13 reasons why fanfic

No I haven't seen the TV show but this is a story that I wrote on a piece of paper


1. Part one

Hi I'm Preslee and I'm Hannah Bakers friend and I know the reason why Hannah Baker had a sad story she left some tapes and I've listened to the one that she made for me and I cried and I cried so much and it was heart breaking for me to learned that she had passed away and it was horrible. I talk clay sometimes he's hurting inside I can tell he is he cost Hannah's life because he can't love her back and that's not true clay was there for Hannah a lot and I could tell that Hannah loved clay with all her heart. Hannah won't be forgotten and I'm still hurting inside and she's been through a lot and I've helped her but she's hurting and it makes me sad I want to show Hannah that I cared for her but she pushed me away. Hannah will be remembered and never forgotten she will live with us in our hearts forever. This is the story about Hannah Baker and this is the story about a girl who was her friend and always been there for her 









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