This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


42. who I really am

Bella’s POV

Passion, is such a rough word to describe the feelings I have for Brandon,but that is one of the qualities of love, isn’t it.Its the burning desire for someone to make you feel alive and loved, physically that is.If Brandon could just give in to my passion, I’d make him fall for me in an instant.Ill give him, my most precious possession, if that meant he’d love me.Brandon, Lily won’t take you away from me, I wont allow it,that bitch is going to have to get though me first.

Brandon’s POV

I was at home, siting on the couch watching T.V, when suddenly I heard my door bell ring.”Who is it,”i tiredly called,”it’s Bella,”I heard her say in a cheerful manner.I gave a loud sigh and opened the front door,to which Bella quickly came in without another word.”come in,”I said completely and utterly confused.”Brandon we have to talk,”she yelled from the living room.Not this again, why won’t she just leave me the hell alone,I would never go out with her.For Christ sakes, she reminds me of my little sister Luna.”Bella, before you say another word, I’m gonna say this loud and clear...I.....don’t... lov....,”I said as I walked into the room ,where I was met with Bella, now only in her underwear and bra.I quickly covered my eyes and turned around,”Bella are you stupid or something,”I yelled.I felt her hands on my waist as she seductively said”yes! I’m stupid, stupid in love that is.”I pushed her away and said”stop this, your acting like a complete slut,”I yelled.”Call me anything you want,but I’m doing this for you because I love you,”she said as walked back to me slowly.”Bella put your clothes back on,I don’t want this to escalate any higher than it has,”I said with my eyes still closed.”why,because I’m gonna get you even more excited, Brandon if that’s the case, get as excited as you want, I’ll take care of it,” she said, her voice came closer and closer to me, that’s when it hit me,no, I’m not excited, I’m in love with Lily.I then uncovered my eyes and looked at her strait in the face”I don’t,dislike you,”I said though clenched teeth.”Thats because you love me,”she said as she pushed me to the ground and got in top of me.

“No,I don’t dislike you, I hate you,”I yelled as I gently pushed her off me.”wait,what are you saying,”she yelled.”I hate you, I despise you,if my friendship toward you wasn’t enough,then so be it,we just won’t be friends anymore,”I yelled.”Silly because we’re gonna be a couple,”she laughed.”No Bella we aren’t, we are gonna be absolutely nothing Toward each other, we will simply be strangers,”I yelled.”Brandon, you can’t just do this to me,look at me, look at my body, this is me, I’m not in a photograph, lily can never be like me,”she shouted.

“Your right lily will never be like you,”I said calmly.”Now you get the Picture,” she said.”she will never Be a whore like you,she wouldnt need to take her clothes off to please anyone,so our right,se never be a piece of trash like you,”I yelled.”I bet your saying that because she has a hideous body,”she laughed.i then went ballistic,”you should talk, staring at brick wall is more exciting that look at your naked body you pig,now get out of my house.”She then began to cry,”Bella it’s time to grow up,you cant just expect people to do as you say, now put your clothes on, or I’ll make you leave my house like that,”I calmly said.she then pulled her clothes back on and left my house,but before leaving she said”I still love you.”

Bella’s POV

You son of a bitch,Lily, your gonna pay,your gonna pay you little shit.Im gonna make you wish never you were never born.

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