This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


32. telling

Brandon's POV

After all these years I still watch the sunset,just thinking that Lily and I watch the same sunset gives me hope."Where are you,I hope your ok,I hope your not hungry,I hope that someone is there to tell you everything is ok,I hope your watching the sunset just like me,"I said looking at the soft colors of the remaining sun."Are you honestly looking at the sunset again,"James said startling me."Jesus,you scared me,when did you even get here,"I said hiding my embarrassment."where are you,I hope your ok,"James said mocking me."shut it,"I said angered.

"How did you even find me,"I said looking to the floor."Are you kidding me,you come up here,on the roof of the studio every single day when the sun sets,"he said looking at me annoyed."what,you noticed,"I said embarrassed."never mind that,I've got good news dude,"James happily said.The only good news that I'd be happy to hear,is that lily was found."well,we're not going to be here all day,just tell me already,"I said impatiently.

"I found a ghost writer,she said she will be able to write the story in about 1 to 2 months,but she said she wanted half the payment Tomorrow,"He said with a smile.Judging by his personality,I think he only chose her because of her looks."so what's her name," I said."Her name is Delilah Swanson,"he grinned idiotically."How old is she,"I said started to get annoyed."she's 32,"he said continuing that dumb smile."Is she pretty,"I said grinding my teeth."Dude she's gorgeous,I've never seen a girl as hot as her in my life,"he said."So you did hire her because of her looks,"I said angry.

"No,she was the only one who accepted the job,and she had amazing references,"he said looking to the floor."If you say so,"I said rolling my eyes.James hands me a piece or paper,"what's this,"I said confused."Must I explain everything for you,it's the ghost writer's phone number,"he said annoyed."I told her that you'd call her and give her an outline of the story,call her tonight Brandon,"he said walking away.

I looked at the piece of paper in my hands and looked at the number carefully.I'm not gonna call her,I'm gonna text her,don't get me wrong,it's not that I don't want to,I just don't have the time to talk to her.I looked at the sunset one more time and as tears started shedding from my eyes I announced"Lily,please come back to me,let it be that this book leads you to me please,please come back."

When there were no more tears left to shed,I walked out of the building and walked home.tonight I'm gonna text the that ghost writer,hopefully she isn't a fan.I wonder if she is actually good at writing,I got my phone and sent her the outline of this story.

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