This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


31. work

James's POV

I use people and I'll tell you the truth,I'm not proud of it.I've had tons of girlfriends,but I only dated them because I based them on their looks.All my girlfriends and I share the same similarities or at least one,which is using one another.I use them as a pretty face and they use me to look good in the public eye or because I'm the manager of Brandon.I've never felt an ounce of love with any single girl that I've called my girlfriend,but despite everything,I'm unhappy.

I always wanted to become friends with a girl as a child and fall in love with her as she grew into a beautiful woman.I guess that's why I fell in love with Bella,we were childhood friends because our parents were also close.We were very close,Intel Brandon came along.She fell head over heels in love with him and every time he rejected her,I had to pick up the broken pieces.I hated him so much,but that was intel I found out why he wanted to pursue acting.

He did it all, for one person,a girl named Lily Park,who he fell in love with 20 years ago and since then,he's never loved anyone else.20 years ago she left and then ten years later they meet again,only so that she would leave again and leave one thing,a ring.Now ten years later,he still loves her and looks for her,I admire him because after all this time he's kept this promise to her and that is my definition of a true man.

It's time for the interviews,I promised him I'd help him find a ghost writer,but it's taking longer than expected.Each person here,says that the book would take 5 years to write,and despite such a high income,they weren't going to work like dogs to finish it in a month or two.Suddenly, a beautiful woman wearing a navy blue dress walked up to me."Are you Delilah Swanson,"I said curiously."Yes,I'm here for the interview sir,"she said taking a seat.

Her innocence humored me and then I went down to business"I'm gonna be frank with you,you are the last person I can interview and I need someone who can write this autobiography of 30 chapters in the span of 6 weeks.Are you up for the job,"I said."yes,yes I am sir,I'm sure I can do it,but I need to ask a favor of you,"she said looking to the floor.""Go on I don't have all day miss,"I said frustrated."I don't want to be a bother,but can you pay me half the money up front,you see I just started living on my own and the money would really help me,"she said nervously.

"The job's yours,you receive half of the money tomorrow,"I said.I therm gave her Brandon's number and told her that he'd call her in the evening about more details in the story outline.She then walked away,such a beautiful young woman,why do I think I've seen her somewhere before .

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