This is my love

A story about a famous movie star trying to find the girl he loves after she disappeared 10 years ago,what he doesn't know is that she is closer than he thinks.


38. looks

Brandon's POV

I look at James in shock as my mind was running wild.The car went completely silent,even I felt uncomfortable.James quickly broke the silence and said"cat got your tongue."I tried to speak,but no words were able to come out of my mouth.He gave me a look of confusion and turned back around in his seat.I had to know why my GHOST WRITER had Lily's voice.

"James let's talk in my apartment,"I said as the vehicle came to a complete stop."why,"he said looking very confused.I give him an annoyed look,grabbed his hand and dragged him to my apartment."what the hell is wrong with you,"James said as I shut the door closed."Can you explain why the Ghost Writer has the same voice as Lily,"I said looking to the floor upset.

He looked at me as if I lost my mind and said"What are you talking about."I started getting angry and said"I just received a call from the Ghost Writer,she had Lily's voice."He grabbed me by the shoulders and said"people sound different on the phone Brandon,you can't seriously think that the Ghost Writer is the girl you love,for the love of God if god,they don't even have the same name."I angrily said"what color is her hair."

"What difference does it even fucken make if I tell you her hair color,"he yelled."just tell me,"I yelled."strawberry blonde,"he yelled.When he said this I had a twinge of uneasiness, but I continued."What color are her eyes,"I said looking at the floor."I'm leaving,"he said slowly walking away."please just tell me,"I said hopelessly as I fell to the floor."they are the most pretty combination of Hazel that I'd ever seen,"he said crouching beside me."Lily had the same hair color and eye color,"I said as tears slowly ran out of my eyes."you can't be serious,"he said looking astonished."it's true,"I said sobbing."Many girls could have those features,don't get your hopes up,plus the ghost writers name isn't even Lily,and wouldn't she have reached out to you otherwise,"he said.

He was completely right,many girls could look like that, but still I felt uneasy."could you take a picture of her,"I said."if that will shut you up,then yes expect that photo very soon,"he said playfully punching my arm.

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