my lap.

Lee tossed a box onto the pile of clothes in my lap. "I thought you'd, umm, be hungry when you woke up, so I got you some candy from the trolly." It was a chocolate frog. He looked away, and the twins smirked. 

  I opened the door and on my way out, whispered, "Thanks, Lee." He looked away again. 

 I rolled down the hallway, towards the bathroom. After changing for like, ten minutes, I started to roll back (avoiding the stares) to my previous compartment when most of the compartment doors opened. The compartment that was next to me was empty, so I rolled in quick before I got run over by people.

    I enlarged my trunk and put it on the seat, watching the flow of people thin, then went out towards the back. I watched people start to get in boats at the lake. I didn't know what to do until I saw a gigantic man (who I later recognized as Hagrid) put a ramp up to a boat, gesturing for me to go in. 

  I rolled in, noticing that I was the only one in the boat. The boats started moving forward, so I tightened my grip on my wheelchair armrests, turning my knuckles white. The boat rocked, causing my face to pale even worse than before. I was almost more afraid of large bodies of water than my social anxiety. Well, being in the wheelchair makes it kinda impossible to swim, so, yeah. 

 When we got to the other side, the giant placed the ramp back and helped me out, smiling all the way. He might not be that bad. I rolled almost all the way behind the group. There were stairs. Shoot, more stairs. I tapped my wand to the wheels on my wheelchair and muttered under my breath. They magically started rolling up the stairs with ease. 

   A stout woman in yellow and gray robes stood at the top of the stairs. I zoned out as she talked, looking around at the castle, my eyes hungry for information. She said something as I snapped back in, then lead us into the "Great Hall" (a few words slipped through my zone). Though it was amazing and extravagant, I couldn't help but notice the stares. Not only was I the only one in a wheelchair, but I was a fifteen year old in a group of eleven year olds. I blushed and kept rolling. We stopped in front of the stool with a hat. 

Honestly, I zoned again and didn't listen to the song. Something about people and a castle. Old news. It started calling names, quickly getting to mine, seeing mine starts with (a? an?) 'f'. I rolled up the stairs, as the wizard moved to replace the stool. He put the hat on my head, and I wondered what was going to happen.

  Of course, if things couldn't get any weirder, the hat started talking to me in my head.

 Ah, Miss Olivia Floyd. We finally meet. You have been fabled to exist, one with magical ability but no legs to show of it, and now I may finally meet you. I am to sort you, am I not?

My face was pale from the hat's comments. I weighed in on the conversation, and at the moment I noticed all the eyes of the hall on me, living and non-living. I blushed when I saw the twins and Lee watching from the Gryffindor table. They smirked. Excuse me hat, but I would appreciate for you to sort me quickly. I don't like all the eyes on me. I already have social anxiety, and if this lasts any longer than necessary, I'll pass out.

 The hat said, That seems to be the case, Miss Olivia. I will do as you wish if it comes down to it. Hufflepuff would seem correct, but Hufflepuffs are to social and open for someone of your circumstance. Hufflepuff will be ruled out.

I exhaled a deep breath out. It's not that I don't like Hufflepuff, it's that they seem to social for me. The badgers I know are great; I just can't seem myself as one of them.

The hat continued, Ravenclaw would also fit you, with your immense cleverness and an amount of wit, but you find some Ravenclaws you know cold and unresponsive to your condition, only with a few facts to be comforting. Ravenclaw will be eliminated.

I exhaled another deep breath. I had been counting the seconds, and great, now I'm a hatstall. Besides, even though I like some Ravenclaws, I still can't see myself as one of them.

​Lastly is Gryffindor and Slytherin. You aren't courageous or social, but you're not sly. I will leave this choice up to you, Miss Olivia. Gryffindor would be too social for you, but Slytherin would be cold. Either face your disorder up close in Gryffindor, or leave it as it is in Slytherin, facing wrath. Choose.

​ I closed my eyes and thought of the consequences of each. After a bit of thought and lip biting, I returned to the hat. I would think Slytherin, but not as an evil Slytherin or a bully, but as an clever person who strives to be ambitious. Thank you, hat.

 The hat shouted to the crowd, "Slytherin!" I heard mutters amongst the crowds, but cheers I recognized as the Weasley's and Lee's. I knew that even though I was a Slytherin, I'd get along with only the good type of Slytherin, and of course, the boys I had come to know on the train.

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