This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


41. what

Brandon’s POV

James soon told me that the ghost writer had refused the request of a picture.I want to see how she looks like, just so that I can get this feeling in my chest to stop.I want to meet the ghost writer in person, so that I’m able to get this feeling I have of worry out of my system.I just can’t though, not because I don’t have the time, I could make time for any possibility of me seeing lily just one more time.The reason I can’t is, because this could cause a stir, for the time being,I’m keeping the book a secret,I can’t let anyone else so know, I already had to tell James.The only reason I told him was the fact he’s my manager.Trust me if it were up to me I would have this be a complete secret,a secret that only me and the ghost writer would know.Im lucky me and James are good pals and the fact he can keep a secret,but in a way I can’t trust him.He’s a close friend of Bella’s,not to mention the fact that he’s in love with her.She has him practically wrapped around her finger, if she even had any clue about this, James would tell her in a heart beat.

I wouldn’t even be able to have a dinner with the ghost writer, as I’m an actor.If the paparazzi catch us, that would cause much more problems with Bella then I already had.Either way, Bella could find out my plans and try to stop me, I thought Bella was my friend in tell I saw her true colors.Its not that she was a horrible person, it’s just she has this obsession over me that I can’t comprehend.I told her so many times that I didn’t love her, hell if I even could, I would tell her the same thing in every single language the world has to offer to get my point across.Now that I think about it, there is only one way I could meet her.I’m gonna have to wait in tell the book’s finished to see her in person.Im gonna start giving her more detail of my story,like giving her longer voice recordings.The soon the book’s finished the less time I have to wait to meet this girl in person.i guess I should get going and started the recording right now, you know I might as well just do that.

Delilah’s POV

It’s been 6 hours since I finished the next two chapters of the book,I took a five hour nap and just an hour ago I got up to get something to thing you know as I start washing the dishes, I get a notification in my phone and I was overly enjoyed, to see that Brandon had sent me another voice recording.i really want to know what happens next in his tale of romance, at least if that’s what you can call it right now.i’m already five chapters in the writing and still nothing romantic,just the fact that he cried because of how worried he was about her.He said he used to be a total bad boy,but in a way I have a feeling that, I kinda know him, or at least known him for a while, it’s like I have a feeling that I always knew he never really had a bad side, he maybe just did those things out of wanting attention,such a strange feeling,yet kind of nice.I ran to my computer, got comfortable, sat back and listened Brandon pour more of his heart out to me,in a way I kind of like this, its romantic in a way.

Brandon’s recording

Hi! Delilah,so I told you the last time,I followed lily home and was met with a huge slap in the face of cold hard truth,life is unfair and I had no reason to toy with it.From the next day on,I always went to school.My grades got better and better,so good I even was aloud to leave school early when all my work was done.I got out at 1:35 almost every single day,which gave me just enough time to pick up lily,because she always got out at 2:00.Anyway,after that one day,I didn’t see lily for awhile, now that I think about it,it’s maybe because she didn’t want to trouble me with her problems.Fate is such a special thing,that it just might be true,because a week later as I walked past her school, she came running out.I caught up to her and asked her why she was running away,as she turned around I saw her frail face covered with hot tears.She then ran to me,hugged me tight,her being so short,her face laid on the lower part of my chest,she cried her eyes out in my jacket.That hurt,I wanted to know who the cause of this was,but she was so vulnerable at the time and she didn’t seem to want to talk about it so I didn’t ask.

She held my hand tightly was I walked with her,in the direction of her house.She then suddenly stopped and told me she could manage to walk home from here.She said she had to go to the store right in front of us and that she didn’t want to be a trouble to me.I insisted, and she broke and let me go with her inside the store.I know she said she didn’t want to waste my time,but there was no time wasted at all,really, we literally walked out of the store in five minutes,I knew Lily’s Family was poor,but the groceries she bought were very little.i held both bags in one hand and held Lily’s with the other.When we got to the outside of her apartment,she told me she wanted me to meet someone.when I walked in her tiny apartment I was surprised of how neat and tidy it was in there.She then smiled at me and guided me though the apartment all the way to a old door.when she opened it I was met with a frail old lady.

It turned out to be Lily’s grandmother,and they then told me to stay for dinner.At first I didn’t want to,because they had bought little food,but they keep insisting.That night as I walked home,I got the idea to take all the food in my fridge and give it to lily and her grandmother.When I got home I got a huge box in my house that was empty and filled it with all the food we had in the house.i then ran to Lily’s apartment rang the door bell and ran away.I was so happy,giving that box to lily,made me so happy,a happiness I haven’t felt in years.anyway,the next day I was woken up by the screams of my mother, because she though that the kitchen got robbed,I then smiled and wondered if lily was happily eating.I would do anything to see lily cutely eating a Plate of macaroni and cheese just one more time.

Lily’s POV

Tears escaped from my eyes as I thought of me crying over a box when I was a kid.I then wiped the tears away and just shook it off and began writing.

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