13 reasons why fanfic

No I haven't seen the TV show but this is a story that I wrote on a piece of paper


3. Part two


today's Friday and there's a game after school today which I'm not going because I'm going to spend the night at the graveyard so that I can talk to Hannah about what happened at school today. Clay spotted me today and told me if he wanted to hang out I already said no because I have already have plans on Friday night and then he walked away. After school got out I went to my car and drove over to the bakers house to clean out Hannah's room. Mrs. Baker said that it was very good of me to do that because she was going to do that but she doesn't even have time since she's been busy with work all week. After I cleaned out her bedroom I left some belongings for the bakers so that they can treasure Hannah's memories forever. After I said goodbye to Mrs. Baker I went into my car and went to the graveyard and grabbed my stuff that I was going to spend the night at the graveyard. I know the graveyard owner pretty well he was my grandpa's best friend and he's a very nice man and he lives by himself in that lonely little house in there and I would go visit him and make dinner for him since he had no one to keep him company. The owner of the graveyard name is Larry Netty and he married once and he loved his wife so much and his wife had a baby girl and they raised it together and they were such proud parents of what their did over the years. His daughter Bella visits him every day and Bella brings her kids and Larry would tell stories about their grandma and their mother to. Larry gave me the key to the graveyard just in case if I need to come in and check up on him and he's a very nice man with a big caring heart. 

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