Arranged Marriage

Emily is forced to be married to her cousin by her parents. Who is her brother's best friend. Who is also her ex-crush.
Ex-crush? Oh yeah she has a new crush..who is actually the school's baddest boy.
Her brother hates him for a reason that makes sense..but she still likes him.

But Emily finally agrees to marry her ex-crush..why?

1. cause she has no other choice?
2. cause she still has the same feelings?
3. cause she found that she loves him?

Well you want to know something about her ex-crush right?
Coz come on he's the hero of the story.


So he has a feelings for her since he first meet her...he tries to make her like him...well...can he?

This story is different totally different..

#family #love

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2. Man Up

Emily's P.O.V

I get out of the class and head to the place I usually hangout. Which is a bench near the canteen. Then, I took out my phone and text Shawn.

Me: meet me at the bench

Shawn: When? now?

Me: yes idiot

Shawn: whatever for?

Me: jst meet me if u want ur 5 bucks

Shawn: :) okay

After texting my brother, I took out my scribbling book to scribble something stupid as I wait for him to come. Before that I took a deep breath and drink some water.

Grayson's P.O.V

I was walking to the class this morning when I accidentally bumped into Emily. It looks pretty obvious that she's late again. I'm not gonna blame her for bumping into me cause it's my fault too. Her papers are all has fallen from her grip.

I helped her out and when I was about to ask her if she wants to hangout with me sometimes. But she walked pass me just like that. Like she doesn't want to talk to me at all. So..well..I try to forget that, but I can't.

Even now when I'm walking back to class after helping Mr. Ben, It reminds me of her. Emily. As I'm walking and kicking some tiny rocks across the side of the canteen, I saw a girl sitting in the bench writing something with a book in her lap.

I gasped when I realised who that girl was. Its Emily. I didn't take a step forward. My heart's racing. Jeez. I can't help the feelings I get whenever she's around. But that's the only way I could use to go back to my class.

So I take a deep breath and continue walking. By the time I'm in front of her I stopped. She lifts her head up to me. She smiled and continued her drawing or something. I started the conversation. "What are you doing here...during class?". I smiled.

Oh my God what am I doing?

She looked at me again and said "I'm waiting for Shawn".  Her eyes locked on mine. To my surprise she didn't look away she just stared at me, but then she shove it away. I thought maybe I should accompany her or something but I don't have the strength to fight the awkwardness whenever I'm beside her.

This is it Grayson..come on talk to her.

Finally I've made my decision to accompany her. "Ohh...May I?". Looking down at the spot beside her. She bit her bottom lip, then says "Yeah, sure". I sit beside her. She was drawing something or sketching I don't know.

I was thinking of a topic to talk about. I saw her drawings again. I smiled cause I know what to talk about. So I cleared my throat and asked. "You like to draw?". I ask her exhaling. I finally did it. She shake her head laughing.

God the way she laugh.

Man up man!

"Its not a drawing. I just like to scribble alot. So I scribble down in my book". She said smiling cheekily. Her eyes glowing with happiness. But suddenly we're interrupted.

"Hey! Sorry I'm late..oh hey Grayson I didn't know you're here with Emm..mily". Shawn said with a smirk.

"I was walking this way and I saw your sis, So I thought maybe I should give her accompany". I said giving him a death glare. She laughed and handed Shawn five bucks.

"Here you go." After that, She turns and give me a fade smile and said

"Thank you for giving me a company." I smiled and nodded.

"HEYY!! Shawn whats up man?." All three of us shocked with that voice. We turn behind to see Joe waving at us. He's walking toward us now. As soon as he reach us he shake mine and Shawn's hand and winks at Emily.

Why the hell did he do that?!

I looked at Emily's expression and her face is bright red. She's blushing. Is that mean she's.. no way. "Hey man..long time no hangout".  Shawn said. Joe nodded and says. "Yeah man kinda busy".

Then he nodded at me "So my man Grayson how's your life?". I rolled my eyes and replied, "As usual". He nods. Then he approach Emily and says, "Hey are you?". Emily's cheeks is burning red. "Yeah I'm fine". She says. He nodded and continued.

"Are you free this weekend?". Emily nodded and said. "Yes." Joe smirks. I glanced over Shawn he looks angry? mad?. I don't know but he's breathing heavily like he's gonna punch Joe right on his face or something. I must say that I'll be happy if he did that.

I really don't like Joe's presence here cause he started flirting with Emily, and Emily is fine with it. Shawn opens his mouth and speaks out. "No man, she's not free this weekend. She has a drawing class to attend and then our mom said that we're going to visit our granny". Emily shot him a what the fuck glare.

"Oh... okay then next weekend". Joe nodded and winks again at Emily. "Umm..okay". Emily said with a smile. Joe now turn to me and Shawn. "Oh right. Man I gotta go". We both nodded.

After he's gone Emily shouted at Shawn. "Why the hell did you tell him that?!". She ask him angrily. "Tell what?". Shawn acts like nothing happened. I sighed and rolled my eyes. They started it again. The fight that will never stops.


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