This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


36. writing

Delilah's POV

I was lounging on my couch,pondering at what was going though my mind.Was the dream I had,just a coincidence.If it was then,why did I lash out when I saw Brandon.Could it just be the fact,that in one moment he was a pretty face shinning on a t.v screen and seeing him in person was to overwhelming.That has to be it,plus I've never been the type to fall in love,let alone with someone as popular as him.

Suddenly,I hear a notification on my phone,I let out a sigh of annoyance as I walk to my bed room dresser.As I pick up the phone and turn it on,I realize that Brandon had sent me another recorded message.I quickly walk to my laptop and listened intently as the recording played.

Brandon's message

Well,I guess I should start from the beginning.When I was fifteen,I was a delinquent.I was a horrible person back then,I skipped school,robbed,fought,and showered everyone in insults.It was all for attention,the attention my parents almost never seemed to give me because they thought I was a lost cause.However,there was one day when my asshole of a friend name Mason sold me a motorcycle for 150 bucks.The next day I skipped school and rode it,but I guess mistakes were made.The cops were after me at one point,but I was so ignorant that it didn't occur to me to just stop and get off the motorcycle.

I kept driving and suddenly,I lost control and I crashed and blackout.When I woke up I was at the police station,I didn't get severely hurt so I was kept there for questioning .It had been my fifteenth time being detained,I thought I was arrested for being fifteen and not having a license,but in Actuality I was arrested for riding a stolen motorcycle.I didn't even know it was stolen,but they didn't care,they let me out on bail ,but they said it would be the last time.I ignored my parents and ran out the police station because let's be honest I was so angered at Mason that I wanted to give him a lesson.It wasn't hard to find him,he was in an alley next to his motorcycle ,an alley that was very close to my apartment.I punched him across the face and we weren't in the best state of minds so we fought,but I soon kicked his ass faster then it would have taken to say the simple word I at least wanted to hear,sorry.

I threaten to tell the police about the stolen motorcycle,but in exchange for his motorcycle I'd keep my silence.I ride off on his motorcycle and it soon started raining and that's when I crashed for the second time.when would I have imagined that my mistakes would take other people down with me,only at this very time when I got up from the second crash I had just had ,to find a little girl in the floor.I freaked out and did even thing I could,but she wouldn't wake up.Thats when I carried her in my back all the way to the hospital.It was the first time in a long ass time,that I had been worried about someone.I was so happy to hear that she would be ok,and as common courtesy I walked to her hospital room to see how she was doing and to know who she was.

I didn't know what to expect,but when I walked into her hospital room I was dumbfounded when I saw the cops.They arrested me and as I looked back at that little girl I realized she was crying.The next day,I was at court and just when the judge said I would be in juvenile detention for six months,she walked in.She lied to the judge and said that I didn't run over her,but in actuality I saved her.the judge then said he would give me another chance and said that I shouldn't take it for granted.I look back to where the girl was standing,but before I l or it she was gone.That was how I met lily and the day when I swore on my life that I'd protect her at any cost,but I failed,please help men find her.bye

Delilah's POV

As I heard his monotoned voice and started writing down the first few paragraphs of the biography,I got a mental image in my head,almost like a memory,of him carrying me as a child on his back in the rain.After I was done writing I sat back a moment and let my mind run wild ,of the possibilities of why I had theses images in my mind.

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